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Kiefer Sutrherland gets the Touch tonight
April 5th, 2012 under Fox, Kiefer Sutherland. [ Comments: none ]

Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) has been helping his son Touch people and make their lives better, well tonight on Fox at 9p it is his time to get touched. Martin finds out that his wife remains cannot be identified among those who perished on 9/11. Distraught over the news, he takes his son to his wife’s grave and finds a stranger mourning over her gravestone. He goes to ask him why the man why is there, but Jake runs to follow his kite that ran away and the unknown person is gone. Martin and his son are walking around and find the kite on a fire escape and decide to go the apartment owner’s door to ask for it back. The man from the cemetery is there and he finds out that they have a connection that neither one knew about until that moment. What that mystery man will reveal will give Martin something that will him bitter sweet joy.
Tune in for another touching episode Touch tonight.


Feel the powerful and exciting Touch tonight
March 22nd, 2012 under Fox, Kiefer Sutherland. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p Touch makes its official debut on Fox and you are not going to want to miss this feel good drama.
Tonight’s episode is like the special event episode as in Jake gives his dad Martin (Kiefer Sutherland) a clue that will lead him somewhere and he has to follow it. Only problem is he is given that number as his special son is being taken away by child services. So now he is on his own to solve the mystery. As he works solo, his touch will touch someone who will touch another person and somehow they will all connect until we find out at the end of the episode how they are all connected.
In the upcoming weeks, other people we got to meet in the first episode will also be touching others and bringing them together. Also Martin will get some clues about his late wife and meet people from her past. Those reveals are some of the most touching on the show.
Touch is one of those shows that comes once every few seasons. It is the show that we will talk about after we watch in amazement as each episode unfolds. t is rare to have a show be as good as this one, so you have to watch so we can let these network heads know we want enjoyable smart programming on our airwaves.


Bones touches Mondays while Keifer Sutherland will Touch Thursdays
February 28th, 2012 under Kiefer Sutherland. [ Comments: none ]

Fox announced yesterday that Touch will be airing on Thursdays after American Idol starting on March 22nd instead of Mondays. By getting that timeslot, that means that Bones will move to Mondays at 8p and House will afterwards starting on April 2nd. While it is nice to have Bones and House together, I wish Bones still had its Thursday timeslot because it is a good show that needs the Idol lead in. I guess Fox’s reasoning is neither Terra Nova nor Alcatraz did well on Mondays and they have so much invested in Keifer Sutherland’s show they want to make sure it is success.


This show will really Touch you!
January 25th, 2012 under Fox, Kiefer Sutherland. [ Comments: none ]

It is very rare that you will watch a pilot that is so engaging that it will Touch you in ways you never have been before, and that is exactly what Fox’s Touch will do to you during a special preview at 9p tonight. Touch is unlike any show that you have ever seen before and I have a feeling that we will start to see copycats after it kicks major a$$ in the ratings.
Kiefer Sutherland plays a widowed father to a ten year old boy who hasn’t ever spoken a word in his entire life. Now all of a sudden he is climbing a tower at 3:18p once a week and it is unknown why. Sutherland starts to realize that isn’t the only thing his son does with the number 318 and that number will have a connection to something huge. A connection that will be felt around the world. And just like the world is round, there will be a circle of people that will touch at least one of the other people in it to change something major, all because of a little boy.
With that you have a series that you will have to guessing why one boy can see why certain people will need to connect with each other. Even though he knows what needs to happen, he cannot express it way you and I understand so his dad will have to do it for us. A task that is easier said than done.
Tune in for a show that will touch you in a way you have never been touched before. I can’t express the feelings you will have after watching, but once you watch the episode tonight you will understand what I mean. It will just leave with you a lot of emotions and amazement and something undescribable.


On day 24 of Christmas, Jack Bauer goes boom!
December 19th, 2011 under Kiefer Sutherland. [ Comments: none ]

Just when you thought there was nothing that could stop Jack Bauer, we are seeing that there is something Jack Bauer can’t save. That one thing is stopping Kiefer Sutherland from destroying Christmas by knocking over a beautiful Christmas tree. Good thing he already has a new show coming to Fox (Touch) in January because I am not sure how many people will want to see the 24 the Christmas Movie.
Wow sometimes I go off on a such tangent, even I don’t understand what I just wrote. But the main point of this post is that I really love Kiefer’s Christmas Card and it is my favorite celebrity one thus far! Don’t you wish you were getting that Seasons Greetings in your mail today?


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