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Heinz will release Mayochup if 500,000 people say they want them to
April 13th, 2018 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but I love Fry Sauce which is basically Russian dressing without the relish or in reality ketchup and mayo. Since Fry Sauce is a local delicacy in Colorado and I don’t live there, it is hard to get.

But now, it looks Heinz is going to release something close it. That is if 500,000 people tell them to release Mayochup aka Heinz ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together. All I can do, is I beg you to vote yes on Heinz’s Twitter page because I need it now!


Happy April Fool’s Day!
April 1st, 2018 under Fast Food, SOW Greetings. [ Comments: none ]

Today is my birthday and Burger King was very cruel to me. They announced that they are making a chocolate Whopper, but it is all a mean joke. Even though it sounds divine.

What is in it? The chocolate cake bun covers a flame-grilled chocolate patty drenched with raspberry syrup, topped with white chocolate rings, candied blood oranges, milk chocolate leaves and vanilla frosting. My mouth is so wet now and I want it.

They should release it on a trial bias just to see how it goes. Don’t you agree?


Would you eat fried lobster tail and waffles?
March 27th, 2018 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

We know that fried chicken and waffles surprisingly taste good together. What happens if you swap out the chicken for a lobster tail, would it still be as yummy? That is what Red Lobster is trying to find out with their new Crispy Lobster and Waffles.

Their Cheddar Bay waffles are served with a crispy buttermilk battered split Maine lobster tail and topped with sweet maple syrup and it just sounds so wrong. We know that lobster goes great with butter sauce, but maple syrup? No! That is against nature.

Now having said that, why do I so want to try it? Somehow mixing foods that should not go together actually like that sounds kind of good to me. Then I try it, and I am like there is a reason why no one ever mixed them together like that before now.

Are you going to try it?


Would you drink a Pickle Juice Slush?
March 19th, 2018 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

I love pickles. I prefer sour ones over dill, but I hate bread and butter ones. Sometimes I even drink pickle juice because it helps to get rid of headaches. Nowadays, it is the cool thing to do.

So cool, Sonic will begin selling Pickle Juice Slushies starting in June. I know I am willing to drive 45 minutes to nearest one to try the frozen drink. Especially since Food & Wine described it as, “it’s surprisingly delicious.” They also you can get the syrup added to whatever item you want from the restaurant. I might just try it on ice cream, since I already eat pickles and ice cream all the time.

Are you going to try it or does the idea of it leave you in a pickle?


Why did McDonald’s turn their golden arches upside down?
March 8th, 2018 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

We are used to seeing the McDonald’s golden arches looking like a woman with fake boobs lying down, but today they are looking like a naturally big chested lady standing up without a bra. So why is the M looking like a W? According to Business Insider, it is their way of honoring International Women’s Day. If they really wanted to honor us, they should also change the Big Mac to a Big Ma for the day. They need to name something after, don’t you think?

So ladies, let’s go to McD’s today and have one of their hot fudge sundaes because that is what women crave! Hot thick chocolate on a cold white substance. Yum!


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