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Young & Hungry and Baby Daddy bring the funny, Night Shift brings the drama
June 1st, 2016 under Baby Daddy, Freeform, NBC, Young and Hungry. [ Comments: none ]

Young & Hungry takes flight with a new episode tonight and you don’t want to miss the series’ funniest episode to date. The episode picks up right where it left and Gabi is stuck on the plane with Josh and his psychiatrist. When Gabi sees the two of them together, she assumes the worse and decides not to tell him that she is in love with him. Now she has no alternative but to go to Australia because she doesn’t have enough miles or cash to fly back to San Fransisco.
She calls Sofia from the plane and tells her everything that happened. Adam (Tyler Ritter) overhears the conversation and makes Gabi an offer she can’t refuse. His fiancee left him at the alter and he is on his way to his honeymoon in Hawaii. The hotel where he is staying is couples only. If Gabi pretends to be his wife during the stay, he will buy her a ticket back to San Fran. Of course she says yes! Will this fake couple become a real one?
Also staying at this couples only hotel is Elliot (Rex Lee), his husband Alan (Brian Safi) and Yolanda (Kym Whitley). When they find out the hotel’s policy, they pretend to all be a couple. The hotel is trying to bring in that demographic, so they give them three nights free if they can use them to promote the hotel. Will they get away with it?
So much more happens in this episode that you don’t want to miss. Plus is a laugh riot and who doesn’t need to laugh?

Then at 8:30p, Baby Daddy is back and they make a strong case to watch it. The episode starts off shortly after where it left off.
Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) is dealing with Zoey’s baby daddy coming back in to her life and her dumping him for her former boyfriend. Something that will lead to both men going to jail.
But it is Danny (Derek Theler) who will wind up in court. Riley (Chelsea Kane) is suing him for not telling her that he slept with Sam when they were in high school.
Will the Wheeler brothers get their women back or will their mom (Melissa Peterman) be the only woman in their life? Tune in for another episode that will have you laughing from the beginning until the end.

Then at 10p, The Night Shift is back on NBC with an intense two parter.
The episode starts off with a man looking for his young son that he says his wife brought in. When the hospital doesn’t have any record of the boy, they realize the mother was brought unconscious and the boy is missing. Now they have to find him before it is too late. Then when they do, there will be a reveal you will never ever see coming.
They were not the only ones in the accident, a Lesbian couple, who were fighting at the time, were also injured. One woman is OK, but the other one is not looking like she is going to survive. Doctors finally diagnose what is wrong with her and it has nothing to do with the accident. Can they save her?
Dr. Drew Alister (Brendan Fehr) is stationed over in Afghanistan when a very young pregnant woman comes in with complications. Her husband is an Afghan soldier and he refuses for her to be looked at by them. Dr. Syd Jennings (Jennifer Beals) tries to convince Drew to release her, but it doesn’t work. Now the two of them are in trouble with not only the Afghan military, but their own. What are their consequences?
Then when all of this is resolved next week, the following week’s episode is very powerful. When a White man, who is on trial for killing a Black man, comes in for treatment, the hospital is plagued by protestors. The whole city is filled with riots and several of our doctors will take it to the streets trying to help the injured. An injured White office shot a Black teen and now they have to decide who will go to the hospital first. After they decide, the remaining victim and the doctors will be trapped with no help in sight. Can they save that life and more importantly their own. It is a must not miss episode.
Actually all of The Night Shift episodes are must not miss, so watch it tonight and every Wednesday this summer.


Young & Hungry cooks up a 4th season!
March 7th, 2016 under Freeform, Young and Hungry. [ Comments: none ]

Back in January, ABC Family changed its name to Freeform and today they renewed their first show under the new title. That show is the hysterical Young & Hungry. That means not only do we get another season chock full of laughs, but another one of will they or won’t they. Although, part me wants Josh and Gabi to work out already because they are so perfect for each other. But then again it is fun to see them get together, break up, date other people and then do it all over again.
Now that they picked up this sitcom for another, when are they going to do the same with Baby Daddy? I am so happy that these Wednesday night shows were finally paired up together because it is the perfect meal for hump day!


Aimee Carrero on Young & Hungry and being the first Disney Latina Princess
March 2nd, 2016 under Freeform, Young and Hungry. [ Comments: none ]

Aimee Carrero plays Sofia on Freeform’s Young & Hungry every Wednesday at 8p. Her character is a strong woman, who has her stuff together, and the actress is just the same in person. OK, well maybe Sofia is looking for a job and she just started dating her roommate’s ex, but other than that, she has her stuff together.
I recently visited the set of the scrumptious sitcom and I got to talk to her about it. Her character deals a lot with her roommate Gabi (Emily Osment), and she described their relationship as “I always say that, ‘Sophia is like the Ricky and Ethel to Gabi’s Lucy.'” Later on she added, “Sofia, sort of, brings to Gabi, a feeling of home, a feeling of centeredness and being grounded. And Gabi sort of pushes Sofia to be a little more romantic and a little more of an idealist.”
How does she describe her character? She told me, “She is definitely the realist. She is also not afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to the plot and stuff like that it. It Is really fun to play Sofia and it is fun to play a character that is genuinely happy with who she is and comfortable in her own skin. That is really refreshing I think.” It is and it is empowering to the little girls who watch it every week.
She also likes that Sofia and Gabi, “do a lot to advance the role of women because the core audience is teenage girls. If we can show two women who are living alone and not crying about a boy or their bodies all the time, it is really great. It is just what we need and I am really proud of that.”
She is also proud that she will be playing Princess Elena of Avalor, Disney’s first Latina Princess. The Disney Junior animated show will spin off of the very popular Sofia the First later this year, and her character is described as “a confident and compassionate teenager in an enchanted fairytale kingdom inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore.” This means a lot to her as she shared with me, “One thing that really struck me is their commitment to making a great story. They do a great job of representing a lot of the Latin cultures because there are so many nuances in every country and every city. They do a good job of spreading it around evenly.”
What is it like to be the first Disney Latina Princess? Carrero said, “It is a huge responsibility, in a way you can’t process it all the time because I wouldn’t be able to do the job.” She does the job and it means a lot to her. She revealed that, “I think back to when I was growing up and watching these movies, I thought, I couldn’t see myself or my own story represented.” Then she added, “I am hoping that this will be a wonderful way for a new generation of boys and girls to, you know… If we can inspire a little bit of tolerance and a little bit of interest in something that is different than what somebody knows, I think they have succeeded.” If it is anything like Sofia the First, then they will be making a huge difference. I see it my 2 year old niece’s eyes every time she watches it and I can’t wait for her and all the little boys and girls to watch Princess Elena of Avalor. A show that will truly be making a difference and I can’t think of a better actress to voice that than Aimee Carrero.
Tune in to Freeform tonight at 8p to see her on Young & Hungry and later this year on Disney Junior’s Princess Elena of Avalor.


BTWF roles: Emily Osment on Friends
February 18th, 2016 under Before They Were Famous, Young and Hungry. [ Comments: none ]

Before Emily Osment was Young & Hungry, she was left young & hungry on Friends when Rachel ran out of candy on Halloween. How precious was the 9 year old in that 2001 episode?


BTWF ads: Emily Osment for McDonald’s
February 10th, 2016 under Before They Were Famous, Fast Food, Young and Hungry. [ Comments: none ]

Emily Osment 1998 Happy Meal ad. Age 6

Before Emily Osment was a Chef on Young & Hungry, McDonald’s prepared a Happy Meal for her. How awwwwwwdorable was the 6 year old in that 1998 commercial?


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