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Lucifer is loose in Sin City, Superior Donuts tackles police brutality
November 6th, 2017 under CBS, Lucifer. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Fox, it is Chloe’s (Lauren German) birthday on Lucifer and someone got her a cake full of male strippers. Who the gift giver is will surprise you.

As she is celebrating her birthday at the police station, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) gets a phone call that his wife Candy (Lindsey Gort) has gone missing. Lopez (Aimee Garcia) walks in on him when he gets the news, and convinces him that they should go to Vegas to find her. When they get there, they discover a dead body at her place but it is not her. Now they are loose in Las Vegas, trying to find his wife. How much trouble can the devil get in to in Sin City, you want to tune in to find out.

Meanwhile, Chloe is mad at Lucifer for ditching her on her special day, so she crashes his place with Linda (Rachael Harris). They throw a party without him, and have more fun than two mortals should! How safe are they? Not that safe after they find his safe. What’s inside? I cannot tell you. But it is moment you do not want to miss.

Tonight, you get to see a different side of everyone and I hope we see them like this more often. Oh, did I mention we see Lucifer lead a Vegas lounge act with Lopez as one of his showgirls. It is as fantastic as you expect it to be.

Then at 9p on CBS, Randy (Katey Sagal) and Franco (Jermaine Fowler) get into a fight over her job on Superior Donuts.

Sweatpants (Rell Battle) comes in to Superior Donuts with a viral video of a cop that brutally arrested some of their friends. The officer turns out to be Randy and now that is going to make things difficult for everyone at the donut shop. She tries to explain what happened, but Franco isn’t having it. Meanwhile, Arthur (Judd Hirsch) refuses to hear it because he has known Randy since she was a kid and he does not believe that she is that type of cop.

In fact, the only solution for Franco and Arthur is to follow her on her beat. While they are tailing her, she responds to a robbery and gets shot. Will this change Franco’s view of her? Better yet, will she survive? What happens if she does?

What makes this show so special and unique, is that it debates today’s biggest issues by showing both sides, informing the viewers and making us laugh. They do all of that by not being preachy, just informative. For example in the above promo, you hear Franco says, “Please don’t be Black,” Sofia (Diane Guerrero) say, “Please don’t be Latina,” and Fawz (Maz Jobrani) say, “Please don’t be Muslim.” And how many of were saying that yesterday when they heard about the heinous shooting in Texas? It is one moment that we all can understand. One moment that unites us, and this sitcom is brilliantly showing both sides. Something more people need to pay attention to because not everything is Republican or Democrat. Put down your phones, switch off your computers and turn on your TVs to watch Superior Donuts at 9p.


The second show pulled from the schedule aka cancelled is…
November 1st, 2017 under CBS. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, ABC banished Ten Days in the Valley to Saturdays starting in December and today CBS pulled Me, Myself and I from the schedule effective immediately. They say they will air the remaining episodes at some point, but I won’t my breath because I want to live.

When it comes to cancelling the show, I say thank you for putting it out of my misery. I love John Laroquette, which is why I will still watching, but I had several issues with the show. First off, the stories for the young, middle age and older versions of Alex Riley did not mesh together. It was not cohesive. Thus, it never made sense why we were looking at his life during three different time periods of his life if they were not all going to come together at the end like Modern Family. The next problem was even more frustrating, it is the casting. It is the absolute worst casting job on television. Not only did the three Alex Rileys not look remotely alike, even though they were the same person, neither did anyone else. C’mon Tim Reid and Jaleel White look nothing alike, even though they are playing the same character 25 years apart. Did the casting department not learn anything from This Is Us? Guess not, and with that I am glad Laroquette can return to TNT’s The Librarians.

When it comes to what will replace it, starting on Monday, 9JKL moves to 9:30p and the following week Man with a Plan returns to its 8:30p slot.

Why did they make the move now? Most likely because with The Big Bang Theory no longer leading the night, the whole lineup collapsed in the ratings. Hopefully, it will do better now because I do not want to lose Superior Donuts and 9JKL. I truly enjoy both comedies. Who doesn’t love Judd Hirsch, Katey Sagal, Linda Lavin, Elliott Gould and Mark Feuerstein?

What will be the next show to get the axe? I would not be surprised if it is The Mayor and/or Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. The Mayor needs some work, it is missing something I cannot quite put my finger on. And Kevin is a really good show, but ABC did not enough to promote it and do it properly. Check it out on the ABC app or OnDemand and you will fall in love with the endearing family drama. It is the feel good show we all need.


The sorry reason that Kevin Can Wait killed off Erinn Hayes’ character
October 16th, 2017 under CBS. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Kevin Can Wait started its first season top of the charts, it ended somewhere in the middle. Then Leah Remini guest starred on the show and people started talking about the sitcom. Then shortly after the first season ended, they announced that they fired Erinn Hayes and were hiring Remini as a series regular for this season. Therefore, people wondered how they were going to explain what happened to Kevin’s wife? Over the summer, they announced they were killing her off and they did it with barely a mention.

Now 2 weeks into the 2nd season and the ratings are again so-so, James finally revealed why they really switched up the show. He told The NY Daily News, “The plot of the show didn’t have enough drive,” Then he added, “If we got through a second season, I wouldn’t see us getting through a third one. We were literally just running out of ideas.” How do you run out of ideas after just one season. I mean, he did 9 seasons of King of Queens and you are going to tell me they had 9 years of ideas for that show?

He also said, “Now, I have to deal with my daughter in a different way, and she’s gonna go to college, or one’s getting married, or the holidays. And it deals with things in a different, weightier way.” Hard not to make a weightier joke here, so I won’t because it is way too easy.

Why can’t they just admit the show was not doing well and they wanted Remini to save it. At least that is how I and a lot of other people see it.

On a personal note, it is the only show I do not watch Mondays on CBS. Never got King of Queens, and I will never get this show.


The third new show to get a full season pick up is…
October 12th, 2017 under CBS. [ Comments: none ]

We are three weeks into the new TV season and today a third show found out it will be around until the end of it. CBS’s SEAL Team joins The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon that was picked up after 1 episode and ABC’s The Good Doctor after 2 episode. Since the David Boreanaz starrer got the order after 3, I am assuming that The Gifted will get its order next week, NBC’s The Brave after 5 and Ghosted after 6. Somewhere in the middle of all of that SWAT, which has yet to premiere, will join them.

This season follows the trend of the last few by not any cancelling shows, but I am not sure how much longer ABC can stay with Ten Days in the Valley that is getting painfully low numbers. I also suspect that CBS’s Me, Myself & I and Wisdom of the Crowd, plus The CW’s Valor will be 13 and done.

When it comes to the other shows, I think it is too early to figure out the futures for CBS’s 9JKL, The CW’s Dynasty, Fox’s The Orville (or I think will get picked up for a second season) and ABC’s The Mayor and Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. I am hoping the last one gets a full season even though I think it would do better on a different network.


Pauley Perrette is leaving NCIS
October 4th, 2017 under CBS. [ Comments: 1 ]

Pauley Perrette took to social media today to announce that she will be leaving NCIS this season. After 15+ years of playing Abby on the #1 drama, she decided last year that it is time to move on. She did not say what she will be doing next, but she wanted to let us know she is not starting a skin care line. Will she will follow in Michael Weatherly’s footsteps and get her own show on The Eye? We are months away from finding that out.

With her departure, that means that Mark Harmon, Sean Murray and David McCullum are the only actors left on the show since the first season.

Are you going to miss Abby?

UPDATE: NCIS released this statement about her upcoming departure.


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