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Will & Grace takes the cake tonight!
March 15th, 2018 under Debra Messing, NBC, Sean Hayes. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on NBC, Will & Grace gets political. But the bigger story is that Will and Jack finally have the talk.

That’s right, we have waited almost nineteen and a half years for Jack (Sean Hayes) and Will (Eric McCormack) to finally reveal if they can ever see their friendship turning into something more and tonight’s the night. What happens that makes them have that talk? You just have to watch. What do they say to each other? Like I am ever going to tell you that before the episode airs. Would you really want me to?

Also on the episode, Karen (Megan Mullally) needs a cake for the birthday party she is throwing for Donald Trump at her house, but the bakery refuses to make it for her. Instead of taking them on by herself, she does the next best thing. She calls Grace (Debra Messing) to do it. Will the staunch Hillary supporter help Karen out? It is a real conundrum for her. She is a die hard Democrat, but she believes everyone deserves to have their cake and eat it too. It is a tough call for her and a very funny one for us. Especially because you see Messing show off her Lucille Ball comedy skills several times tonight.

While I normally hate when scripted shows get political these days (because I watch them to get away from it all), Will & Grace finds a way to work it in so it is not annoying and preachy.

And did I mention that Will and Jack have the talk tonight? That is more than enough of a reason for any W&G fan to watch tonight’s episode. Because their heart to heart is very pleasing for us, just like the whole season of the revival has been so far.


Rise not only rises for the occasion, it catapults its way into our hearts!
March 13th, 2018 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2006, Jason Katims made high school football a television event with Friday Night Lights. Now 11 years later, he is doing the same for high school theater with Rise on NBC tonight at 10p. Creating the best new show of the season. I can say that because I have seen the whole first season and I give it a 1-hour standing ovation.

The high school is located in Stanton, a small town in Pennsylvania. The type of town, students dream of getting out of when they graduate. However, while they are there, they will make the most of it whether it is football or theater or for one kid both.

Lou Mazzuchelli (Josh Radnor) is an English teacher and he wants to fill the theater director opening. He asks the principal for the job and he says yes. Only problem is fiery Tracey Wolfe (Rosie Perez) thinks the job is hers and is already working on Grease with the kids. When he tells her he got the job and wants to change it up, she quits. Nevertheless, she comes back and helps him with their production of Spring Awakening. And they will butt heads a lot.

Now that Lou has the job, he has to tell his wife (Marley Shelton) and she is not happy about it. A big reason is because their teenage son (Casey W Johnson) has been getting in trouble because he has a problem with alcohol. She feels he should focus more on their kids and not on other people’s children.

Children like Lilette Suarez (Auli’i Cravalho). She has never acted before, but her friend Simon (Ted Sutherland) convinces her to audition. When she does her whole life changes. Everyday up until now, she goes to school, then to work at the restaurant her mom (Shirley Rumierk) is a waitress at and then home. Her mom had her as a teen and never married. It is just the two of them and they are struggling to get by. Her mom is not supportive of her and the two of fight all the time about it.

She is not the only one fighting with her parents, so is Simon. His parents are very devout and he cannot tell them that he is gay. Instead, he lies to everyone about his sexuality. However, when Lou casts him as a gay boy in the show, his parents will not have it. They tell him they are transferring him to a religious school that he does not want to attend. He just wants to be in this play.

Another person who wants to be in this play is Robbie (Damon J. Gillespie), the star football player. Lou sees something special in him during a pep rally and offers him a role. Something no one ever does. Football and theater do not mix, but they will find a way around it. One thing he cannot find a way around is his sick his mom is. She is in the hospital and it does not look like she will ever be coming home. He only wants to make her proud and feels being the lead in the play will do just that.

He also wants to make his coach proud. The coach’s daughter, Gwen (Amy Forsyth), is also in the show. She is used to being the lead, but that role went to Lilette. She is not happy about it, obviously. She is also not happy that her father is having an affair with Lilette’s mom. It is a lot for a girl to handle.

That and her friend, Margret (Ellie Desautels) now goes by Michael. She does not mind that he is transitioning, but still. Thankfully he is because he is perfect for the play.

The play that no one but them wants to be made. Everyone from the principal to the PTA to the district wants to pull it because it is so controversial. Will they get their way? Everything is an obstacle, but they are determined to do it. And what a road it will be until opening night…if they get one.

