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Can Kellie Pickler escape an escape room?
October 10th, 2018 under Kellie Pickler. [ Comments: none ]

Today on Pickler & Ben, the two hosts on the CMT talk show tried to escape from a portable escape room. Kellie Pickler went first, and she started off OK. Then time ran out and she was steamed. Ben Aaron went next, and he was not able to keep his body on the button. Therefore, the American Idol favorite won by losing. Go, Kellie!


Can Kellie Pickler handle the bull?
September 28th, 2018 under Kellie Pickler. [ Comments: none ]

Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman from Real Housewives of Dallas were on Pickler and Ben, and Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron challenged to a mechanical bull riding competition.

The American Idol singer went first and barely stayed on. Then it was time for Hollman to holla back on it and she showed it who was boss. Aaron, the only man, was able to last longer than the two before him. Could Redmond beat all of them? Let’s just say she made Pickler feel better.

I think all talk shows should have a mechanical bull on the set for their guests to sit on. The interviewee has to answer whatever questions the host wants if they fall off it before 10 seconds. How awesome would that be?


Kellie Pickler is an astronaut
September 21st, 2018 under Kellie Pickler. [ Comments: none ]

Remember sweet little Kellie Pickler who sung her way into our hearts on American Idol’s fifth season? Her naivety made her just so gosh darn likable. After having a successful reality show with her husband on CMT, they gave her a talk show with Ben Aaron.

Today, on Kellie & Ben they went to space camp. That is right, Pickler was an astronaut for a day. And you thought Space Force was a bad idea? Actually, if Pickler joined Space Force, I bet a lot of people would sign up to. Now she has the experience.

Seriously though, doesn’t it look like they are having a blast? That is what talk shows are all about. Or should be about!


BTWF pageants: Kellie Pickler at Miss Stanly County 2004
August 25th, 2016 under American Idol 1-5, Kellie Pickler. [ Comments: none ]

Before Kellie Pickler won Dancing with the Stars, she won Miss Stanly County! You could totally tell the 17 year old Beauty Queen was going to be a star back in 2004.


I Love Kellie Pickler even more the second time around!
August 25th, 2016 under American Idol 1-5, CMT, Kellie Pickler. [ Comments: none ]

I Love Kellie Pickler is back for a second season tonight at 10p on CMT and somehow she found a way to make herself even more lovable.
Last season, we saw Kellie and her husband, Kyle of five years, adopt chickens, try Hot Yoga together, eat a Minnesotan delicacy called Lutefisk, find out they have a ghost in their house, saw her perform at NASCAR, a baseball game and at a Military Base, and finally tie knot again in front of their friends.
This season they are up for even more challenges like going to Tokyo and appearing on Celebrity Family Feud, and the American Idol contestant will work at Sonic and as Uber drive.
Tonight they start the season off with their Surprise Sundays. Kyle takes Kellie to go Bungee Jumping because you only live once. Then she makes him an Apple Pie with his mom because he is on a mission for their friend.
Jen is single and they want her to find her a love like the one that they have. Kyle and their other friend Ken go to a dog park with her dog Spike and they try to find Jen a man. Basically, they go around hitting on men which is awkward for all. Eventually they find her nice guy, but will there be a love connection?
Talking about love, Kellie shares with us the first time she told her husband that she loves him. That is the thing that separates this reality show from the others. Kellie and Kyle have such a sweet loving marriage, that you thoroughly enjoy watching them together. They share a lot about it, but not too much. Not that stuff you really don’t want to hear about.
Plus, she is just the cutest thing ever. You can’t help but to love Kellie Pickler. Therefore, fall in love with her tonight and every Thursday at 10p.


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