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Stella learns more about the clinical trial that gave her a Life Sentence
March 21st, 2018 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on The CW, Life Sentence gives us another reason to fall in love with this endearing show.

Stella visits her friend, Sadie (Nadej Bailey), a cancer patient who has her old room in the hospital. Sadie also has the same cancer as Stella had and the girl wants to be part of the same study. Stella tells her no problem, but turns out it is. Now she will do anything to get her in it. After several obstacles, she finds out why it is going to impossible but not improbable. You will want to see why.

Talking about love, Aidan (Jayson Blair) is going to help his father (Dylan Walsh) get some. They go to a bar, and Paul is really bad at picking up a woman. Will he finally get a woman to go home with him?

Meanwhile, his ex-wife, helps out Stella’s husband take care of his niece and nephew. When they get sick, Ida (Gillian Vigman) goes full on over protective grandma. Will Wes (Gillian Vigman) be able to calm her down or will he go crazy with her?

Each week, Life Sentence proves that families stick together no matter what. And there are a lot of whats with this family. It is those whats that keep us tuning in for more. Well that and it is hard not love this show that proves there is life after beating cancer even for the ones who did not have it.


Katie Couric took Jimmy Kimmel to get a colonoscopy
March 21st, 2018 under Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: 1 ]

Jimmy Kimmel turned the big 5-0 in November and you know what that means. He is a member of AARP! Oh wait, that also means he has to get his first colonoscopy.

Katie Couric was more than thrilled to take him to get one because this is a cause close to her heart. Back in 1998, her husband, Jay Monahan, passed away from colon cancer at the age of just 42. Since then she has gotten several colonoscopies on television to show people how easy it is to get done.

This time, she changed it up and took the ABC late night host to get his colon videotaped. First she gave him that drink, you have all heard about it. Then she picked him at 5:30a and drove him to the hospital. In fact, she did everything but stick the camera up his butt hole.

When it was done, he found out he has a clean colon with no polyps! Hopefully more people will get one and find out they will get the same results.

BTW I think she made a wise choice by picking him. Why? Normally he is the butt of all jokes and now his butt was the joke.


Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon visit a psychic!
March 21st, 2018 under Jimmy Fallon, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton have had a lot of adventures together like eating sushi and milking a cow in my hometown. Yesterday, the NBC host took The Voice coach to a psychic on The Tonight Show.

What was the biggest reveal out of it? Fallon has three soulmates and Shelton is convinced that he is one of them along with Jane Fallon and Justin Timberlake. Which makes you wonder who comes first in that four-way and where Gwen Stefani fits in to it all?

The one thing we know for sure is that this Donny and Marie song, are truly hilarious together! Blake’s dead pan humor with Jimmy’s childlike one is the yin and yang we so desperately need.


Oliver Hudson and his wife get Brazilian waxes together!
March 21st, 2018 under Ellen DeGeneres, Oliver Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Oliver Hudson is a very manly man, and he is man enough to admit that he is smooth like a little boy down there.

The actor told Ellen DeGeneres on her show today that he loves his wife so much that he got a Brazilian for her. He explained that he did it because he wanted to know what she goes through for him.

The host wanted to know how was it and he said it hurt a lot. Did he do it again? 5 times and counting! Wait, what? He kind of likes it because “it’s very clean, and you know, there’s some nice things that happen, when you, are fully, there’s no hair.”

While most married people get couple massages, they couple waxings. Which has helped them have a special bond because of it. You know what they say, “A couple that waxes together, stays together.”


Henry Cavill gives Kingstache an emotional goodbye
March 21st, 2018 under Superman/Spider-Man. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

Henry Cavill has had facial hair for a really long time, but now he is as clean shaven as Clark Kent. He did not say why he shaved Kingstache off, but he made a memorial video to his former beard. It might be gone, but is not forgotten. At least to him, because I say hasta la vista, baby. Superman looks so much better without his facial cape.


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