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Anastacia called fellow breast cancer survivor Kylie Minogue
July 31st, 2006 under Admirable People. [ Comments: none ]

KYLIE MINOGUE received a personal call from fellow cancer sufferer ANASTACIA offering her support while the pop star battled the illness. Anastacia, 37, who discovered she had breast cancer in January 2003, was eager to share her own experiences with the singer who is now in remission. After overcoming cancer the American star established a campaign through the Breast Cancer Research Fund to promote awareness of breast cancer among younger women and returned to the studio to record her self-titled album. Anastacia says, "I put a call into Kylie’s people. I made sure that I said the things I needed to say to her, the way that I needed to say them to her, so I could give her support. "So I think she knows my comments and I’d rather them be personal instead of letting everybody know what I have said. But I did, and I have reached out to Kylie. We are all fighters."

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ABC cancels Mel Gibson’s holocaust movie?
July 31st, 2006 under Mel Gibson. [ Comments: none ]

MEL GIBSON’s planned mini-series about the Holocaust may be axed by American TV network ABC after his alleged drunken anti-Semitic outburst at a Los Angeles police officer. An intoxicated Gibson reportedly launched a verbal attack on sheriff’s deputy JAMES MEE after he was pulled over for drink driving on Friday (28JUL06) near his home in Malibu, California. Now his nonfiction TV movie FLORY, charting the true story of a Dutch Jew named FLORY VAN BEEK and her non-Jewish boyfriend who sheltered her from the Nazis, is in jeopardy. American rabbi ABRAHAM COOPER is urging THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST producer to drop the "inappropriate" TV programme and it is believed some Jewish film executives have pledged never to work with the actor again. An ABC spokeswoman says only, "It’s in development, but not very far in. It’s not at the point where you would make those determinations."

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Since him and dad do not believe in the Holocaust this movie never should have been greenlighted to begin with. Mel Gibson is going down and I am enjoying every minute of it! 


Paul McCarthey goes classical
July 31st, 2006 under Paul McCartney/Heather Mills. [ Comments: none ]

Paul McCartney has made his share of classic music: Now the ex-Beatle is releasing a classical album.Ecce Cor Meum, which means "Behold My Heart," is a choral and orchestral work in both English and Latin, due out this fall. Britain’s Magdalen College Oxford commissioned McCartney to create the music more than eight years ago in celebration of a new concert hall.Though McCartney has released three other classically oriented albums, he acknowledged that writing Ecce Cor Meum was a difficult task that took revisions and public performances before he finally got it right. "Eventually I made it all come together through correcting some misapprehensions," McCartney said in a statement released to The Associated Press on Monday. "If it had been a Beatles song I would have known how to do it. But this was a completely different ball game."Ecce Cor Meum is to be released on Sept. 26.

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WTF Jessica Biel and Adam Sandler?
July 31st, 2006 under Adam Sandler, Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Biel is following in the footsteps of actresses like Kate Beckinsale, Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore and Emily Watson as those who’ve played the love interest to Adam Sandler. Biel has signed on to star as the female lead in I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY with Sandler and Kevin James. In the film, which was written by Academy Award winner Alexander Payne (SIDEWAYS), Sandler and James play firefighters who pose as gay lovers in order to get couples benefits. Biel will play the lawyer who represents the pair in court and ultimately falls for Sandler’s character theoretically jeopardizing their scheme. Dennis Dugan stepped into direct after WEDDING CRASHERS director David Dobkin dropped out due to creative issues. Biel, perhaps looking to stray as far away from projects like STEALTH as humanly possible, has a number of indie/dramatic projects on the way including THE ILLUSIONIST (of which USA Today says her role was not "well-cast") and the war drama HOME OF THE BRAVE with Samuel L. Jackson and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. I just typed 50 Cent in quotes, which just about makes me as out-of-touch as humanly possible.


Can she do comedy? 


Jessica Simpson’s dad OK! with photos, but not her mom?
July 31st, 2006 under Nick Lachey/Jessica/Ashlee Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Are Jessica Simpson’s parents butting heads over their daughter’s sexy image?The reality show star’s manager father has publicly applauded his daughter’s bodacious appeal. “She just is sexy,” Joe Simpson once said. “If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she’s sexy in both. She’s got double Ds! You can’t cover those suckers up!”But now there’s buzz that Simpson’s mother furiously put the brakes on a racy photo shoot that her hubby had approved. The divorcing “Dukes of Hazzard” star recently posed for OK! magazine, and her father gave his thumbs up to a shot of her lying on a bed in her skivvies while a hunky guy near her unbuttoned his shirt.  “Time out! Hold it!” Simpson’s mother, Tina, was shouting, according to the Hamilton Spectator. “Nope, this isn’t going to work.” Tina Simpson said she was forbidding her daughter to be photographed that way and that the pose made the starlet look “slutty” reports the mag. A source says: “The parents had a discussion with Tina saying: ‘Trust me, I’m her mother. This isn’t the image we want.’”

Jeannette Walls

You know her dad is doing a Mike Malin to those pictures as you read this.


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