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Michael Weatherly prepares to weather the day!
February 9th, 2016 under Michael Weatherly. [ Comments: none ]

Ever wonder what Michael Weatherly looks like in bed? Now you know, and I would like to wake up next to that every day.
Instead I fall asleep every night watching him on NCIS. I am mentally preparing that there are just few more Tuesdays at 8p that I will get to spend with DiNozzo on the CBS procedural.
On that note, can you believe they started taping their 300th episode today? Even though they have reached their 300 episode milestone, it is still the #1 drama on television. That is quite an accomplishment.


BTWF roles: Michael Weatherly on The Cosby Show
January 5th, 2016 under Before They Were Famous, Michael Weatherly. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Weatherly in Cosby Show With Sound

Michael Weatherly’s erste Rolle in der Cosby Show

Before Michael Weatherly was an NCIS agent, he was a college student on The Cosby Show. How cute was the 22 year old in that 1991 episode?


Michael Weatherly is 13 and done with NCIS
January 5th, 2016 under Michael Weatherly. [ Comments: 1 ]

Michael Weatherly announced today that this will be his last season on NCIS after 13 lucky years. He Tweeted, “DiNozzo is a wonderful, quixotic character & I couldn’t have had more fun playing him over the past 13 seasons. Les Moonves & CBS gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I will miss the amazing crew & cast, who are like family to me, & to the fans all over the world – THANK YOU, it’s been a fantastic ride!”
We will miss him too because DiNozzo is the heart of the show.
Personally, I thought that Mark Harmon would leave the show before him. Are you as surprised as I am that he is departing TV’s #1 drama?


Michael Weatherly’s is sunny side up!
August 13th, 2015 under CBS, Michael Weatherly. [ Comments: none ]

NCIS is one of those shows where the male actors don’t have to take off their shirts, which is a shame after looking at this photo of Michael Weatherly. Seriously wouldn’t you like to see DiNozzo topless on the #1 show more often? I know I would and you don’t have to slap the back of my head for me to see that.


Oh no, Michael Weatherly dropped a baby!
March 10th, 2015 under CBS, Michael Weatherly. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Weatherly was so happy that William Shatner Tweeted him that the NCIS star shared a photo of Liam, his son and future Captain Kirk fan, with the legend. Then Dinozzo followed it up with the above photo and said, “He survived this work related mishap and lived to smile another day.” So did he drop his son? Nope, the baby is as real as the one in American Sniper.
Where is Gibbs to slap Weatherly on the back of the head when you really need him to? Hopefully, he will do it on the naval drama tonight at 8p on CBS.


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