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Own a piece of Lost!!!
July 21st, 2009 under Auctions, Lost. [ Comments: 1 ]

Ever wanted to own a piece of Lost? Well according to The Live Feed, you will be able to when the show ends. That's right once we know everything, we can look back at the brain cell killing show with our own souvernier because ABC will be auctioning off lots of the iconic props. That is if you can win the Mega Lotto Jackpot over all the other Lost junkies.
If you could have anything from Lost, what would it be?

Want to own a Hollywood Wax Museum figure?
April 2nd, 2009 under Auctions, Wax Figure. [ Comments: none ]

The Hollywood Wax Museum is cleaning house and you can own one of the nearly 200 wax figures that are they auctioning off for yourselves according to ONTD! Starting on May 1st, you can bid on either The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or Johnny Depp to name a few at Live Auctioneers. The article didn't explain if the fire sale is because they are closing down, but they sis say part of the profits will go to help preserve The Hollywood Walk of Fame.
I think I am going to have to go the museum this weekend and see which ones I want to display at my place!!!

Bid on Matthew McConaughey’s stuff for a good cause!
August 20th, 2008 under Auctions, Matthew McConaughey. [ Comments: none ]

Matthew McConaughey is putting his commemorative Texas Longhorn National Championship motorcycle and other fun stuff on eBay for his charity JK Living!

Here is what is he is auctioning and when:
August 18th – 23rd – Ultimate Texas Longhorn Package
* The HOOK’EM HORNS BOBBER Custom Commemorative Texas Longhorn National Championship Bike Built For Matthew McConaughey By Knockout Motorcycle Co. & Ralph Randolph Designs
* University Of Texas vs Florida Atlantic Football Game tickets for two in Austin, TX on August 30, 2008.
* Knockout Motorcycle Co. T-shirt
August 18th – 25th
* Matthew McConaughey signed items: headshot, j.k. livin t-shirt and Surfer, Dude poster.
August 20th – 27th
* Two tickets to the premiere of Matthew’s new movie Surfer, Dude in Austin, TX on September 3rd PLUS meet Matthew at the after party.

So if you ever wanted to own something of Matthew McConaughey’s now is your chance and you will be doing something good in return! It seems like being a father has changed him for the better!


Bid on Kate Moss’ lost hair extension
June 27th, 2008 under Auctions, Pete Doherty/Kate Moss. [ Comments: 1 ]

(Photo from Daily Mail)
So remember two weeks ago when Kate Moss was running from the paparazzi in Berlin and her hair extension fell out on to the red carpet? Well the pap who picked it up is auctioning it off on eBay for a German drug charity Keine Macht den Drogen (No Power to Drugs) according to AFP.
"I hope Kate doesn't mind. I did not have time to ask her because she was in quite a hurry," Farr told the newspaper.
I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to own someone else's hair real or fake. I mean at least Kate Moss' hair extension is better than Britney Spears' real hair that she shaved off that fateful night almost two years ago, but still ewwww.

Own a piece of Bob Hope!!!
May 20th, 2008 under Auctions. [ Comments: none ]

Imagine owning a piece from Hollywood legend Bob Hope! Well come mid-October that could become a reality when his widow and daughter put up almost 800 things that once belonged to him up for auction according to AP!

"Dad was a pack rat," daughter Linda Hope told The Associated Press. "He loved to collect things. Even when he wasn't conscious of collecting, people would give him things. They would be brought home, listed, photographed and placed in storage. There are 11,000 items in his memorabilia collection."

Now keeper of the family flame, Linda Hope, 68, made the first public announcement of the Bob Hope Estate Auction on a recent sunny morning at the comedian's longtime compound in North Hollywood — 7 acres of mansion, office building, swimming pool, greenery and short-hole golf course. A selection of the items to be auctioned were spread atop two large tables.

"A lot of the things will go to the Library of Congress," Linda explained in a lounge where her father gave many an interview over lunch, including to this reporter. "Most of the paper goods will be going there, scripts and photographs and other things that Dad donated before he died. The Library isn't interested in three-dimensional items."

Wow! That is so nice of the family to do. I am so going to make sure to check Julien's Auctions for what items are up for sale and when. Bob Hope is such a legend it would be amazing to own something that once belonged to him. Of course with what I could afford it would probably be like a used handkerchief.


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