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Cheryl Burke says that Abby Lee Miller ‘traumatized’ the girls
September 21st, 2017 under Dance Moms, Dancing with the Stars. [ Comments: 2 ]

We are still a few weeks away from Cheryl Burke’s debut on Dance Moms, but she is already talking about the Lifetime show to Us Weekly.

She told the mag that the week before Abby Lee Miller quit the show, she had met with the producers. Then her manager heard that dance teacher was gone, so he offered up his client as a replacement.

What was her take when she joined the show? She described it as, “It was tough, there were a lot of tears, anger and insecurity. It was shocking to me. I couldn’t believe these beautiful girls that have zero confidence. That’s not the way to live life.” Then she explained why she thinks they are like that, “They said they’d been traumatized by Abby and her teaching methods. That’s a shame because with teenagers it’s so important to mentor them.” And she says she mentors the young dancers without raising her voice at them. She might not be a screamer like Miller, but she is not easy on them.

To see how she teaches Chloe, Nia, Kalani, Kendall and Camryn, you will have to tune into Lifetime starting on October 18th.


Dance Moms is back, but is Abby Lee Miller?
August 1st, 2017 under Dance Moms. [ Comments: none ]

Back in March, Abby Lee Miller announced that she quit, Dance Moms, which left us wondering if we would see her on the new season of the show. Tonight at 9p on Lifetime we will get that answer.

The show picks up in February, so there’s your answer. The moms and their daughters are back at the ALDC after a winter break and Abby is awaiting her sentencing date. The moms want to know how this will effect them and the dance teacher is silent about it. Well that is the only thing she is silent about because as we know she has a huge mouth. One that will get her in trouble, but again we know that.

While the moms of the Elite Group are getting along, the Mini Moms are not and that is frustrating everyone. Especially since the two little girls have a duet together and Abby is no where to be found.

Then there is the group number and it is relating to Brynn’s real life. Her parents divorced three years ago and now her father wants more custody. Ashlee has to go to court and Abby has turned that it into a dance number. Ashlee only wants to know how her daughter feels about it and the teenager just wants her mom to leave her alone. Which you cannot blame Brynn.

While Dance Moms is starting off with the same old, we know it will not stay that way. That is what I cannot wait for because that episode where she quits is going to be awesome! At least it better be!


Is Abby Lee Miller making friends in prison?
July 25th, 2017 under Dance Moms. [ Comments: none ]

Abby Lee Miller just began serving her one year and one day sentence for bankruptcy fraud in a Federal Prison and she has already had her first fight with an inmate. According to Radar, a woman yelled at the dance teacher, “The woman shouted at her that ‘She ain’t s**t!” The site says the woman shouted at the newbie because all she does is cry and the prisoner wants Miller to take her own advice. You know as in save the tears for the pillow.

If Miller’s students, who are mostky single digits, were told by their maestro not to cry, then why is it OK for her to do it? It is not. That is why Miller should stop crying because no one wants to see her crocodile tears. Actually I do because I think it is a Karma thing and love when it works out!


Abby Lee Miller gets her own Lifetime special!
July 18th, 2017 under Dance Moms. [ Comments: none ]

Last week Abby Lee Miller began her a 366 day sentence in federal prison, and on July 25th Lifetime will air a special called Dance Moms: Abby Tells All.

The 2-hour show will include a sit-down interview with The View’s Jedediah Bila and follow the dance teacher around during her final few days of freedom including her last supper with friends. Miller also gets candid about her past mistakes and what we should expect from her when she is released next year. If that is not enough, Lifetime says we will see, “exclusive scenes of her surrender to the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution.”

Amazing how she went from hating Lifetime to giving them he special that so many people wanted. I am going to be watching, it will interesting to find out if she will be allowed to watch it at her year long home? I also wonder if she will be allowed to watch Dances Moms that will be back on the network a week later. I am sure she will want to see how Cheryl Burke will be doing with her former dancers.


Here’s your first look at Abby Lee Miller’s final Dance Moms episodes
June 21st, 2017 under Dance Moms. [ Comments: 2 ]

Back in March, Abby Lee Miller abruptly quit Dance Moms, but the show went on without her. Now, Lifetime is giving us a glimpse of what her final episodes will be like and they will be filled with tears that are not saved for the pillows, cursing not appropriate for kids, fights between the moms and some dancing.

If this what the Lifetime and the production company think we want, I am OK with this show not getting a season 8. In other words I am OK with them locking it up like the Federal Government is doing to Miller. Too soon?

What is not too soon, is the wait we have until the second half of season seven begins. Dance Moms will be back on August 1st. Will you be watching or will I be suffering alone through what is most likely be the show’s final episodes?


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