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Superstore will be open for a 4th season!
February 21st, 2018 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

NBC announced today that their hit comedy Superstore will be back for a 4th season. As if the news is any surprise because it keeps getting better with every episode.

What makes this sitcom so great is the way that the cast plays off of each other. You can tell they really love going to work. Which is evident when they found out that they still have a job next season. Listen to them cheer! That is pure joy, which is what we get every Thursday at 8p when we watch the show.


Bob Harper answers if The Biggest Loser is coming back
January 15th, 2018 under Andy Cohen, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Remember NBC used to have this reality competition show called The Biggest Loser and then they didn’t after a few of the contestants sued the show? Yesterday, when Bob Harper was on Watch What Happens Live, a caller wanted to know if it would be coming back.

The personal trainer told them, “There’s no talk of Loser coming back for the 18th season.” Then Andy Cohen ashed him if he wanted it to come back. Harper responded by saying, “I was on there for 17 seasons. It was good. We had fun. We had a good time. 17 good seasons.”

So I guess you can say The Biggest Loser is the biggest loser.

Are you upset the show is not returning for another season?


Great news, Great News has 2 great new episodes tonight!
December 21st, 2017 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p, we get not one but two new episodes of Great News. The first one at 8p, is A Christmas Carol with Carol as Scrooge.

Carol (Andrea Martin) loves Christmas so much that she has made her daughter, Katie (Briga Heelan), hate it. Therefore, when Greg (Adam Campbell) tells everyone they have to work on Christmas, Katie is happy to be away from her mom and Carol is not happy about it. That is until Carol decides to bring some Christmas cheer into newsroom. All is going as planned for her until she falls from the second floor to the first while putting the star on the huge tree and is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present in future. What will she learn from it?

Meanwhile, Katie has offered to help take care of Chuck Pierce’s (John Michael Higgins) estranged son (wait until you see who they cast) while he works and she wants to help bring this father and son together at last. Will she be able to make a Christmas miracle happen?

Then at 8:30p, Carol and Chuck have been sentenced to Sensitivity Training because of the things that they have said and done in the newsroom. They decide they do not need the class, so they try to show everyone else they also need the class. What could wrong? Everything!

That is what makes Great News a quirky fun show that is the perfect fix for Thursday nights!


John Legend to play another legend!
December 19th, 2017 under Chrissy Teigen, NBC. [ Comments: 1 ]

On April 1st aka Easter Sunday, NBC is going to air Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, and today they announced who is going to play lead. John Legend is the superstar who will play Jesus Christ. He is second person cast in the live musical from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, last week they revealed that Alice Cooper will play King Herod.

Even though Legend is playing Jesus, the real stars of the Rock Opera are Judas and Mary Magdalena, so I am more curious who will take on those roles that require a really powerful voice. You try belting out those tunes in the shower and see how long you can before your voice breaks.


What’s the fuss? Alice Cooper joins NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar!
December 8th, 2017 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

On my birthday aka April 1, 2018 or as Christians call it Easter Sunday, NBC is going to air Jesus Christ Superstar and today they announced who will be playing King Herod. That fun role is going to The Godfather of Shock Rock or we know him as Alice Cooper. Even though he looks like he worships Satan, he actually grew up in the Church because his father was a preacher. Therefore, this is perfect for him!

Personally, I would have gone with David Hasselhoff because I think of King Herod as cheesy and well, you can see where I am going with that thought. When it comes to Jesus, I would go with Josh Groban because he kind of looks like the messiah. Jason Derulo could really surprise us as Judas because he has a powerful voice. Talking about powerful voice, you really need one to belt out I Don’t Know How to Love Him. Thus, I would cast either Rita Ora or Ariana Grande. But that is me. Who would you cast in the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical?

Fun Fact: Zero Mostel’s son Josh played King Herod in the motion picture version. I did not know that until today.

One more fun fact: Alice Cooper record King Herod’s song in 1996 (xoxo Michael), so he can do this part blindfolded! To hear his version, then click here!


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