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Dr Ruth dancing is all you need to smile today!
August 25th, 2017 under Dr Ruth. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Dr Ruth Westheimer knows all about dancing in between the sheets, but how is she when it comes to dancing on the dance floor? Better than you and me, and we are about a third of the 89-year-old’s age. Seriously, is there anything the sex guru cannot do? Because this is amazing!

Don’t you just love the way the man is leading her around the Israeli ballroom? She is having almost as much as fun doing the vertical tango (yes I know she is not doing the Tango but you know the expression) as she does when she is doing to the horizontal one!

Isn’t this what you needed to start your weekend off on the right foot? It makes me want to dance, but I have two left feet!

BTW I hope someone from Dancing with the Stars sees this and asks her to be on the show. She would win it all! She would have my vote and I am sure she would have yours!


What’s up with Dr Ruth’s hair?
June 18th, 2010 under Bad Hair, Dr Ruth. [ Comments: 1 ]

Dr. Ruth Westheimer attended Henry Buhl’s Black and White Ball and her hair looked like it was having a ball. I know that the 82 year old is a sex therapist, but out of all the hairdos why did she copy Cameron Diaz’s semen styled look from There’s Something About Mary? Well on a positive note, with hair raising bangs she might be able to say she stands at 5′ tall!


Remember Dr Westheimer?
June 2nd, 2008 under Dr Ruth, Remember?. [ Comments: none ]

I miss getting sex tips from Dr Ruth Westheimer, they were always so much fun! Good to see she is still writing books about teen sex even though she hasn't been a teen in a while!
Keep writing Dr Ruth!!! 



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