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Happy St Patrick’s Day!
March 17th, 2018 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, SOW Greetings, Wendy Williams. [ Comments: none ]

Get your St Paddy’s on today by doing an Irish dance like the one that Jerry O’Connell did with the O’Rourke Irish Dancers of Westchester on the Wendy Williams Show yesterday.

Hopefully the luck of the Irish will bestow O’Connell because he has proven that he is the talk show host we desperately need on our televisions.

On a St Patrick’s Day note, have a great one and make sure not to drink and drive after too much partying.


Jerry O’Connell learns the consequence of a man to hosting a woman’s talk show
March 14th, 2018 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, Wendy Williams. [ Comments: none ]

Wendy Williams is on medical leave for an extra week, so she asked Jerry O’Connell to fill in for her. Since the producers thought she would be back, they booked guests for Williams as compared to O’Connell.

Yesterday, they had Milly Almodovar, a beauty expert, on and she brought the latest gadgets to make us females look prettier. Would he try out them out, since he is a man? He is man enough to let his feminine side show.

First off, was a vibrating facial cleanser. He liked it so much so he had a facial orgasm. Ladies, we know how good that feels and now so does he. Next up, was a ceramic diffuser that helps to make the frizz go away for girls with curls. He has short straight hair and he loved that feeling and shine it gave him.

Talking about hair, how would he do with a facial hair remover? Like a champ! Didn’t cry once when it yanked out his stubble. Which is the point of the product. Now when it came to the nose hair shaver, did he find any pain with that one? Not at all. He did not even have a problem showing off his lower back hair. But that is a story for another day!

Finally, it was time for him to get a fat lip. No, Almodovar didn’t punch him. She gave him a lip plumper that makes your kisser more kissable. And it worked its magic on him.

No word how his wife, Rebecca Romijn, liked him after all of these little changes; but I am sure she loved his new lips. Who wouldn’t want a man with fuller smuckers?

Oh and who wants to tell him, he did not have to try out any of those products? Because he did, it is why we love him and think he needs a talk show of his own. Heck maybe he can host one as a man for women? We get to see how a man does with all the things we go through to be women! If anyone can do it, it is him. But I think he can do any talk show he desires because he is a natural.


Should Jerry O’Connell host Wendy Williams’ show topless all week?
March 12th, 2018 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, Wendy Williams. [ Comments: none ]

Wendy Williams’ doctor told her to take another week off to get her thyroid in check. Since the show must go on, she asked Jerry O’Connell to fill in for her all week.

Before he took her seat on the stage, he showed us a behind the scenes image of another seat she sits on before the show. That is the one for hair and makeup. Unlike her, he did it topless. Which makes you wonder if he should wear a shirt at all when he is actually hosting the daytime talk show. I mean, its demographic is women and we want to see a man’s naked chest in the morning. It might be 10a, but we are always up. If you know what I mean.

in no way, am I saying I want Ryan Seacrest to take off his suit. Although, Harry Connick Jr can do it for his remaining shows.

Back the headline, do you want to see the fat kid from Stand By Me to show off his toned body all week? In fact, I am one upping the request and I want to see him doing it in just a Speedo! Although the cold studio could be a problem, so I say but a sock on it!


Jerry O’Connell is the new Wendy Williams!
March 6th, 2018 under Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn, Wendy Williams. [ Comments: none ]

On February 21st, Wendy Williams announced that she is taking a forced sick leave for three weeks to get her thyroid medicine and Graves Disease in check per doctors order. Today, she revealed that she will be back at work on March 19th. Until then, the lovable and always funny Jerry O’Connell will fill in for her.

Hopefully the network heads will tune in and see what a natural he is at being a talk show host and give him one. If anyone deserves a talk show, it is him. Now that Harry Connick Jr’s show is ending, there is an open time slot available.


BTWF roles: Wendy Williams on Martin
February 21st, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Martin Lawrence, Wendy Williams. [ Comments: none ]

Before Wendy Williams had her own TV show, she guest starred on Martin as herself. You can barely recognize the 28-year-old in that 1992 episode.


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