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Shannen Doherty asks the obvious reboot question
January 29th, 2018 under Shannen Doherty, The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, The CW announced that they ordered a pilot for a Charmed reboot and one of the stars took to Twitter to express her displeasure for it. Holly Marie Combs Tweeted, “While some may not get why I take issue with the network that didn’t want to renew Charmed 12 years ago ‘reimagining’ it now let me just say I understand it perfectly. Also this kinda stuff given all that Rose and Alyssa have done lately…um no. Just No.”

Then her co-star and TV sister asked a very obvious question that many of us pondered. Shannen Doherty wrote, “So curious… if it was not a reboot and just was a show about sisters and family dynamics with super natural powers…. thoughts?”

Why do networks insist on calling a show a reboot when the only thing it has in common with the original is the names of the characters are the same. Would we like Dynasty more if they just made a show about spoiled rich people? How about MacGyver, well I never got the passed the pilot. And so on. Why not just make a show with kind of the same premise and give everyone new names? I don’t know about you, but I am sick of reboots that have nothing with the original.

There is a huge difference between reimagining a show and going way off the rails of one. How do you feel about reboots that have nothing to do with the original?

And don’t get me started on the trend of turning big screen movies into television shows.


Greetings and salutations, the Heathers trailer is finally here!
January 18th, 2018 under Paramount Network, Shannen Doherty. [ Comments: none ]

Paramount Network launched today and to celebrate, they released the trailer for their Heathers reboot that debuts on March 7th. While it is does not look like the film, it definitely has that campy feel. Not just because Shannen Doherty is in it. That is just an added bonus. What makes it like the cult favorite is that dark humor.

To paraphrase Veronica, my daydreams of the show are not as good as the reality. The reality is so much better. So until it premieres, I will be saying, “F*ck me gently with a chainsaw.”


Shannen Doherty gets her Heathers on again!
August 9th, 2017 under Shannen Doherty. [ Comments: none ]

As we know Shannen Doherty, battled breast cancer and won! Now that she is in remission, she is ready to get back to work. What better way to do it, then by her reprising one of her most famous roles in the Heathers reboot that will air on Paramount Network next year. Here she is as Heather Duke again and you would never believe that we first saw her in that role 29 years ago. It is like no time has passed for her.

Here is the inspiration message she wrote on Instagram along with the photo, “Was back on set today. It’s been a rough two years. Fighting cancer. As an actor, people bench you. They assume you’re to weak, not able etc etc. and yet it’s something like work that invigorates and renews strength to conquer the unimaginable beast. I compared myself to a car today. That vintage Shelby that’s been in the garage too long. It’s still a great car. The best. Just needs time for the engine to warm up and it’s good to go. Performing like it’s supposed to. I’m grateful for today. Grateful for everyday. Thank you @heathers for letting me play and be someone else today. Great crew, great writers, great cast, great show, great director. #paramountnetwork2018”

I do not know about you, but I am thrilled to have her on our small screens again. I missed her. And to be honest, I was not sure she was going to beat cancer. I am so happy she did and she is proving to everyone how strong she is and how to remain strong during your biggest challenges.


Is a Charmed reboot happening?
July 21st, 2017 under Alyssa Milano, Revivals-Reboots, Shannen Doherty. [ Comments: none ]

For the last few months, there have been rumors of a Charmed reboot, but that quietly died down. Then last week, it heated up again with the gossip that the recently reacquainted Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano were in talks to reprise their roles.

Well yesterday, the third Halliwell sister, Holly Marie Combs, took to Instagram and cleared things up. She said, “I’m sorry to say that all the reboot rumors are just that…. rumors. But here’s #tbt to our wood nymph days. In our defense it was really hot so we wanted to wear the least amount of clothes possible. Really hot. That’s my story and still sticking to it. Still. #charmed.”

For now, it is all rumors. But if enough people want it back, I am sure it will happen. Just like Full House and Will & Grace.


Shannen Doherty is in remission
April 29th, 2017 under Admirable People, Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place, Shannen Doherty. [ Comments: none ]

Shannen Donherty has been very open about her battle with Breast Cancer and sharing with the World what she has been going through from chemotherapy to radiation and all the tests and feelings that happen in between it all. Now, the actress is going to share with us what remission is like because doctors told her the cancer is gone.

Moments. They happen. Today was and is a moment. What does remission mean? I heard that word and have no idea how to react. Good news? YES. Overwhelming. YES. Now more waiting. As every single one of my fellow cancer family knows, the next five years is crucial. Reoccurrences happen all the time. Many of you have shared that very story with me. So with a heart that is certainly lighter, I wait. In the meantime, decisions. Reconstruction which is several surgeries. Decision on taking a pill for the next five years that comes with its own set of problems and side effects. I am blessed, I know that. But for now…. remission. I’m going to just breathe. #cancerslayer

I am so happy that she is in remission because she has helped so many people understand what it is like to go through the awful disease. In five years, I can’t wait to report that she officially cancer free.


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