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Poor Jan Brady, even Funko does not want her
September 12th, 2018 under The Brady Bunch. [ Comments: none ]

via Decades
Funko is releasing six dolls from The Brady Bunch family later this month, but one of the kids is missing. That unwanted Brady is Jan and even a black curly wig cannot save her. Instead of getting the middle child, we are getting Alice. Alice, Alice, Alice.

Why didn’t Funko include Jan? They said, “Grow your family with Marcia Brady, Cindy Brady, Bobby Brady, Peter Brady, Greg Brady and Alice Nelson. And don’t worry about Jan, we’re all about ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia’ right now.”

That has to hurt. But then again, Eve Plumb tries to distance herself from the beloved sitcom that made her famous, so it makes sense the collectible company would do the same.

But it is still a very sad story.


Susan Olsen celebrates her birthday with all of her Brady brothers!
August 15th, 2018 under The Brady Bunch. [ Comments: none ]

We have been talking a lot about The Brady Bunch recently because their house was just sold to HGTV, who will be renovating it to look like the home we know oh so well.

While that is the house, what about the Bradys themselves? Yesterday was Susan Olsen’s 57th birthday, yes she is 57. Can you believe it? Anyways, she had a little dinner and invited her TV brothers to celebrate it with her. That’s right, Bobby (Mike Lookinland), Peter (Christopher Knight) and Greg (Barry Williams) came out to wish their baby sister a happy birthday.

Can you believe they have known each other for almost 50 years? That’s right, next year will be the show’s 50th anniversary, and that fake family is even closer than some real ones. Plus, they all look really groovy!

That is why we still care about them and the house that they lived in!

I think it is time for them to do another revival! When was the last time we saw all the Brady kids together? Too long if you ask me. The Brady Bunch is what the world needs to make every day a Sunshine Day!


The Brady Bunch house sold for…
August 10th, 2018 under The Brady Bunch. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago, The Brady Bunch house went on the market for $1,885,000. This week, it was revealed that HGTV is the new owner. Today, Us Weekly is reporting how much they spent on the iconic home.

Are you sitting down? They bought it for $3.5 million. Almost double what they were asking for. Not a bad deal for the old homeowner, who the magazine says, will be an executive producer on the renovation show of her grandparents’ old place.

Now that we know all the details about the sale, I want to know who is going to renovate it from HGTV’s huge lineup of stars. And how I can take a hammer to that brick fence.


BTWF: Maureen McCormick on Bewitched
August 8th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, The Brady Bunch. [ Comments: none ]

start at 12:50 in
Before Maureen McCormick played sweet Marcia on The Brady Bunch, she was a real witch on Bewitched. How bewitching was the 8-year-old in that 1964 episode?


HGTV’s Lottery Dream Home is the Brady Bunch House
August 7th, 2018 under HGTV, The Brady Bunch. [ Comments: none ]

On Friday, Lance Bass told everyone he was the new owner of The Brady Bunch house, but then the next day we found out he was not. He said that there was a studio who outbid him and they are going to be the home’s new owner.

I thought the studio was Paramount because they own the classic sitcom and I was wrong. The new owners are HGTV and the realtor updated the listing so it says, “contract signed.”. This way we really know it belongs to the network.

According to Deadline, Discovery CEO David Zaslav announced the news on a conference call this morning. He said, “One of our projects for HGTV will speak to those Brady Bunch fans on the call. You may have heard that the house from the iconic series was recently on the market in California.” Then he added, “I’m excited to share that HGTV is the winning bidder and will restore the Brady Bunch home to its 1970s glory as only HGTV can. More detail to come over the next few months but we’ll bring all the resources to bear to tell safe, fun stories about this beloved piece of American TV history.”

HGTV’s own Johnathan Scott from Property Brothers was one of the bidders. No word if he will be part of the project/inevitable series, but I am sure he will be. At least he better be.

I know, I cannot wait to see what they do it. In fact, once the construction starts, I will be walking by the house all the time to see the progress. Their first task should be to tear down that fence!

When it comes to Lance Bass, I think HGTV owes him a show because they stole the iconic house from under him. Don’t you agree?


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