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See Dad Run and see yourself laugh!
October 14th, 2012 under Nickelodeon, Scott Baio. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’80s Scott Baio starred in Charles in Charge and tonight 8p on Nick at Nite he really needs his former character to help him on the fun family sitcom See Dad Run!
Baio plays David Hobbs, an actor who just ended his run as the perfect dad on a family sitcom, and now he has decided to be a stay at home with his three real kids while his wife (Alanna Ubach) goes back to work on a soap opera. By the end of his first day at home with his teenage daughter Emily (Ryan Newman), prepubescent son Joe (Jackson Brundage) and 5 year old Janie (Bailey Michelle Brown), he will learn being a real dad is not as easy as being one a television show. Even though it won’t be easy, he is in it for the long run. That is unless his family recasts him, which they won’t.
See Dad Run is the type of show that everyone in the family can enjoy together because they will experience the wrongs that every family has experienced. Like tonight when David loses Janie at a Mommy and Me class and he has to find her before his wife gets home. His assistant Kevin (Ramy Youssef) will come up with a very Hollywood way to hide the fact that his boss lost his youngest kid. You will have to see it to believe it and to laugh out loud over it!
See Dad Run is Nick at Nite’s first attempt at an original sitcom and I am sure that it will be so much of a success that they will be adding more original ones to their lineup!
And the best part of the show is having Scott Baio back on a weekly scripted television show again because it has been way too long since he starred in his last one.


Nickelodeon goes to new Hollywood Heights tonight
June 18th, 2012 under Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p Nickelodeon is getting into the Telenovela business with Hollywood Heights. Nick has adapted Alcanzar una Estrella for an American audience and we get an enjoyable show about a girl living out her dreams.
Loren (Brittany Underwood) is your all-American teenage girl who is in love Eddie Duran (Cody Longo), the hottest rock star out there. Duran is in love Chloe (Melissa Ordway) and he is getting serious about her, but she has a secret he doesn’t know about. One thing that is not a secret is that he has holding a writing contest for a new song. Loren’s best friend Melissa (Ashley Holliday) will convince her BFF to enter the contest. Loren will do it and her mom Nora (Jama Williamson), who is her biggest cheerleader, will totally support her kid. Besides the contest the cool mom and the born to be a star daughter will be struggling with their new boyfriends. There will be a lot of drama for everyone involved in the show and since school’s out this is the perfect replacement for what we be missing all summer long.


Nickelodeon will Figure It Out again
March 8th, 2012 under Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

Nickelodeon has brought back repeats of All That, Good Burger and a bunch of their other ’90 shows to Teen Nick and yesterday they announced they are bringing back one of their biggest game shows from the era. Figure It Out is coming back with a 40 episode order on Nick and Jeff Sutphen is going to host.
No word who the celebrity guests will be, but I hope they expand to their Teen Nick lineup and get the kids from Degrassi on the show. Production begins next month and the show will air later in the year.


The cast of All That reunites and sings their famous theme song!!!
November 7th, 2011 under Nickelodeon. [ Comments: none ]

On Saturday the cast of All That got together for their first reunion since the show began re-airing nightly on TeenNick at Comikaze and when someone from the audience asked Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, Josh Server, Alisa Reyes, Lisa Foiles , Katrina Johnson, Angelique Bates, Brian Hearne, Mark Saul, Jack Desena, Leon Frierson and Giovonnie Samuels to sing the theme song, they did! How cool is it see all of them together like that? I would love to see all of them come back and do All That again, but this time as grown up. I think it could totally work, don’t you agree. I mean the original cast looks just as good as they did when they started on that show in 1995!!! Can you believe it has been 16 years since we all started singing “The show is All of That and yes we do it all the time” Oh that line has a whole new meeting!
Now back to the reunion, you can watch more of the panel below!
BTW for those of you who could not be there on Saturday, I for one can tell you it was a lot of fun and they all look great and even better in person!!!


Scott Baio is a stay-at-home dad!
October 24th, 2011 under Nickelodeon, Scott Baio. [ Comments: none ]

If someone were to tell you that Scott Baio is a stay-at-home dad now, you would think that is something that could only happen in the land of make believe on television. Well you are right because that is the premise for his pilot that he is working on for Nick at Nite. According to Nickelodeon the show will be called Daddy’s Home. The potential sitcom (like this won’t get picked up) is about David Hobbs (Baio) America’s Favorite TV Dad for 10 years, who finds himself suddenly at home raising his kids while his soap opera wife gets back into the biz!
Knowing how good Scott was on Charles In Charge as a Manny, I can’t wait to see how the now-real life dad is at playing a stay-at-home father! Seriously who isn’t excited for this show that Nickelodeon better pick up! After all it is their first attempt at a scripted sitcom and we all know how that worked out for their sister station TV Land with Hot In Cleveland. Maybe Chachi can have a Happy Days/Arrested Development reunion with his TV uncle Henry Winkler on the show playing his dad. You know since Winkler is the male Betty White!!!
There is no word on who will be playing his wife, but I am rooting for Nadia Bjorn since Days of our Lives mistakenly let her go. Wouldn’t she be great as his soap star wife?
In honor of this news, here are all of the versions of the Charles In Charge theme song throughout the show’s run! C’mon you have to admit it was one of the best of theme songs ever!!!


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