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Is someone going to get fired on Suits tonight?
September 5th, 2018 under Suits. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on Suits, it is going to be a bad day at the firm for several of the employees. So bad, that one of them will be asked to be fired.

Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) is still dealing with his business and Samantha (Katherine Heigl) wants to get on his good side. Therefore, she decides to get him a present, a client from their old firm. But when the old partner and her fight for the client, she has to come clean to Harvey (Gabriel Macht) about something she did that might not be legal. What will Harvey do?

Talking about clients, Alex (Dulé Hill) needs something from Louis (Rick Hoffman) who is off for the day to be with Shelia (Rachael Harris). Gretchen (Aloma Wright) offers to get him what he wants. Then something goes wrong and that thing never gets to where the client wanted it to go. The client is so upset, they want someone fired for the screw-up. Who will it be?

When it comes to screw, Loius and Sheila go to the doctor to find out why she is not getting pregnant. Louis and the doctor have a past relationship that is going to bring up a lot of hurtful memories for our favorite lawyer. Ones that show us why he is the way he is. The young Louis is so good, you will think it is actually a young Hoffman

By the end of the day, someone will be fired. You just have to watch USA Network to find out who.

Especially since I think this is the best season in a long time. I did not think the show would be able to survive without Mike and Rachel, but I think it is so much better without them. Sorry, Duchess of Essex and Patrick J. Adams. There is a whole new life to Suits and I love it. Now if only I can get used to Gus Guster being a hard a$$, all will be good.


Suits is all about family tonight
August 15th, 2018 under Suits. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on USA Network, Suits is all about family. Because of that, we get to know a lot more about our favorite lawyers.

As we knew Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Sheila (Rachael Harris) are trying to have a baby, but for some reason, she is not getting pregnant. Therefore, she asks Louis to get tested. He does not want to get tested because he does not want to take that test. Thus, he asks Harvey (Gabriel Macht) for advice on how to do it. Let’s just say this conversation and the followup will not make you want to pleasure yourself for a while. When he gets the results, Louis is told he might be doing something that is holding him back from getting the job done. Will he be able to give that thing up?

Meanwhile, Harvey gets a phone call from his brother telling him he needs his help. Harvey’s sister in law has filed for divorce and she wants to take the kids away from his brother. Both Harvey and her lawyer will do anything they can to win the case, but will Harvey go too far?

Then there is Alex (Dulé Hill), who brings his teenage daughter to work because she got suspended from school. Yes, Alex has a daughter. OK, now that we are over that, he teams her up with Samantha (Katherine Heigl). Samantha teaches her her ways. When Alex finds out about what his coworker got his daughter to do, he loses it. When he confronts her, we learn a lot more about Samantha’s past.

By the end of the episode, we learn more about these characters. Not only that, tonight’s show proves that we have moved on from last season’s departures and that this show has a many more seasons left in it. Which is a very good thing.


Suits is back with some new suits tonight
July 18th, 2018 under Suits. [ Comments: none ]

As we know, Meghan Markle and Patrick Adams left Suits at the end of last season, so that means that they are adding some new blood to the legal drama for this one. Tonight at 9p on USA Network, the show gets a little restart.

We still have Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Donna (Sarah Rafferty ) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) at the firm, but Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), Alex (Dule Hill) and Katrina (Amanda Schull) all have bigger roles and Katherine Heigl is joining the show as Samantha Wheeler.

Harvey thinks he is running the show, but Robert thinks otherwise now that he is a named partner. The two men are going to battle it out for the title and they will do anything to win. Harvey does not have Mike to help him out, so he will have to go back to his law roots. Robert, on the other hand, will use his prodigy Samantha Wheeler to do what she does. He promises her that she will be the next named partner, just as Harvey promises it to Alex. There will be lots of competitions at the firm this season like Louis Litt also wanting a shot at being the managing partner because of Sheila (Rachael Harris) egging him on.

To make matters worse, they need to let people go and Katrina takes on the responsibility when she ignores what Louis wants, it causes a rift between then. Something only Donna can fix.

When it comes to the new Suits, it has its kinks to work out. I think it will get there so stick with it because we know it will only get better. It always does.


The first look at Suits without Meghan Markle
June 14th, 2018 under Suits. [ Comments: none ]

Suits is back on USA Network July 18th and I am not sure if you heard but two cast members left the show at the end of season 7. Meghan Markle, who played Rachel Zane, got married to some guy in England and her TV husband Patrick J Adams is pursuing other opportunities.

For season 8, there are going to be some changes for the legal drama that has the right amount of cursing. We will see more of Dule Hill and that is a great thing in my book. Amanda Schull will be taking center stage now that she is a series regular after all of these seasons. And then there is the addition of Katherine Heigl, who returns to TV after her last television show that was also a legal drama and costarred Hill. See this paragraph went full circle!

Anyways, I was nervous about the changes when I heard that the Duchess of Sussex and Adams were leaving, but these previews have me all like who were they? I cannot wait to see what happens next because this show with 8 legs is grabbing me like a spider and I am trapped in its web! Hopefully not one of deceit.

One last note, poor Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) he cannot catch a break. Unless he gets Sheila back now that Rachael Harris’ show was cancelled. Grrr.


Rick Hoffman explains his sour puss face at the Royal Wedding
May 19th, 2018 under Suits, The Princes of England. [ Comments: none ]

Once we saw Meghan Markle in her dress, the awwwdorable page boys and bridesmaids walk her into the church and the look of love that she shared with her now husband Prince Harry, then it was time to focus on the next big moment at the Royal Wedding. That highlight came from her Suits costar Rick Hoffman, who had an expression more like his character Louis Litt than himself. One that stuck out so much in a sea of fascinators, it became the meme of the day.

Why did he look so miserable to see his friend his get married? Did he want to marry her, so he is upset she is marrying someone else? Turns out, it actually had nothing to do with the Duchess of Sussex. He took to Instagram to explain the face that launched a thousand memes, “To answer any questions about the weird face that was made at the wedding. Imagine sitting next to people to your right, not knowing which person it was, that has halitosis. Hence the face that is apparently all over the place.” Then he added, “So it is as simple as that, Charlie.”

I would have that same expression that he did. Who hasn’t sat next to someone who has the worst breath and made that same exact face? There is nowhere you can go and your stuck breathing in their awful breath. With each one of their exhales, you are stuck smelling it with each inhale. There is nothing you can do because you cannot move and you have to breathe to live.

Now you know why he looked like Louis Litt after Harvey screwed him over and Rachel has to go to Mike to talk to Harvey to smooth things over with Louis. I am going to miss Mike and Rachel on Suits, but we know she is in a much better place, a much much much better place.

I just have to say it is moments like this one that makes me love Hoffman even more. He is the most lovable character on Suits. So loveable, you just want to hug him and squeeze him.

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