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Ice-T selling Lemonade
January 16th, 2017 under Ads, Ice-T/ Coco. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Ice-T stars on Law & Order: SVU and still tours with his music, he was seen selling Lemonade on the street with some kids. Does that mean he has hit hard times? No, it just means he is doing a funny commercial for Geico.
Although, if he sells lemonade, then doesn’t that make it an Arnold Palmer?


Why you don’t do commercials on ice!
January 4th, 2017 under Ads. [ Comments: none ]

White Bear Mitsubishi in White Bear Lake, Mi thought it would be a good idea to bring their mascot out for their latest commercial and they were wrong. The guy in the white bear suit kept falling on the ice at Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis where the University of Minnesota hockey team plays their games. You see the problem is that his feet were made for walking on land and not on ice. His slippery paws, made him slip and slide on the slippery surface. So much so, that almost every time he took a step, he fell on his butt. I thought White Bears knew how to walk on frozen water, guess not. Not only can’t he walk on it, he can’t he get even get a pat on the back with going face first. They saved the best plop for last, so make sure to watch it all the way through for that one.
There are two positive things for the guy in the suit, one we don’t see his face and two the costume gives him plenty of padding to protect his fall.
When it comes to White Bear Mitsubishi, they are get more free publicity for these outtakes then they are for the final ad. Maybe they should do all their commercials from there? Granted they would probably need a new actor after each ad they shoot there. Or at least a hefty raise, you know for each time they are raised up from the ice after falling down on it.


Did AT&T just come up with one the best commercials ever?
December 28th, 2016 under Ads. [ Comments: none ]

AT&T just released a commercial to show us how you can stream all you want with their service Data Free and used several pop culture icons to get their point across. From Rocky to Cheers to Big Bird to David Hasselhoff in his Knight Rider to Back to the Future, this is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.
But is it enough to get people to switch to their plan? I know it didn’t work for me. Sorry, but I love love love the ad!
Oh and AT&T you know you have to top this for the Super Bowl!


Don Rickles found a new way to roast chestnuts!
December 20th, 2016 under Ads, Old Hollywood. [ Comments: none ]

Before there were the Roasts on Comedy Central, there was Don Rickles. Even though Best Buy is all about new technology, they asked 90-year-old Don Rickles to star in their Christmas ad doing what he does best, Roasting. But he didn’t Roast just any one. He roasted chestnuts. It is not like how I remember it being done when I was a kid in NYC, but it is just enjoyable. I know I haven’t smiled that much since my mom would buy me a bag of roasted chestnuts after we experienced the holiday in Manhattan! I can still smell it!


Is this Kenzo Perfume ad one of the worst commercials ever?
August 31st, 2016 under Ads. [ Comments: none ]

Spike Jonze directed an ad with Andie McDowell’s daughter dancing around like an idiot at Lincoln Center and it stinks as much as the perfume they are selling. The only way you would know what perfume it is for if you stuck around to watch the whole thing. But why would you want to if you didn’t have to?
Since you didn’t, it is for Kenzo World. I don’t if it really stinks, I just assume it is as bad as the ad.


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