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Ken Jeong tries a man a bun
June 8th, 2017 under Ken Jeong. [ Comments: none ]

It is a slow news day because everyone is watching James Comey facing the Senate’s inquisition. There is nothing going on and I need stuff to post. Here is Ken Jeong trying out a man bun on Today today, but it is more like a ponytail that new moms who give their daughters when their hair is long enough to put into one. You know what I am talking about.

When it comes to how he looks with his new hairdo, I kind of like it. What do you think?


Dr Ken tackles his wife finding a breast lump tonight on a must watch episode
February 24th, 2017 under Ken Jeong. [ Comments: none ]

As we know Ken Jeong not only plays a doctor on Dr Ken, he is one in real life. About a decade ago his world was rocked when his real life wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Eight years ago, she was declared cancer free.

Tonight at 8:30p on ABC, Jeong will relive those emotions in an episode he co-wrote. His TV wife Alison gives herself a breast exam in the shower and finds a lump. Ken freaks out and she tells him to calm down because it is making her nervous. He goes into the bathroom, lets out those nerves and goes back into the bedroom to calm down his wife who has breast cancer run in her family.

He tells his wife to call the doctor and schedule an appointment to find out if it is benign or malignant. She is hesitant to make the call, so he dials the number and runs away. Their daughter overhears the discussion and freaks out. But she doesn’t confront her parents.

Alison is told her doctor is on vacation and can’t see her for 2 weeks. Ken tries to make her an appointment for her and hits the same roadblocks. Then the staff at the Welltopia Medical Group, use all of their contacts and get her an appointment the next day. This is a sad scenario that many people, who discover lumps, find themselves in way too often. Not being able to make an appointment.

The next day Alison and Ken goes to the doctor and they find out the lump is solid and that means it could be cancer. He schedules a surgery the next day to perform a biopsy on the lump and tells her that the results won’t be back in for 24 hours.

During the wait, she starts writing a list of where everything is and the things Ken needs to know if it is cancer and she doesn’t beat it. This conversation is so real, you will feel their pain.

Finally, it is time for the results and you will have to tune in to find out what they are. But more importantly for a very powerful episode that deals with something so many families go through. Thinking you have cancer. Do you tell your family? How do you support your family member going through it? What are they thinking? How do you handle waiting for the diagnosis? And so much more. This is such a well done episode, I think everyone should watch it because it is something most of us will go through in some form of the way. It is preparation for the enviable that I hope none of us face, but most likely will.


Ken Jeong knows how to make an entrance!
February 23rd, 2017 under Ken Jeong. [ Comments: none ]

Ken Jeong was on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday and he made an entrance for the books! We know that can act, tell jokes and be a doctor, but did you know he can also dance. He is so smooth, someone should give him his own dancing show. You know what, since Dr Ken is on ABC and American Bandstand was on that network too, how about bringing it back and having him host it? I would watch.

Talking about Dr Ken, if you watch the show, then you know his real life daughter Zoe was on the comedy dating his TV son. On last week’s episode, the two broke up and that was her last episode. What happened? Jeong asked his offspring if she wanted off of the show and she said yes. So he sprang her, but don’t expect to see her acting again because he has blackballed her. As a father he was proud of her, but as a producer he is pissed. Can’t say I blame him because she was good.

Also talking about the sitcom, tomorrow’s episode at 8:30p is a special one. Eight year’s ago the actor’s wife beat breast cancer and on tomorrow’s show his TV wife discovers she has a lump in her breast. He co-wrote the episode, so expect it to be a very well-done emotional one. Expect some laughs, some tears and a whole lot of heart all while telling a very important story from his own personal life.


Jessica Alba got James Corden and Ken Jeong to kiss
December 1st, 2016 under James Corden, Jessica Alba, Ken Jeong. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Alba and Ken Jeong were on The Late Late Show yesterday and the actress got the two men to try on her lipstick. First she put it on the CBS late night host, then she did it to Dr Ken. When she was done, she found some mistletoe and the men shared a sweet kiss.
And ladies and gentlemen that is what the holiday is all about.


Is what Ken Jeong did safe for daytime television?
September 21st, 2016 under Kelly Ripa, Ken Jeong. [ Comments: none ]

Ken Jeong knows how to make entrance and he really made an entrance on today’s Live with Kelly.
It was so spectacular that he got a phone number from a woman in the audience that he danced with. But it was no ordinary dance, it was the type of moves they ban at high school dances. Which is why he got those lady’s digits.
While he has some really cool moves, thankful his hilarious sitcom is not on the move. Dr Ken is back on ABC this Friday at 8:30p and that is something to dance about.


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