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Is Kim Cattrall really 61?
August 22nd, 2017 under Are they really their age?. [ Comments: 2 ]

Yesterday was Kim Cattrall’s 61st birthday, but you would never it know looking at this makeup free Selfie that she took in bed on her special day? She looks even sexier now than she did when she was playing Samantha the Temptress on Sex and the City. Her skin is absolutely flawless.


Is Angie Harmon really 45?
August 11th, 2017 under Angie Harmon, Are they really their age?. [ Comments: 1 ]

Yesterday was Angie Harmon’s 45th birthday and she shared a photo wearing just a little more than her birthday suit. Can you believe she is the mom of three kids because her long lean body makes you think otherwise. She has the body women their 20s wish they had and she is twice their age. I want to know her secret!


Is Trevor Donovan really 38 years old?
July 28th, 2017 under Are they really their age?, Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place. [ Comments: none ]

Trevor Donovan shared a photo of himself wearing just a white Speedo and he has me saying 9021-OMG! Who knew all of that muscle was under his clothes. Now we know why his Ken Doll movie never got made, it is because his body is too anatomically correct.


Does Vanna White ever age?
July 28th, 2017 under Are they really their age?, Game Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Vanna White is beginning her 35th season, yes 35th, of Wheel of Fortune, and yet the 60-year-old looks even more gorgeous now than she did in 1982. I need to know what her secret is? If it is turning letters around, than give me some letters ASAP because she looks like she won the grand prize of ageing.


Is Heather Graham really 47 years old?
July 25th, 2017 under Are they really their age?, Heather Graham. [ Comments: none ]

Heather Graham shared a full body Selfie of herself in a bikini and she looks even better now in that little amount of fabric than she did when she was in Boogie Nights 20 years ago. Showing all the ladies and gentlemen in the world that women do get better with age. She might have starred in From Hell, but she has a bod from heaven!


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