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Law & Order: SVU turns 400 tonight
February 8th, 2017 under Dick Wolf. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p, Law & Order: SVU is reaching a milestone that only a handful of shows have done. It is airing its 400th episode. The show that premiered on September 20, 1999 is in its 18th season and does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it needs just 57 more episodes and 2 more seasons to top it predecessor Law & Order and I think it will be able to do it and keep going way past that.
But will its original star Mariska Hargitay be around for episode 401? Tonight’s monumental show deals with Detective Benson being surrounded by people who are retiring and are happy that they did it. Will hearing their experiences make her decide to quit the SVU unit? You will have to tune in for another great episode that proves why this police procedural is 400 episode in and still going strong. Maybe even stronger than ever.


Bones is back for its end, can Chicago PD save some from Chicago Fire?
January 3rd, 2017 under Bones, Dick Wolf. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p, Bones is back for its final season and it picks up where it left off in the season finale.
Bones (Emily Deschanel) has been kidnapped by Zack (Eric Millegan) and we find out why he did it. Booth (David Boreanaz) and the team will do anything and everything to get back. Just when they do, they will learn his motives. But will it be enough to convince them to save him. There will be a lot of twists and turns throughout the episode that just when you think you figured it out, you didn’t. Which is why I will be sad to see this show go.
In the coming weeks they visit an Assisted Living home with guests stars Ed Asner, Hal Holbrook and June Squibb. It’s humor that makes this drama so special.

Also at 9p but over on NBC, it is time for a Chicago Fire and Chicago PD crossover. Severide (Taylor Kinney) is set to be bone marrow donor. Then when she is too weak to get it, it sends him into a downward spiral. He goes to a bar, gets drunk and takes his car for a drive.
Hours after he doesn’t show up for a work, his smashed up car is discovered at a hit and run. A woman and her 10 year old are injured and it doesn’t look like the latter will survive.
Cops rush to Severide’s house to find out what happened. He has a bump on his head and doesn’t remember anything. They have no choice but to take him in.
Since he doesn’t remember anything, they will do all in the power to prove his innocence. But what if he is guilty? No matter what they do, it looks like Severide did it. Now he could face murder charges because the 10 year old child passed away.
There is nothing his brothers can do, but watch him be sent off to jail. Is that it for him? You will just have to tune in to find out on this episode will have you on the edge of the seat from the beginning until the end.


Get the tissues ready for This Is Us’ fall finale and Chicago Fire turns 100
December 6th, 2016 under Dick Wolf, NBC, This Is Us. [ Comments: none ]

As we know, This Is Us is television’s most emotional show and tonight’s Fall finale at 9p on NBC is as amazing as the series premiere.
Young Rebecca (Mandy Moore) assures her kids that nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve. Then of the triplets gets sick and they make run to the emergency room. It is there we learn that Kate needs to get her appendix out and they run into Dr. Nathan Katowsky (Gerald McCraney). He is the doctor that delivered the triplets and help convince then to adopt Randall. He is not there as a doctor but as a patient and his prognosis is not looking good. While Kate is in the operating room, they stay by his side because nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve.
Talking about Kate (Chrissy Metz), she meets with a doctor, with her mom, to learn more about gastric bypass surgery. We learn a little more about how her weight has affected her.
She isn’t the only one that we learn about, we also learn about Randall’s biological dad, William (Ron Cephas Jones). He has a secret that none of us saw coming.
All of this will lead to a cliffhanger that will make you say January 10th can’t come soon enough. It is that, well have the tissues ready.

Then at 10p, Chicago Fire turns 100. That’s right it is time for their 100th episode. Just when it looked like Dick Wolf’s show were over at NBC, not only did Law & Order: SVU survive and thrive, we got Chicago Fire. It is so hot that it got not one, not two but three spinoffs. Just take that in. Dick Wolf now had 5 shows on the network.
Why because there is something for everyone to enjoy and keep tuning in for every week.
This week we watch as Molly’s turns 100 years old and the cursed bar has a history that might cause its doors to close forever. It isn’t all bad news, something wonderful happens that will bring a huge smile to your face. Just like when you think of the show in general.


Law & Order: SVU’s Donald Trump episode no longer has an airdate
November 9th, 2016 under Dick Wolf. [ Comments: none ]

Law & Order: SVU did a Donald Trump episode that was supposed to air before the election, but then they postponed it until next week. Now that he is the President Elect, they have elected not to air the episode for the time being.
So let me get this right, they gave us him and now that won’t give us this episode.
F*ckers. Grow a pair and air it. Who is voting with me?


Law & Order: SVU wimps out on their Donald Trump episode
October 15th, 2016 under Dick Wolf, Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

This upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU might be called Unstoppable, but someone is stopping the episode, loosely based on Donald Trump, from airing on the 26th as planned. According to Variety, the episode will now air sometime after election. The trade mag says the reason for the delay is because of all the women coming forward claiming sexual assault by the Presidential candidate. I don’t know about you, but to me that is even more reason why they should air it way before November 28th, like at least 21 days beforehand.


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