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Maze-cenrtric Lucifer, The Gifted runaways and The Good Doctor kisses and tells
October 16th, 2017 under ABC, Fox, Marvel Comics. [ Comments: none ]

I love Lucifer (Tom Ellis) but tonight at 8p on Fox, the episode is mostly about his even more devilish ally Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). I do not what took them three seasons to do this, but good things come to those who wait.

Maze is working as a Bounty Hunter and she has to cross over to Canada to catch her guy. Ben Rivers (Chris McKenna) is a very charming murderer, who uses his looks and appeal to get his women. Since she is Maze, she will do a lot illegal things to capture him. Once she does, she sees herself in him. There is a reason why and that reason might be the end of them. Will it be?

Seriously, this episode is so much fun that I could honestly see them spinning off Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith as a series. Whether you watch the show (which you should) or not, you will enjoy tonight’s show.

Tonight at 9p on Fox, we learn even more about the Mutants on The Gifted.

Blink (Jamie Chung) is still dealing with the after effects of overusing her powers in the pilot. One the drawbacks is that she can no longer create portals. Thunderbird (Blair Redford) and Dreamer (Elena Satine) are going to work with her to help her regain her power.

Something they are going to need sooner rather than later. That’s because the Struckers (Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White) ran away in order to rescue their patriarch (Stephen Moyer). They will go to Reed’s brother, who’s son accidentally reveals that they are staying with him. That is when a bunch of locals try to take them in. Thankfully, some of the Gifted come to rescue the Strukers at that very moment. Now they are on the run and need their Mutant abilities to save them.

When it comes to Reed (Boyer), he has been recruited to bring in Mutants in order to save his family. Now that he knows his kids are both Mutants, will that cause the District Attorney to change his outlook on them?

It is another adrenaline ride of episode and that is why people are loving this Marvel Comics show.

Finally at 10p but over on ABC, it is time for The Good Doctor. A medical drama so good, people cannot stop kissing and telling about it. Which is something we are going to learn about Dr Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) tonight.

Dr Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) is assigned a pregnant patient, whose fetus has a tumor that is blocking its flow of blood. The parents-to-be came to Melendez because they know he has done the surgery that can save their baby. The surgeon thinks it is too risky for the mother, but Murphy comes up with a different way. Much to the dislike of his attending.

Therefore, Melendez sends him and fellow Resident Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) down to deal with another case. An 18-year-old woman who has a boil insider of her vagina. Turns out it is not a boil, but a lesion and they have to operate. Also turns out this teen has an interesting job. One that will tell us more about Dr Murphy’s love life. He almost kissed a girl once and we will see that tonight.

There is a reason why The Good Doctor is TV #1 new show. It is because it is that good. Even if you missed the first three episodes, you can catch up on them after you watch tonight’s episode. You will be as hooked as the millions of people who are already loving this medical drama.


The Gifted is proving to be a real gift!
October 9th, 2017 under Marvel Comics. [ Comments: none ]

You know how some action shows have amazing first episodes and then go down hill from there? Not The Gifted. Tonight’s episode at 9p on Fox is even better than the series premiere.

The episode picks up with the Mutants having gone through the portal to their new location and Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) being stuck in the old one all by himself. While he has to deal with the police taking him away, The Mutants have to deal with Blink (Jamie Chung) suffering from the side effects of keeping the portal open for so long. She is passed out and going into shock, which is causing her power to malfunction and spontaneously open up portals. Exposing where the Mutants are hiding out to strangers in the outside world. Together they are trying to come up with a way to cure her and close the portals before they are found. Both are easier said than done.

Then there is Polaris (Emma Dumont) who is coming to grips with her new life in prison. We see how they keep her powers under control while she is in there. Making her weak to the normal people alongside her and they know it. Let’s just say they are not a fan of mutants in there.

While we see how prisoners feel about Mutants, we also get to learn how normal people outside of maximum security feel towards them and why our Mutants are enemy #1.