Along the way, they will deal with first loves, being transgender, coming out, fighting with their parents, fighting with themselves, pregnancy, alcohol, working, and all the things that teens go through. However at the end of the day, they have a family to back them up, their fellow theater buddies. No one can and no one will come between them.

This is what small town life and being in theater group is like, and each week they bring it. The cast makes it feel real and draws you in as soon as the curtain goes up or the first scene as TV people call it and keeps your interest until the curtain goes down. It will be your newest addiction and the perfect show to take over This Is Us’ timeslot. It is the fix you are going to need and love to fill that vacancy. Therefore, you are going to want to add it to your DVR because you do not want to miss any of the 10 episodes.

Now I could be biased because I went schools where arts were a big deal. The most famous alumni from my schools went on to be actors, musicians and even a Dancing with the Stars champion. Even the one scientist who went to my JHS is a TV personality with his own talk show. In fact, the high school I graduated from was one of the 50 schools that got a $10,000 grant from Rise. The same school that Ricki Lake went to and someone we do not mention who was the lead of a popular family drama. I remember going to the school plays, and to me that was better than any sports game. Bu like I said, my schools were not big sports schools. And because of that, I cannot get enough of Rise.


Timeless changes things up for the second season and it is for the better!
March 11th, 2018 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Timeless the show that was cancelled, but saved by fans is finally back on NBC tonight at 10p. There is a reason why we love it and this season they will make us love them even more.

The episode starts off with Lucy (Abigail Spencer) being kidnapped by her mom (Susanna Thompson), who turns out to be Rittenhouse. Back at home base, Wyatt (Matt Lanter) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) are looking for her. But they will get sidetracked when someone blows up headquarters.

Now that six weeks have passed and they have a new home, they want Lucy back. Meanwhile, she is stuck in World War I with her mom. They are there to rescue a mysterious injured man, and they will get help from Marie Curie and her daughter. Before they finally help that man, Lucy will be forced to do something that is against everything she believes in. How will it change her?

Thankfully, Rufus and Wyatt swoop in to save her, but will she go with them or stay with her mom?

Eventually some or maybe all of them will make it back to modern day. What happens next week, changes up the series and they are totally taking advantage of their second chance.

While most shows would crumble due to its budgetary constraints, Timeless uses it to their advantage. They still get to go to some interesting places like the beginning of movies in Hollywood and the height of the Salem Witch Trials. But their mission is not the same as it used to be and that makes the show much more exciting. So exciting, you don’t want to miss the show that the fans fought for and saved. Find out why tonight and every Sunday at 10p!


Champions is a winner!
March 8th, 2018 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Champions debuts on NBC tonight at 9:30p and you don’t want to miss this winning sitcom.

Vince (Anders Holm) lives with his brother, Matthew (Andy Favreau), and the eternal bachelors own a gym together in Brooklyn. Their lives have been pretty routine up until now. Vince has decided to sell their gym without telling Matthew and he wants to move to Florida. But then something will happen that will change his life.

His ex-girlfriend, Priya (Mindy Kaling) stops by to tell him the son he never met wants to move to NYC and go to a performing arts school. She is not going to move from Cleveland, so he is going to have to raise Michael (JJ Totah).

He is nothing like his dad and uncle, so how are the three of them going to live together. Plus they don’t know anything about raising a kid, let alone a teen. On top of all of that their gym in trouble.

How are they going to handle it all, you just have to tune in to find out.


Lots of good TV tonight: Good Girls, UnREAL, Jonestown and Living Biblically
February 26th, 2018 under A&E, CBS, Lifetime, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

First off at 10p on NBC is Good Girls and it is so gooooooooooood! The drama follows three moms who are going through some financial difficulty, so they decide to rob a supermarket. They get away with…or so they think.

Beth (Christina Hendricks) is married with 4 kids and her husband (Matthew Lillard) owns a car dealership. He is having an affair with his secretary and blew most of their money on different things. When she finds out the latter two facts, she throws him out.

Her sister, Annie (Mae Whitman), is a single mom, who is a cashier at the supermarket. Her ex-boyfriend (Zach Gilford), who is married now, wants full custody of their teenage daughter. She doesn’t have the money for a lawyer.

Finally, there is Ruby (Retta), she is a waitress. Her daughter has renal disease and she can’t afford the medicine she desperately needs. Not even with her husband’s (Reno Wilson) salary as a security guard.

