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Brooke Shields is unrecognizable in The Boy Who Cried Werewolf!
October 5th, 2010 under Brooke Shields, Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

(photos from Nickelodeon)

Brooke Shields is starring in Nickelodeon’s The Boy Who Cried Werewolf with Victoria Justice on October 23rd and the beauty is unrecognizable! Shields plays Romanian housekeeper Madame Varcolac and she does a brilliant job in this soon-to-be-Halloween classic!
The movie is about a father who inherits a castle in Romania from his late uncle and he goes to the old country to sell it with his two kids. While they are there shy Jordan (Justice) and her brother Hunter learn that their departed uncle had a secret life…he was a werewolf. When Jordan accidentally drops a test tube full of blood and then steps on it with her bare feet, she finds herself becoming just like her uncle and finding a strength she never knew she had. Hunter and Madame Varcolac are desperately trying to stop her from turning into a werewolf permanently. Will they be able to do it before the curse takes it full effect or will she return to old herself? Find out in this enjoyable Halloween movie that has both werewolves and vampires. You Team Edward fans will have to check out this movie to see what role the blood suckers play in this movie!!!
Seriously guys I can’t tell you how much I loved this movie and I know you will enjoy this movie no matter how old you are!!! So mark your calendars to watch this treat called The Boy Who Cried Werewolf on October 23rd at 8p on Nick!!!


School might be out but Student Body is in!
July 11th, 2008 under Nickelodeon, Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

The new one-hour reality, hosted by Laila Ali, brings together 12 students from rival high schools in Decatur, IL, for a life-changing mission to get into shape. Getting fit isn’t the only incentive. The winning school and the winning student that makes a change for the better, both physically and mentally, will take home $25,000 that will be used for new school facilities and programs.

Student Body premieres on The N tonight at 10p and this show is amazing. Student Body is a class everyone needs to watch. 12 teens of all shapes and sizes compete to get the weight off and their lives and self-confidence on.
This show is so well done and touching it had me crying and cheering along with them. Chaz joined the show because his mom was hospitalized because she was morbidly obese and he wanted to learn to be healthy for both of them and teach her how to lose weight. Sadly a week before the show started his mother died from her weight. Chaz is an inspiration to go on with the show and his mom is with him in spirit.
The first thing these 12 teens have to do is climb all the stairs to get the roof of the Sears Tower, the tallest building in America at 103 stories. All 12 of them do it, and the first one did it in less than hour.
Next we see them on the weigh-in on, half of them have their body fat as half their weight. After the weigh in we see these teens being taught to eat properly and learning to exercise.
It is great to watch these teens start to make the change that will continue for the rest of their lives!
So tune in to Student Body tonight on The N at 10p and then on Sundays at 8p!


The Queen Bees is bitchin’
July 11th, 2008 under Nickelodeon, Reviews. [ Comments: 2 ]

Queen Bees premieres on July 11 at 9:00 p.m. (ET). The hour-long ultimate mean girl makeover reality series takes an introspective look at seven self-centered, narcissistic girls who have been elected by family members, boyfriends and friends in the hopes that they will better themselves from the inside out. Each young woman will take a closer look at who they are and re-examine their not so nice ways. The girl that changes the most will win $25,000. Queen Bees is hosted by America’s Next Top Model winner, Yoanna House, with acclaimed relationship expert Dr. Michelle serving as resident psychologist and life coach.

When I saw the promo for Queen Bees on The N, I knew the show was going to be good. But when I watched the pilot, I found out this show it is better than good it is brilliant.
7 bitchy, self-centered girls are nominated to be on the show because they are such Queen Bees by their friends, family and boyfriends. The 7 chosen are then forced to live together and compete to transforms themselves not to be so bitchy. Yeah, that will be easy, I can’t wait until they all get their time of the month together!
The first few minutes of the show, we meet the girls and you get to see why these girls were picked to be on the show. One girl gave away most of her older sister’s clothes to all of her friend and then when the sister went to school the next day she saw them all wearing them. Then there is another girl who begs her boyfriend for his checks from his two jobs as soon as he gets them. And another who invited her BFF out with her BFF’s two boyfriends who didn’t know she was dating both of them, and the BFF was left single.
The first challenge for the girls is a beauty pageant, but the Judges are blind! Wait until you see their reaction to the whole pageant. Plus we are beginning to see what happens when you put 7 Queen Bees in one house together…it ain’t pretty.
Finally the girls start their group sessions and we get to watch the ice slowly be chipped away some of them.
Queen Bees might be a TV competition show, but there is actually a lesson here. If you are a parent or a friend of a Queen Bee I highly recommend watching this show because you will see what you don’t want to be and you will learn how you can be better!!!
So tune in to Queen Bees tonight and every Friday on The N at 9p! It would be a bitch to miss this show.


The N tries to make Queen Bees nice!!!
June 19th, 2008 under Nickelodeon. [ Comments: 1 ]

Seven queen bees think they’re competing to be the biggest diva, but they soon find out they’ve been sent to LA by their friends and family to get a mean-girl makeover. Whoever changes the most wins $25,000. But, for these bossy backstabbers, change isn’t easy. Dr. Michelle (The Tyra Banks Show) and America’s Top Model Yoanna House have their work cut out for them as wardens of the asylum.
This time, the mean girls get stung.

On July 11th at 9p, The N is trying something no other reality show has done. They are going to try to make 7 Queen Bees nice. Normally the shows want the Queen Bees to remain that way on the show, but not The N.
I so can’t wait for Queen Bee because any show that puts 7 Queen Bees in one house is going to be super hot! Plus I want to see if they will be able to work miracles with these 7 girls and how much they will change!


Degrassi and The Best Years on The N tonight at 8p!!!
June 29th, 2007 under Degrassi, Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

In the June 29 episode of Degrassi, Paige’s college life collapses around her while she puts on a brave front and pretends that everything is perfect. Ex-girlfriend Alex comes to terms with a family financial crisis and puts her dignity and self respect on the line to make ends meet, while Emma may have a déjà vu moment when a life experience could mirror that of her mother and best friend.

The Best Years follows orphaned and full-ride scholar, Samantha Best (Charity Shea, “Alpha Dog”) as she starts her freshman year at the prestigious Charles University in Massachusetts. Samantha has been shuffled through the foster care system her entire life and is finally looking forward to a future of new opportunities and friendships. She’ll have to contend with the ins and outs of college and mingle with a new world of ‘frenemies’ as she struggles to find her own identity. Along the way she will meet new roommate Kathryn Klarner, (Jennifer Miller) a rich socialite from one of the most prominent families in the mid-west, Dawn Vargas (Athena Karkanis) child actor who trades in Hollywood for college, and Devon Sylver, (Brandon Jay McLaren “She’s The Man”) a fellow scholarship recipient and star basketball player who has caught her eye. With her new dysfunctional family and a part-time job at Boston’s hot spot Colony, Samantha will find herself juggling a lot more than just academics.

I have always been a huge fan of all the Degrassis, so I am looking forward to The Best Years that was created by one of the Degrassi writers! So tune in tonight to The N at 8p for Degrassi and 8:30p for The Best Years!!!


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