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Who knew Bryan Cranston has such sexy legs?
October 18th, 2017 under Bryan Cranston. [ Comments: none ]

Bryan Cranston did a photoshoot for Esquire and he posed without his pants. Which was a very good thing because the 61-year-old has nice gams. Who knew that there is nothing breaking bad about them. I know, I want to be the Malcolm in the middle of those legs. I do not know what that means either.


Bryan Cranston’s epic sex story on a train in the Alps
October 13th, 2017 under Bryan Cranston, Graham Norton. [ Comments: none ]

When Bryan Cranston and his wife went on their honeymoon in Europe, their travel agent told them to take a train through the Alps to get from Switzerland to Italy. The agent explained to them that on their route, there are three tunnels. The first is one is 5 minutes, the second one is about 10 and the third one goes on for 50, wink, wink. The actor told Graham Norton on his BBC show that he knew what he meant, join the tunnel high club.

The newlyweds get on the train and they are excited for their journey. They get through the first tunnel and the sexual tension is building. Then the next one comes upon and they are emotionally getting ready. Finally it is time for his train to enter her tunnel. They strip off, thinking time is on their side because the darkness is making it hard on his hard on to find her, but it is not. That tunnel was not 50 minutes, but only 15. Just as they started, the train pulls into a station. That is when his new wife wanted him to pull out of her station because there were three Italian couples watching their love making.

I guess that is the perfect way to start marriage because 29 years later, they are still going strong. And not having sex on trains. At least I am assuming they are not after that!


Bryan Cranston and James Corden kiss for a little too long!
January 13th, 2017 under Bryan Cranston, James Corden. [ Comments: none ]

Bryan Cranston and his wife have been married for 27 years and yesterday the Breaking Bad star talked about how their relationship became something more on The Late Late Show.
The two met on the show Airwolf and remained friends and acting classmates for years after they met. Then one day, he gave her a kiss that went on too long. James Corden didn’t understand what that meant, so they acted it out. The kiss that lasted too long, made a lasting impression on them both. So much so, I am not sure if Cranston’s marriage will make it to their 28th.


It’s Bryan Cranston’s party and he’ll cry if he wants to!
May 21st, 2016 under Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Believe it or not Bryan Cranston is 60 years old and he wants to have a Super Sweet 60!
Since he still lives with his parents, they offered to help him out. But they don’t want him to go over budget. Which is understandable because along with his party planner Jimmy and Guillermo they are going to spend, spend and spend some more.
Once everything is in place it is time for the Lion King of all parties! A Super Sweet 60 no one forget, although some people don’t want to remember it.
In all seriousness, it is nice to see Jimmy Kimmel Live get back to the viral video roots. If you think about it, he is the one that made late night go viral. He just got overshadowed by the other Jimmy and James.
Back to this Jimmy, I wonder if that is his real hairline? What do you think?


Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston take a bubble bath together
February 20th, 2016 under Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Fallon, Taking a bath. [ Comments: none ]

Bryan Cranston was on The Tonight Show yesterday and he talked about his movie Trumbo. In the Oscar nominated film, his character takes hour long baths on a daily basis and that gave Jimmy Fallon an idea. Instead of finishing the interview behind the desk, he suggested they take a bubble bath together. With that, the NBC late night staff brought a tub full of bubbles and in they went.
What happens next is the most awkward bathing time between two men on late night television since Conan O’Brien and Ricky Gervais did it on his show 3 years ago. And I was there to witness that one in person. My poor eyes!


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