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January 16th, 2009 under David Faustino/ Corin Nemec

David Faustino launched his new webseries Star-ving today on Crackle and seriously it is freaking funny! I posted the first one with his Married with Children former co-star Ed O’Neill! And coming up in a future webisode there will be a Married with Children reunion which I have been dying to see ever since I heard about it. Other guest stars for this hysterical webseries are Gilbert Godfried, Coolio and Ed Asner.
Bud Bundy re-teams with his BFF Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’s Corin Nemec who he did a webseries with last year on MySpace! Together two of them play well off of each other! I am just dying to know why everyone seems to hate Corin Nemec in the webseries! I always thought he was so cute!!! Which he still is…BTW!!!
So check him and Faustino out on Crackle in a webseries about two Star-ving actors that will make you laugh out loud!!!



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