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How long until Bruno Mars says to the koala I wanna marry you?
March 29th, 2018 under Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

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Even though Bruno Mars has that Uptown Funk, he also has that 24K Magic when it comes to telling cheesy jokes. The singer got to meet a koala on a break from his Australian tour and it was love at first site. What happens when you are in love? You get all lovey dovey and say the cheesiest stuff. That is exactly what he did.

But that is not why I adored this video so much, it was seeing how much in love they are. The ending when his new furry gal cannot wait to kiss him just warmed my very cold heart. Too bad she does not wear clothes because then I could say you know she left her Versace on the Floor at the end of the night! Or was that just the beginning…

That is what I like. Did you like it too?


Bruno Mars meets his namesake
August 23rd, 2017 under Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

The other day I was thinking, where did Bruno Mars get his first name from because, to me, it does not suit the singer. You see, when I think of the name Bruno, I think of a tough guy and not someone is suaver than suave.

Yesterday, he met the guy who he is nicknamed him after and it is Bruno Sammartino. Now we know who he got his name from, we are left to wrestle with why. Why do you think Peter Gene Hernandez’s father decided to nickname him Bruno?


Bruno Mars’ Versace on the Floor is our newest sex anthem!
August 14th, 2017 under Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

I do not remember the last time we had a new song to play in our bedrooms when we are alone with our lovers to have sex with it. But now we have one thanks to Bruno Mars. This weekend he released a music video for Versace on the Floor. While the video itself is a let down, the song will make any man get up…if you know what I mean! So the next time you want to have that romantic night with that special person, add this tune to your bedroom mix!


Bruno Mars hasn’t aged a day since 1989
June 21st, 2017 under Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

Bruno Mars shared a photo of himself from 1989 and his face looks exactly the same now as he did then. The only difference is he is a few feet taller now than he was then.

He even that 24K Uptown Funk thing going on, even though he wasn’t even old enough to go to school.


Has Bruno Mars lost his uptown funk?
April 15th, 2017 under Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

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We are used to seeing Bruno Mars‘ smooth moves as he dances, but the singer seems to have slowed down in his old age. So much so, he was photographed driving a mobility scooter. Does that mean he has lost his Bow Chicka Wow Wow? Nope, he is using as a metaphor to describe how his latest single That’s What I Like is slowly climbing up the charts. It is currently at #3 and hopefully it will get a 24K record!


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