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Lindsay Lohan is the face of
March 20th, 2018 under Ads, Lindsay Lohan. [ Comments: none ]

Lindsay Lohan is as known for her run ins with the law as her acting career, so it make sense that would ask her to be their spokesperson. I guess. At least that is what they were thinking and the company just released their first as with her. Does it make you want to use their service?

I wonder if they are paying her or if they bartered it so that she gets to use their services for free. I think the latter is a more cost effective option for her.


Morgan Freeman gets his freak on!
January 31st, 2018 under Ads, Morgan Freeman. [ Comments: 1 ]

Even though it is not Super Bowl Sunday just yet, companies are releasing their commercials early. Doritos Blaze and MTN DEW ICE just released their ad and it is going to be a fan favorite. It starts out with Peter Dinklage busting out Busta Rhymes part of Chris Brown’s Look at Me Now for Doritos. Then when his solo ended, it was time for Morgan Freeman to get Missy Elliott’s Freak On for Mountain Dew.

Now that you have seen the hot and cold for the Super Bowls ads, are you hot or are you cold? Which makes you wonder why they did not use Katy Perry’s song for the advertisement as a duet? Personally, I would have taken it back to the ’90s with Buster Poindexter’s Hot, Hot, Hot and Vanilla Ice’s Ice, Ice, Ice Baby for the lip sync battle. But that might be too obvious. And I like the rest of Advertising class at University of Miami did not go in to the field, so what do I know. I was just the only one who was told not to go into it.


Danny DeVito asks strangers, ‘Do you want eat to me?’
January 29th, 2018 under Ads, Danny DeVito. [ Comments: 1 ]

Danny DeVito is so lovable that you just want to eat him up. Which is just one of the reasons why his casting as the red M&M is beyond perfect. The other is he is shaped like the candy which is why we love him so much. He just melts in your mouth and not in your hands. Wait! Must stop before I go to a place I can never come back from.

Anyways, this commercial will be seen during this Sunday’s Super Bowl and I think we can all agree this will be on the best advertisements of the night. I mean, I know it brought a huge smile to my face, but then again I have had a crush on him since the first time I saw him as Louie DePalma on Taxi.

Plus, he made all of my sweet dreams come true in the below teaser. I so want to swim in a chocolate pool with him or any one or by myself. Mostly by myself because I don’t want to share all of that gooey chocolate!


Ikea wants you to pee on an ad
January 11th, 2018 under Ads. [ Comments: 1 ]

When I was in college, I majored in advertising and my teachers all told me not to go into it. They said I was too out there. As out there as I was/is, I never ever would have come up with the print ad that Ikea created.

They are asking pregnant women to pee on the ad. What and why? If they are truly pregnant, their pee will reveal a discount on their cribs. Now, I ask how and why did someone think that was a good idea?

Yes, we are talking about it, but is that how you want to remember their latest sale? I am so creeped out, I do not think I can eat their Sweedish Meatballs anytime soon. I will be thinking, what is their special ingredient?

On that note, I feel bad for the cashiers that have to ring up the cribs. Don’t they need to touch the ad in order to ring up the deal? Plus, how are women supposed to just pee in that area. We are not men who can write our names in the snow. Am I right?

And are you questioning if Ikea is in their right minds for actually going through with this advertisement? For the families, I get it. A discount is a discount, but still, ewwww.


These PSAs from LA Metro are ridiculously awful
October 12th, 2017 under Ads. [ Comments: none ]

LA Metro might literally go through Hollywood, but that does not mean they went through Hollywood to create PSAs for them. So many Hollywood types or film students would have loved to come up with ads for the mode of transportation they take when they do not want to deal with LA traffic, but they did not contact any of them.

Instead they went through, I do not know who, and are using these Japanese like ads to get riders to stop eating on the bus, hogging the aisle on the train and taking up more than one seat. They are are so awful that you have to wonder if they are joke. If they are not, then LA Metro should not admit it.

I had an advertising teacher once tell me that my parents did drugs and that was the only explanation. Therefore, you know my advertising ideas were wacky. As wacky as they were, they were not this outrageous.

Now having said that, I also learned that a good ad is one you do not forget. I will not be forgetting these PSAs anytime and I cannot believe I watched them all the way through. Does it make me want to be Super Kind on mass transit? Nope, it makes me want to take my car everywhere I go. In fact, in the 16 years I have lived here, I have never taken the bus or train. That is just the NYer in me.

What do you think of there 3 PSAs that LA Metro paid too much money to produce?


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