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Will The Baby Bachelorette find love?
May 24th, 2016 under 50 Cent, Jimmy Kimmel, The Bachelor. [ Comments: none ]

A few years ago, Jimmy Kimmel’s nephew Wesley tried to find love on The Baby Bachelor and he did with Kimmel’s BFF’s daughter. Now it is time for awwwwwwdorable 4 year old Bianca to find her Mr Right. She will have plenty of boys to chose from, although it is evident that there is already a front runner. His name is Alex and the 39 month old came riding in on a black horse aka a motorcycle. Manny, 37 months, might be a close runner up, but maybe not.
It is so frustrating not knowing who she is going to give that sweet candy ring to, who she is going to give a timeout to and so on. I feel like JoJo Fletcher watching herself on The Bachelorette. Hopefully at the end of this journey, both of them will find their Prince Charmings. And one of them will be nice enough to give me one of their leftovers. Scratch that, I only want Flecther’s leftovers. I am not picky because it is slim pickings here in LA.
Back to Bianca, I can’t wait for the next episode of The Baby Bachlorette. My whole life now revolves her finding her soul mate.


Kaley Cuoco keeps The Bachelor Ben close to her love box!
January 26th, 2016 under Chuck Lorre, Kaley Cuoco, The Bachelor. [ Comments: 3 ]

Kaley Cuoco loves The Bachelor so much, she had Yoga pants made with his face all over them. Too bad she on CBS and he is on ABC otherwise she could hook up with him and have his face in her Big Bang Theory.
And if it didn’t work out between them then she could be on The Bachelorette. Imagine if she was the one giving out the roses?


Conan O’Brien threw Jordan Schlansky the dullest Bachelor Party
August 21st, 2015 under 50 Cent, Conan O'Brien, The Bachelor. [ Comments: none ]

Someone is actually going to marry Jordan Schlansky and since he has no friends Conan O’Brien threw him a Bachelor Party. You would think he would be happy about that; and you would be wrong because afterall this is Jordan Schlansky and he’s never happy. Even though he wasn’t in to it, the TBS late night host gave it his all. Conan brought in some Jägermeister on the tap, a DJ, a paid-for-the night friend and 2 strippers.
Even though bachelor didn’t enjoy it, it’s the most fun I had a bachelor party where I wasn’t get paid to be there. But that is a whole other story.
Whenever Conan does a bit with his Associate Producer, I wonder why TBS hasn’t given these two their own weekly series. They are a Laurel & Hardy and Abbott & Costello for the modern era. I’d watch them go at over and over again, wouldn’t you?


There will be two Bachelorettes this season!
March 9th, 2015 under 50 Cent, ABC, The Bachelor. [ Comments: 4 ]

For the first time in 11 seasons, there will be not one, but two Bachelorettes for the bachelors to chose from this upcoming season in May. According to ABC, they are “Britt, who captivated Chris Soules and the rest of Bachelor Nation with a memorable hug on that first night at the Bachelor mansion, and Kaitlyn, the gorgeous, fun-loving, warm-hearted, but irreverent firecracker who let down her guard only to have her heart crushed.”
The men will have to choose which Bachelorette they want to date for a few weeks; and once they decide, the handing out of the roses begins.
How will this all happen? We will just have to tune in on May 18th to find out.
Who do you think the bachelors will pick to be their suitor? And how do you think they decide?

UPDATE: Britt and Kaitlyn were both on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and I think both of them made a good case to be your next Bachelorette. I just think that Britt made a better one. What about you?


Jimmy Kimmel showers with The Bachelor!
January 21st, 2015 under Jimmy Kimmel, The Bachelor. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Kimmel has wanted to be on The Bachelor for a while now and on Monday he finally got the chance. One of the things he was looking forward to was taking one of those shirtless showers. Instead of doing it alone, he had Chris Soules join him. The two man lathered up and as the rose giver was toweling off the ABC late night host, he couldn’t control his laughter. Can’t same I blame him because I couldn’t control my laughter either.


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