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September 29th, 2013 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]

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Halloween turns 35 with a special must-own Blu-ray edition
September 29th, 2013 under Halloween, Halloween 2. [ Comments: 1 ]

Thirty-five years ago Halloween was forever changed thanks to man by the name of Michael Myers. To celebrate his anniversary Anchor Bay released a special anniversary Blu-ray edition with never before seen features that available for you to own now.
The scary tale has been transferred to HD with the help of from the movie’s cinematographer, Dean Cundey. Along with the visual update director John Carpenter and star Jamie Lee Curtis lent their voices for a brand new audio commentary track. Curtis also participates in an hour-long featurette where you get to really know her as she meets some of Laurie Strode’s biggest fans. She lets the cameras in and we get to see what finally got her to attend the function, personal stories from her life after Halloween and her interaction with the fans. One of the most fascinating reveals is that she is not a fan of horror movies even though her mom and her such a big part of the genre.
The special features also include an on-location feature for the 20th anniversary and you hear why they chose the locations that they did. We get a tour of the Haddonfield, Illinois that really is in Pasadena, Ca and West Hollywood.
The original trailer and radio spots are included. After you select those special features you will be surprised the movie did as well as it did. Unlike today trailers, the movie is so much better than the trailer.
Finally if this is not enough for you, the Blu-ray comes with limited-edition book-style package (available only for the first printing) with 20 pages featuring archival photos, an essay by Halloween historian Stef Hutchinson and specially commissioned cover art by Jay Shaw.
This is a must own for any fan of the Halloween franchise, so what are you waiting for? Run out and get it while supplies last.


Once Upon a Time goes to neverland, Revenge
September 29th, 2013 under ABC. [ Comments: none ]

Once Upon A Time they all go to Neverland to rescue Henry and tonight at 8p you will see that that is easier said than done. Henry meets up with the Lost Boys and they have different plans for him. Lucky for him, he is rescued by one of the boys that has gone rogue. That mystery boy’s identity will be revealed and it will be on we all know.
Meanwhile on a boat traveling towards Neverland Henry’s moms, his dad and grandparents are trying to find him but there are plenty of obstacles in their way like a huge storm and mermaids. Will they get to Neverland or will they be trapped at sea forever?

Then at 9p it is time for a new mystery on Revenge. The episode starts off with Emily in the water looking like death has gotten his revenge on her. Is she? We don’t know because then the show jumps back to the past with her very much alive. Victoria has a new man in her life and Charlotte doesn’t approve. Conrad moves back into the house, but something happens that will change everything when he passes out during a speech. Did he just pass out or is he dead? Emily sets her sights on Ashley and gets Revenge on her. Which is amazing she had the time to do it because she is planning her wedding to Grayson. That’s right they finally set a date.
By the end of the episode one of the originals will no longer be part of the show, think you know who it is? Think again?


Fox’s Animation Domination dominates tonight’s airwaves!
September 29th, 2013 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

The Simpsons are back for their 25th, that’s a quarter of a century, season tonight at 8p on Fox and I still find myself laughing out loud a few times during each episode. On tonight’s show they take on Homeland, and who knew that Emmy winning drama could be so funny. Well it is only a laugh riot when Carrie goes to Springfield and investigates Homer. Now that Homer has been turned what does he have planned? You will just have to watch the animated show that never gets old.

Then 8:30p, The Belcher family goes camping in the woods on Bob’s Burgers. When Bob and Linda get lost, it is up to their kids to find them. But someone else will find Tina, Gene and Louise before their parents do. Will they still be a family of 5 after this season premiere? You will just have to tune in to find out.

Then Fox ends the night with American Dad with an episode that will never be cloned. When Snot and Steve realize that they are never going to lose their virginity, they decide to do something about it. They each find a girl and clone her to be their perfect date with a special cloning machine at his dad’s office. Only problem is their dream dates come out the machine as babies. Will their dates be old enough to sleep with by prom in a few days or will they stuck being fathers instead of lovers? You just have to watch this unique episode to find out.


Homeland is explosive and Masters of Sex is orgasmic!
September 29th, 2013 under Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Homeland is back on Showtime at 9p tonight and it picks up 58 days after the explosion at Langley. Carrie (Claire Danes) is being questioned by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and they are revealing things they shouldn’t know. So much so it might push her over the edge especially since she stopped taking her lithium. She is trying to control her bipolar disorder naturally and so far it has been working, but can it be the solution for her?
Saul (Mandy Patinkin) is dealing with pressure from work because the remaining people (survivors) at the CIA might be out of work now that the government wants to shut them down. Saul is getting some relief at home now that his wife is back, but things are not the same between Mira (Sarita Choudhury) and him.
Jessica Brody (Morena Baccarin) is dealing with the stress of her husband being blamed for the second worst terrorist attack in American and her daughter’s suicide attempt. Dana (Morgan Saylor) is being released from the hospital, but she is a changed teenager. So changed you will be shocked.
Now you might have noticed that I didn’t mention Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), that is because he is not in the first two episodes. Take that for what it is because we are all taking it the same way.
I have to say for those of you will be missing Breaking Bad, Homeland will pick up that excitement because the first two episodes of season three will blow you away.

Then at 10p just when you thought you heart couldn’t beat any faster, it will be racing in a much different way with Masters of Sex.
In 1957, Williams Masters (Michael Sheen) was a leading fertility expert. He knows how to make a baby, but he wants to know more about the act of making a baby. So he decides to study the different phases that people go through during sex. At first he starts with prostitutes because they are the only ones who will take part in his study, but as time goes on he uses volunteers from the hospital where he works. Since it is a study, it needs to be funded and the Provost refuses to back the study knowing what it is about. So now he has to find other ways to conduct his work until he can get the money he needs.
He can’t do this study by himself, so he needs a secretary and not just any normal woman because of his field of research is so taboo. He hires twice-divorced, mother-of-two Virgina Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), who is very liberated woman for the time. She believes woman can have casual sex and back then that was unheard.
Which could be why Masters’ assistant, Ethan Haas (Nicholas D’Agosto), is so smitten with her. She told him just wants to be friends, but she does stuff with him he says only happens after a couple are married.
Haas not only has to worry about Virginia, he also has to worry about being Masters’ wife’s doctor. Even though Masters is the top fertility doctor, he can’t seem to make a baby with his wife Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald). So now they are trying the methods that he has worked his magic on with several woman before his wife, only problem is he can’t do it himself so he has Haas help him out.
In order to get you to watch this titillating show, I will tell you that there is a lot, and I do mean a lot, of sex on the show. But to be honest it is so much more than a quick roll in the hay. Let’s be honest we all want more than just a wham, bam, thank you mam, and that is exactly what you get with Masters of Sex.


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