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Lady Gaga down on all fours!
May 29th, 2014 under Lady Gaga. [ Comments: none ]

Lady Gaga loves her new dog, Asia, so much, she can’t stop sharing pictures of her awwwdorable pup. Today, the recuperating singer shared a video of herself playing with her precious puppy. Playing, or should I say imitating because she got down on all fours and walked like a dog. And since your were thinking it, like the dog that she is.
Seriously though, it is so cute to see her play around with her true love like that.


Undateable is totally dateable!
May 29th, 2014 under Bill Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p and 9:30p on NBC, Bill Lawrence’s newest comedy, Undateable, debuts and you will want to make a date with the sitcom.
Danny’s (Chris D’Elia) roommate moves out to get married and now the ladies man needs a new one ASAP. So he gets Justin (Brent Morin) to move in with him. Justin, owns a bar called Black Eye, and he has a crush on his waitress, Nicki (Briga Heelan). Only problem is that he is too afraid to tell her how he feels. So Danny says he will teach him, his way with the ladies so that he get some from possibly her or someone else. That someone else is Danny’s recently divorced sister, Leslie (Bianca Kajlich). She only wants her brother to grow up and settle down. But why would he want to do that because his life is so perfect now just as it is.
Not only will Danny have to work his magic on Justin, he will also have to put up with his friends the recently out Brett (David Fynn), Burski (Rick Glassman) who shouldn’t be allowed to talk to women because he is so bad at it and the should be doing better with the chicks, Shelly (Ron Funches). So now Danny will try to make these undateable men, dateable. Something Justin fights as hard as he can. Will Justin give in? Will he ever get a date with Nicki? You just have to watch this hilarious show to find out.
Not only is the writing a reason to tune into this show, but it is the instant chemistry between the cast that is another. Could be because they have known each other for years. I was on a conference call with Chris D’Elia earlier this week and he explained how he has known his co-stars for years. About 10 years ago, the comedian was doing a gig in North Hollywood, when he met a young, Brent, who was just starting out. The two became fast friends. About 4 years ago he met Rick. Rick eventually went on to work with Brent. And those two actually live in the same complex. When it comes to Ron, Chris met him by working the comedy circuit about a year ago. But the first person he met from the cast, is his TV sister. Bianca and him met 14 years ago when he was working on a movie and their mutual friend was the one making it.
Getting the right chemistry for this show was important. Executive Producer Bill Lawrence explained on that call, “Part of the battle in a sitcom is making it seem like people are friends and have chemistry.” Then he added, “And part of the idea behind this show is casting people that are friends in real life, you know, in the modern landscape, and you only have a couple episodes to establish that. It kind of helps that all these guys and girls hang out anyways.”
So make sure to watch a group of friends, who are friends in real life, pretend to be friends on TV.
I promise not only will you want a second date, but you will want to marry this show by the third one.


Roe Cannon sings just like her mom, Mariah Carey!
May 29th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Mariah Carey Instagrammed this video of her daughter, Roe, singing along to her song, Supernatural; and she performed just like her mom. Even though the 3 year old was confined to car seat, that didn’t stop her from belting out the notes just like Mimi would on stage. So I predict in a few years, the toddler will be releasing her own album and going on tour. When it comes to her brother, Roc, I think he will be hosting a show or acting like his dad.
Dem Babies truly are their parents mini-mes!


Fox makes an almost human decision about Kevin Reilly
May 29th, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Fox announced today that Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment, is stepping down from his position by the end of June.
The announcement is not a surprise because their ratings were going down almost as fast as the Titanic did this season. American Idol revamped their show to get more viewers, but the over 40 judging panel caused the show to lose almost a 1/3rd of the viewers they had during their peek. Then there is Glee that saw it’s viewership down to less than 3 million viewers. And yet that show was renewed and Almost Human that saw twice as many viewers was not. On the Almost Human note, the cult cop show was seen by more people than The Following, a show about a cult, and that too was renewed while AH wasn’t. And I think the final nail in his ratings coffin was this Tuesday when I Wanna Marry Harry was seen by just over 1 million people. That is The CW numbers, so that is really really bad for Fox. And I am knocking The CW because I love that network.
While he was ratings challenged this season, I think his other mistake was getting rid of pilot season. As soon as he said that at the Winter TCAs, I knew he was out. And now a few months later he is gone,
What this all mean for Fox’s fall, it is too early to tell. But I do expect that there will be some changes. I also think that there needs to be some changes if they want to keep the network viable. I mean other than Mondays, when they have on Gotham and Sleepy Hollow, I think their lineup is in big trouble. So I really think they will be making some changes. Hopefully it will be picking up the cancelled Almost Human and maybe Enlisted, Surviving Jack and/or Dads and putting them back on the air. Jack did better than Mindy in the ratings and yet she still has a show.


A Wonder Years reunion!
May 29th, 2014 under Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

The cast of The Wonder Years reunited yesterday, 21 years after the family sitcom ended. So what brought Fred Savage, Dan Lauria, Alley Mills, Jason Hervey, Olivia d’Abo, Danica McKellar and Josh Saviano together? They were shooting commentary for the upcoming release of their beloved series that is coming out on DVD.
Even though we are only getting the original episodes on home video, tell me I am not the only one who would love to see them do a reunion show that takes place in the ’80s? We can forget all those things that Kevin Arnold said during the series finale and shoot it like those last few seconds never happened? Who’s with me?


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