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I believe Adele can fly!
July 25th, 2016 under Adele. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Adele has the voice of an angel and now we see she can fly like one of them. While she was in Seattle for a tour stop, she tried out indoor skydiving. The best way to be chasing pavements if you are going to try skydiving.
By her face, I can’t tell if she is enjoying her time at iFly or not, but I will assume that she is. She deserves all the happiness she gets because she gives us so much happiness.


Adele is not rolling in the deep with makeup!
July 21st, 2016 under Adele. [ Comments: none ]

We are so used to seeing Adele with thick black eyeliner that we never really wondered what the songstress looks like without it. We no longer have to wonder because she shared some photos of herself without any makeup on. Proving that she is just as beautiful to our eyes as her voice is to our ears.


Adele is even cuter when she forgets the lyrics!
May 26th, 2016 under Adele. [ Comments: 6 ]

We have all belted out Adele’s songs because we know all of her lyrics. But there is one person who sometimes forgets a word or two and that is Adele herself. At a recent show, it felt like a Million Years Ago that she wrote that song and sang the wrong words. Instead of going on, she acknowledged it by saying the S-word a few times. No one makes cursing cuter than her.
Because that is what she seems to do whenever she has a brain fart, as you can see in that above video. Gotta love her because she is as real as real gets.
While other singers use prompters, she goes by memory. And memory can fail us all, we just don’t do it in front of thousands of people like she does.


Hello, it’s Adele Twerking!
March 21st, 2016 under Adele. [ Comments: none ]

If you thought Adele rapping during Carpool Karaoke was the best thing ever, wait until you see her Twerk. On Saturday night, when she was performing at O2, she accidentally made her bum move like it was rolling in the deep. She was just as shocked as us that it could do that. And now that she knows it can, she needs to make it happen more often. Although, not that many of her songs call for that dance move. Maybe she will change that up on her next album. It will be a whole new Adele, the rapping and Twerking one!


This is how Adele’s All I Ask should’ve sounded at the Grammys
February 18th, 2016 under Adele, Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

On Monday night, people were infuriated because Adele’s performance at the Grammys was marred by an audio glitch. One of the microphones on the piano fell on to the strings and warped the sound of her performance.
Today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she got a second chance to sing All I Ask, and boy did she knock it out of the park. It’s a shame it didn’t go as well at the Grammys, but who cares as long as we get one phenomenal performance.
When she was done singing the song, Ellen asked her about that flawed performance. Adele revealed that she spent the whole next day spontaneously crying over the incident. But then again, she cries over anything and everything. She even admitted, she cried when she met Belle at Disneyland this week. And I am sure Belle wanted to cry when she met Adele.
She had one more big reveal during their chat, and that is that she is a ‘bit pitchy’ when she sings. Someone get Randy Jackson on the phone because I have never heard be like that. Have you?


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