One day, Annie tells her friends how she has been studying how to rob her supermarket. When Beth has had it with her husband, they decide to go ahead and do it. They think that there is only $30,000 in the vault which is enough to cover their needs.

The day comes and the robbery goes off without a hitch. Only problem is there was more than $30,000 in the vault, a lot more. That is just a beginning of their problems. There’s a reason why there was more green in there and that reason wants his money back. Only thing is they don’t have all of it and now they have to find a way to get it back to him before he kills them.

Each week, they will run into a new problem and it gets better with each one. This a fast paced show with lots of twists and turns. It is a show where the crooks are the good girls and that is nice twist on the old story that has been told time and time again. One that will have you hooked by the opening credits.

Also at 10p, but over on Lifetime is UnREAL. It is back for a third season and this time it is bachlorette trying to find love on Everlasting.

But the scripted show is not just about the reality show, it is also about what goes on behind the scenes. Which is a lot more interesting than what goes on in front of the camera.

The season starts off several months after the season 2 finale. Rachel (Shiri Appleby) has been trying to deal with all of her many issues in a retreat like place, and wants nothing to do with the show. Quinn (Constance Zimmer) doesn’t care, all she cares about is saving her show. It appears that Everlasting Love is in its way out because of all their scandals. Quinn needs Rachel, so she convinces her to come back. She does.

Rachel is assigned to take care of the Bachelorette. Serena (Caitlin FitzGerald) is a smart business woman who is not going to put up with the same crap the men did. She thinks she can outsmart Quinn, but we all no one can do that. Even though Quinn is not on her game like she used to be.

The head of the network is over Quinn and Madison (Genevieve Buechner) sees her downfall as a way to move up in he world. She teams with the network head to bring down Quinn, what happens when Quinn finds out?

There is also Chet and he has a new girlfriend this season. Will Crystal (Kassandra Clementi) keep him out of trouble? Is the new Rachel going to stay this way or will she retreat back to her old self? Will Quinn lose the show? All of that and bunch of sexy men trying to win the heart of one woman. There will be fights, the slicing off of a man bun, sex, drugs, drinking, bets and did I mention sex? Forget those other dating shows, this is the one you need to be watching.

Over at 9p but on A&E is the 2-hour special Jonestown: The Women Behind The Massacre. On November 18, 1978, 918 members of The People’s Temple died, most of them drank Kool-Aid mixed with cyanide. People wondered why so many would end their life and their children’s lives like that and tonight’s special takes a look at their leader Jim Jones.

Jim Jones was not the only one in charge of his temple, the women in his life helped play a part in it too. How much of a part did his wife Marceline Jones and mistresses Carolyn Layton, Maria Katsaris and Annie Moore play in ending it all, that is something that is looked at in the special.

The episode tells their story with archival video and interviews with survivors of the cult including his natural son Jim Jones Jr.

Had Jones never left San Fransisco for Jonestown, the People’s Temple would have been remembered for their activism. Instead they are known for “drinking the Kool-Aid.”

If you are not familiar with Jonestown and the People’s Temple, tonight’s episode is a good starter course. It is the most interesting cult story few hundred years. It is because of them that I am obsessed with cults. It is why I took a course on cults in college. In other words, you want to check this out.

Finally at 9:30p on CBS is the new sitcom Living Biblically. Chip’s (Jay R. Ferguson) best friend just died suddenly and he is not handling his death very well. To makes things even more complicated his wife (Lindsey Kraft) tells him she is pregnant. That is not the only thing he his told that causes him to rethink his life. His friend’s mother tells Chip her son went to hell because he stopped going to church.

All of those things combined cause him to reevaluate his life and his decides he is going to live by the words of the Bible. Sounds easy, but in 2018 it is not. Luckily, he has Father Gene (Ian Gomez) and Rabbi Ableman (David Krumholtz) helping out with some of the lessons from the good book. Wait until they get to the one about worshiping idol Gds like cell phones.

But they are not only people helping him, so are the people at his job where he writes movies reviews. When his boss (Camryn Manheim) hears about his new path, she tells him to write a column about his year of living biblically.

Each week is a new lesson and laughs for us. Even though the show will make us think, we also know there is no way we would ever do it. Which makes it even funnier.


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