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Is Bella Thorne pretty in pink hair?
June 16th, 2017 under Bella Thorne. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen Bella Thorne as a blonde, brunette, red head, jet black head, blue head and now she has bright pink hair. How does she look? Let’s just say, I am not tickled pink by it.

To me, she is the new Rihanna. As in a naturally beautiful woman who does everything in her power to make herself less pretty and wears clothes that leaves nothing to the imagination. Something I do not get, but it is something they do.


You don’t have to be famous to love Famous In Love!
April 18th, 2017 under Bella Thorne, Freeform. [ Comments: none ]

Paige (Bella Thorne) is a college student, who dreams of some day of being an actress. Her friend Cassandra (Georgie Flores) has the same dream. Therefore, when she hears that they are having open call auditions for the movie based hottest book series out there, Cass convinces her roommate to go with her and try out. The two girls audition but only Paige gets a call back. Not only does she get a call back, she gets the role. Now this simple girl, who has never acted before, is being thrust into to spotlight on Famous In Love tonight at 9p on Freeform. She is not prepared for everything that comes with it.

Paige’s co-star is Rainer (Carter Jenkins) and the 21 year old had a drinking problem. He is fresh out of rehab and he’s still getting over the fact that his best friend and girlfriend hooked up. To make matters worse for him, Jordan (Keith Powers) and Tangey (Pepi Sonuga) have also been cast in the film and they still have feelings for each other. They don’t want to act on it because of Rainer, but since they both have mother issues, they can’t help but fight this feeling. Rainer also has mommy issues, to go with the BFF and GF issues.

Rainer also has feelings for Paige, but she has been crushing on her other roommate Jake (Charlie DePew), who is an aspiring screenwriter. He also has feelings for her, but neither one has told the other one how they feel.

While Paige is getting interest from her co-star, Jake is getting it from her now rival Alexis (Niki Koss). Alexis, is an established actress, who was also up for Paige’s role. She didn’t get it and now she hates Paige. When Alexis meets Jake, she finds out about his screenplay and gives it to a producer to read. The producer loves it so much, he want to turn it into a movie.

Everything seems to be working out for all of them, but not everything is as it seems. One has a murderous past, one is about to find out who their real father is, one of them will be fired from the film, one of them works as a topless maid on the side and one of them has been lying to everyone about their sexuality.

If that doesn’t get you to watch, then how about an amazing season finale episode filled with sex, lies, a murder and a question finally being asked to wrap it all up. See don’t you want to watch it tonight and binge the rest of the season starting tomorrow on the Freeform app? I thought you would!

Famous In Love is what guilty pleasures are all about, so tune in for your latest addiction!


Bella Thorne does an A Christmas Story
March 27th, 2017 under Bella Thorne. [ Comments: 1 ]

The most memorable scene in A Christmas Story is when Flick accepts his triple dog dare to stick his tongue on to a pole and it gets stuck. Ever since then you have been tempted to do it to see if it would really happen, but something always stops you. While that is us, that is not Bella Thorne. She saw a pole on a freezing cold day in Winnipeg and tried it out. How did it go? As well at it when for Flick.

I guess we know where she is going to be doing press for Famous in Love, that debuts on April 18th, from that pole in Winnipeg. BTW I have seen 6 episodes of the Freeform drama and I am so loving it.


How long until Bella Thorne loses all of her hair?
January 17th, 2017 under Bella Thorne. [ Comments: 2 ]

In the last few months, it is like Bella Thorne’s hair has been dyed every color of the rainbow, so you have to wonder how long until it all falls out. All of that coloring is not good for it, especially if she is stripping it to get some of those shades like blue.
She looks pretty no matter what the color, but she should try to stick for one for a few weeks. Her locks will thank her for that.


Bella Thorne is blue
December 29th, 2016 under Bella Thorne. [ Comments: 4 ]

Bella Thorne‘s hair has been several different colors this year and she is closing it with dark blue locks. No matter what shade it is, she still looks great but it changes how you perceive her. This one makes the Disney Darling, look like a Rocker chick. But the leather, lace and nose ring might be playing a bigger part in with that perception.


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