While the pilot explained their abilities, tonight’s show explains the life of a Mutant in our World. That and what happens when you overuse your ability. While the consequences might be bad for the latter, they are amazing for us. Like I said, this show does not disappoint and will quickly become one of your must watch shows of the week.


Lucifer and The Gifted are our gift! 9JKL is throwback to funny comedies!
October 2nd, 2017 under CBS, Fox, Marvel Comics. [ Comments: none ]

Lucifer is back on Fox tonight at 8p and so are his wings. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) wakes up alone in a desert after being kidnapped and now he needs a way back to Los Angeles. Once he gets there, he goes to see Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and she did not even know he was missing. Turns out he is was not the only one who was kidnapped, but he was the one who survived. Now they have to investigate the other victim’s murder.

Meanwhile, Lucy and his brother, Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside), have a heart to heart about who is their father’s aka Gd’s favorite son. This will make things awkward for them and they don’t have mom to bring peace between them since she is in her own universe.

Back to the force, there is a new sheriff in town aka lieutenant and his name is Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling). He does seem to like Decker, Lucifer or Detective Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and you can tell he is going to give the three of them trouble.

Oh and did I mention that Lucy finally decides to show his true face to Decker?

I seriously cannot express how much I love this show. It is one of the very few shows I must watch live because I cannot wait to for each new episode. It has everything you desire!

Then at 9p, The Gifted, based on the Marvel comic, debuts and it will quickly become one of your favorite shows. In the world of The Gifted, there are people who are just people and people who are mutants who have powers. Those abilities cause them to be on the run because the government wants to lock them up and throw the key.

They have abilities like Blink (Jamie Chung) who can transport herself by opening a whole in the air. Polaris (Emma Dumont) who can control magnets. Eclipse (Sean Teale) who can manipulate protons. Because of their abilities, they have a knack of running from the law and protecting their own kind.

Something the Strucker family is going to need. Reed (Stephen Moyer) the patriarch is a district attorney who puts the mutants away. He is going to be confronted with the fact that his son and daughter are just like the people he locks up. Andy (Percy Hynes White) can bend metal. When he is confronted by the school bullies, he loses it and exposes himself in a Carrie at the prom type of scenario. His sister, Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) can control air and water to protect herself and uses that get her brother out of the school. When they get home, they finally tell their mom (Amy Acker) the truth. Just as they do, the cops come knocking on their door. Instead of turning them in, she flees with her family. Now they are run from the law and the other mutants team up with them.

Remember how good Heroes was its first season, this is very comparable. It is suspenseful and full of action. It is a perfect fit with Lucifer and because of that Fox has a very strong Monday night. Stronger than the mutants.

Then over at 8:30p on CBS, Mark Feuerstein’s real life comes to on 9JKL. Back when he got the job on his last show Royal Pains, he moved back to NYC and lived in between his parents and brother. His family did not have boundaries then and they are not going to have them now.

His mother (Linda Lavin) and his father (Elliott Gould) love having their son home. So much so they are not going to leave him alone. They will be there when he wakes up, comes home and basically anytime he is in the apartment. His brother (David Walton) and sister-in-law (Liza Lapira), who live on the other side of him, are just as bad. Good thing have a cute baby because so he cannot remain mad at them.

In fact, he cannot remain mad at any of them because afterall they are family and family is always there for you. But they sure as hell can be annoying as hell. And for us, as funny as hell. I can see this being my family which is why I live 3,000 miles away from them. It is that relatable factor that will have you enjoying this show and laughing with them. That and it is truly hilarious.


Oh the Inhumansity, plus Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars and Z Nation is back!
September 29th, 2017 under Gordon Ramsay, Marvel Comics, Syfy. [ Comments: none ]

I am sure you have heard that Marvel’s Inhumans on ABC is awful, and you heard right. When you think of shows based on comic books, you think of them to have a some what of a fun feel and even maybe a little simple. If you know what I mean? Marvel’s Inhuman’s is so pretentious that it makes you want to fall asleep. That and you want the King to open his mouth and kill everyone with his powerful voice. It would be a mercy killing for anyone who decides to watch this boring show that makes superheroes, super zeroes.

