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Sean Hayes takes the gold, 24K to be exact!
February 1st, 2017 under Bruno Mars, Hazy Mills. [ Comments: none ]

Sean Hayes and his husband, Scott Icenogle, did their own take of Bruno Mars’ Perm from 24K and it definitely deserves the gold because they brought the funk! As in Wild Cherry, but that reference is way dating me.
Back to Hayes and his hubby, the two of them created this video as an escape for all of us and I think it worked. So much so, I don’t know why they haven’t created a game show where actors create their own music videos to their favorite songs!


Bruno Mars’ Carpool Karaoke is as smooth as silk!
December 14th, 2016 under Bruno Mars, James Corden. [ Comments: none ]

Let’s be honest, we have all boogied in our cars to Bruno Mars’ songs, but how does he look jamming to his own tunes? That is what James Corden found out yesterday when he asked him to drive him to work for Carpool Karaoke. How does it look? Like you want to throw a grenade at The Late Late Show host in order to sit in that driver’s seat. You thought you went wild when you rocked out to Uptown Funk, you ain’t got nothing on him.
I have to weigh in on this Carpool Karaoke and it is worth its weight in gold. XXIV Karat to be exact!


Sir Ian McKellen has Uptown Funk!
July 16th, 2015 under Bruno Mars, Sir Patrick Stewart/Sir Ian McKellen. [ Comments: none ]

Sir Ian McKellen stopped by Yahoo! offices to talk about Mr Holmes, but they asked something off topic. They wanted to see how two of this year’s biggest songs would sound if he read them. They gave him the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk and told him to work his magic. What happens next is something so brilliant that only he can accomplish it. He made Swift sound smarter and Mars’ funkier, and that is a good thing.
How can you not love this man, it’s elementary!


Uptown Funk goes to the dogs!
April 26th, 2015 under Animals, Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

East Bay SPCA in Oakland, Ca decided to come up with a music video to let the world know that they have dogs that need a forever home and it is completely arfdorable. The adoption center took Bruno Mutt, I mean Mars, song Uptown Funk and reworked it for their sweet pups. If you don’t love what they did, then you are a cat person. Actually, I am cat person, and I thought it was purrfect. So much so, I want to adopt a puppy. Only problem is my kitty talked me out of it.
xoxo Leona!


This treadmiller has his Uptown Funk going on!
March 19th, 2015 under Awesome Videos, Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

Carson Dean made his treadmill workout a lot more by adding some dance moves to his routine. Not just any moves, but the funky ones that Bruno Mars does in the Uptown Funk video. So sit back and watch the smoothest workout you’ve ever seen done on treadmill.
Oh and don’t try this at home. I speak from experience. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!


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