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Mel B spills Spice Girls updates!
February 27th, 2018 under Spice Girls, The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Victoria Beckham shared a photo of the five Spice Girls together again a few weeks ago, everyone has wondered what is going on. Today, when Mel B was on The Real, the ladies really wanna know what be going on. Scary Spice did not say what the Spices will be doing, but she did reveal that they all re-signed with their manager Simon Fuller. That means there is something going on, we just do not know what.

We also know they will get together for at least one performance in the next few months. Mel B let it slip that they will be playing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May. Hopefully, that will be enough to get Posh Spice on board with the tour that their fans so desperately want.

How excited are you about a Spice Girls reunion in the works?


Black-ish’s Deon Cole tried out for the Olympics in gymnastics!
February 20th, 2018 under The Real. [ Comments: none ]

We are used to seeing Deon Cole make us laugh on shows like his own, Conan, Angie Tribeca and Black-ish, but way before then he was making people ooh and ahh.

Today when he was on The Real, he revealed to the ladies that he tried out for the Olympics when he was younger. What was his sport? Gymnastics. He told them that was really good at the floor, vault and parallel bars, but he says he was not sexy enough to do rings. I find it hard to believe he was gymnast, but people can surprise us all the time. Are you surprised by his revelation?

Imagine if he did he better than the top 300 when he tried out, then we would probably not be laughing with this very funny man every week on our televisions. That would be a real loss.

Now, I have to take a moment and make a plea to Anthony Anderson. Please, incorporate his gymnastics into one of your episodes. I can totally see Diane and him having a floor-off on the ABC sitcom. When is she finally going to get Charlie? It has been a long time coming!


Why did The Real’s Jeannie Mai’s mom send her 150 blow up love dolls?
February 1st, 2018 under Sex Toys, The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Jeannie Mai got a package from Amazon and inside was something shocking. Actually, 150 shocking things. Someone sent her package of 150 blow up sex dolls and she did not know who sent them. So she told her The Real co-hosts that she sent the box back and did not keep any of them. Much to Loni Love’s despair for “her friend”.

Then a few days later, her mom asked if she got a package with a doll that has an open mouth. Of course, the daughter wanted to know why her mom sent them. Mama Mai gifted them to her because her daughter is divorcing, and not for the reason you think. She was all prepared to blow them up, so it did not look like Jeannie was home alone and was always having a party. Which is really sweet if you think about.

I might take the one out of my car, that I use to ride in the car pool lane, and put in my bedroom so it looks like I finally have a man in there. And since he is a sex doll, I can pretend I have one too. Win/win.


The Real had a real problem when it was too cold on the set
January 30th, 2018 under The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Loni Love is not a small chested woman. Therefore, when it got really cold on the set of The Real, her headlights turned on. Since it is a daytime talk show, they could not have them showing. Which is kind of stupid because the ratings would go up if they let them poke through.

Anyways, when producers realized her blue dress had 2 new bumps, they quickly asked her to cover up. But how it is live TV? First she used her arms and then a plant. It’s almost like she is pregnant in real life but starring on a sitcom that doesn’t want to write it in, so they need to find a new ways to cover it up.

I say keep the studio cold and let the girls stand out! What about you?


The Real’s Jeannie Mai shows off her breast exercise for perkier boobs!
January 12th, 2018 under The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Ladies, have you been looking for an exercise that will make your boobs perkier and have yet to find it? I know all the, I must, I must, improve my bust works outs have not worked for me.

Well today on The Real, Jeannie Mai showed us how she does it. Actually she showed us, but I as sure as hell cannot make my breasts flex like that. I wonder if it is because, as Crazy Ex Girlfriend would say, I have heavy boobs.

Can you do it? I now you are trying because what woman does not want to have the chest they has in high school? Plus, imagine what a nice surprise it would be for your lover to see you make your breasts go up and down on their own like that? I am sure he would be excited to see that trick in bed.


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