On Attilan, there are 2 groups of people, ones with powers and ones without. King Black Bolt (Anson Mount) voice is so powerful, it kill people. Therefore, he does not speak. His brother, Maximus (Iwan Rheon), has no powers and he wants to be King. He decides that is time for the powerless people to be in power. Therefore, he organizes a coup.

Just as Maximus is about to imprison his brother, his sister-in-law Medusa (Serinda Swan) and Medusa’s sister Crystal (Isabelle Cornish), Crystal’s dog Lockjaw transports them all to different parts of Hawaii and now they have to find each other in this strange land. Once they are reunited, they will need to go back to Attilan and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

You know those pompous shows about the Bible that they think they are better than the average viewer? Well that is Inhumans. It is so pompous that you will be bored by the first half hour. I will say something positive about it, Lockjaw needs his own spinoff. Now that is a show I would watch and suggest that you watch too unlike this one.

Then over on Fox at 8p, Hell’s Kitchen is back as are several of the past contestants. That is because this season, it is All Stars one. The contestants vying to work for Gordon Ramsay’s latest restaurant are Giovanni Filippone and Benjamin Walanka from season 5, Vincent Hurd from season 6, Benjamin Knack from season 7, Elise Harris and Jennifer Normant from season 9, Robyn Almodovar, Dana Cohen and Barbie Marshall from season 10, Nicholas Peters Bond, Milly Medley, Michelle Tribble and Joshua Trovato from season 14, and Jared Bobkin, Ashley Nickell and Amanda Palomino from season 15.

Does having been a contestant on the show beforehand, make it easier or harder for them? Just because they know what is coming, does not mean they are prepared for it? Plus, they are not as young as they used to be and that is going to make things very difficult for at least one contestant. Also have the contestants learned from the past experience that being the team a$$hole is a bad thing? If they did, then what fun would that be.

In fact, it is gets so good, that I am pissed that Fox only sent out the first two episodes to review because the third looks like it is going to be so bad that it will be great!

Over on Syfy at 9p, it is time for Z Nation. The episode starts off with Warren (Kellita Smith) waking up from a coma, 2 years after the season finale. The only person from her past that is there is Murphy (Keith Allan) and he has been cured. His blood has also cured everyone in the dream place that they are living in called Zona. There are no Zombies and it seems like the perfect place to live forever, but how long can anything remain perfect when you are living during a Zombie apocalypse?

What about Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), 10K (Nat Zang) and Red (Natalie Jongjaroenlarp)? Murphy thinks they are dead, but they are still fighting Zombies that are evolving into something harder to kill. Then there is Lucy (Cora M. Abdallah), everyone is looking for her, but will they be able to find her? How old is she now? You will just have to watch to see! That and a happy Murphy! Who would have thought that was possible?

I will be honest, I gave up the show last season because I did not like where it was going. When Syfy sent out the first four episodes for season 4, I said I would give it try. The show is back and as good as it was the first two seasons. Thus, I am glad I did. Z Nation is back from the dead, just like a…Zombie!


The Inhumans found a way to deal with Medusa’s bad wig
August 29th, 2017 under Marvel Comics. [ Comments: 1 ]

As we know Medusa gets her strength from her hair, but how do you show it on a weekly show like Marvel’s The Inhumans? A CGIed wig. But even today’s technology could not make it look realistic. What to do? Shave her head of course and make a bad show even worse.

Out of all of the pilots I watched for the Fall season; this one was so awful I had no idea what was going on so I shut it off midway through with no intentions of going back to it. I might have liked it a little more had I not watched The Gifted earlier in the day. Fox did a much better job with a Marvel show than ABC is doing.


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