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Cookie is forever changed after tonight’s Empire
November 14th, 2018 under Empire. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight’s Empire on Fox at 8p is a game changer. One that will bring the emotion like you never expected.

Lucious (Terrence Howard) invites Kingsley (A.Z. Kelsey) over for dinner, what is the worst that can happen? We also find out why he is so out to get the Lyons. He has a good reason.

Then something happens to Cookie (Taraji P Hensen) and she will never be the same. It is a powerful moment for her and I am not sure even Lucious can fix it. Something that Empire has never touched on before and they do it very responsibly. Which means you do not want to miss it.

After 5 seasons, Empire can still surprise us. Which is rare these days that a show can do that.


Day 3 of the fall season
September 26th, 2018 under ABC, Dick Wolf, Empire. [ Comments: none ]

They said the third time is a charm, but not for the third day of the broadcast fall season. Of the screeners I saw for tonight, none of them made me go wow. They kept my interest but nothing groundbreaking.

As I have done for the last two days, I will review the shows from best to worst in my opinion. I have to say, it was a tie for best. When it comes to worst, there was no contest that that goes to A Million Little Things. I don’t know what ABC was thinking by putting the most depressing show on television after four comedies. Seriously?

I will start it off with Single Parents on ABC at 9:30p. It is a new comedy about 5 single parents trying to survive the day by raising their kids without a spouse.

Will Cooper (Taran Killam) and his daughter Sophie (Marlow Barkley) are new to the school and his whole life revolves around his kid. He acts more like a first grader than her dad. Thankfully, the other single parents are there to help him out. But they are only doing it so that he will leave him alone. He is like that lost puppy no one wants but will do anything to have you take him home. You know the type of dog.

Angie (Leighton Meester) used to be like Will, but not anymore. Now she will do anything to have alone time to drink. While Douglas (Brad Garrett) not Doug just want to hang with his dermatologist friends and not his twin daughters. Poppy (Kimrie Lewis) wants Douglas to help her with her son, who is a little eccentric and she accepts him for who he is. Finally, Miggy (Jake Choi) does not have a kid in the first grade like the others, they have adopted him and his baby boy into their group.

Even though they don’t want to hear that it takes a village to raise a family, it really does. Good thing they have each other in this endearing comedy that could become an ABC staple.

Then at 8p on Fox, Empire is back on Fox and the 2-year time jump helps to breath new life into the show as more people die.

As you just read, the drama starts the season off 2 years after the season finale. Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Cookie (Taraji P. Hensen) are nearly broke without Empire and they are trying to start their own record label. Andre (Trai Byers) is in jail and Jamal (Jussie Smollett) is in London with a new love.

The Lyons are all over the place and something needs to get them back together. How about another death? Is that person the one in the coffin? Who is in that coffin?

I have seen the first two episodes of the season, and it feels as good as it during the first season. The restart is just what they needed and you do not want to miss it.

To read the reviews of the other shows, then click here!


Lots of good TV to watch!
September 27th, 2017 under ABC, CBS, Dick Wolf, Empire. [ Comments: none ]

American Housewife is back for its second season tonight at 9:30p on its new night and time after Modern Family. What happens in September besides the new Fall TV season, school starts. It is time for the Otto kids to go back to school.

Their oldest Taylor (Meg Donnelly) decided she does not want to go to college. Their middle child Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) is taking ballet and his teacher is really tough on him. Katie (Katy Mixon) goes to one of his classes and has it out with his teacher. That is not the only person she has it out with, she has it out with all of the moms at Anna-Kat’s school (Julia Butters). Then one of the moms says something to her that make hers reevaluate everything. To make matters worse, her husband (Diedrich Bader) wants to have another kid.

American Housewife got the coveted post-Modern Family slot because it has proven that is the type of show that can go on for many seasons. Tonight’s episode proves it and I cannot wait for the rest of the episodes.

Then at 10p, Designated Survivor is also back for its second season. It has been a year since someone blew up the US Capitol with almost every federal politician in it and Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland), the designated survivor, became President of the United States.

He has accomplished a lot and been through even more during those 366 days. Tonight, he has to deal with a plane that has been taken hostage full of people from all over the world including several US citizens. One of them is his friend. To make it even more complicated for him, the man who blew up the Capitol is still on the loose. Can he save everyone before it is too late?

The press has so many questions about the bomber and the press secretary has turned in a Sean Spicer. Because of that Seth Wright (Kal Penn) is not sure he is the right man for the job. Can Emily (Italia Ricci) convince him to say?

Kirkman’s second year in office is proving to be just as thrilling for us to watch as his first.

At 9p but over on CBS, David Boreanaz returns to TV after a whole summer off in SEAL Team. The military drama follows a team of elite Navy Seals who risk not only their physical lives but also their personal ones. Jason Hayes (Boreanaz) leads his team into difficult situations to save the world from danger. That means they leave their families behind and some times that costs them the people they love the most. As the series goes on, you will see how much they give up to protect people they do not know sacrificing the ones they do know.

When it comes to the show, I did not really care for the pilot. Thankfully, CBS sent out a second episode and that one is so much better. What I am trying to say, is do not give up this show just yet because it gets better. I even added it to my Season Pass.

At 8p over on Fox, Empire is back but Lucious’ memory is not. He is still dealing with the after effects of the explosion. He is finally home with his family, but he does not remember his past with them. Which is a good thing for him if you think about it. He has a nurse (Demi Moore), who is looking after him, and she is trying to protect him from the Lyons. Something Cookie (Taraji P Hensen) will fight her hardest to prevent. Cookie want him to be business as usual but he is not ready to do it.

Who will win out? You will have to tune in to find out. Empire got a much needed jolt this season. Therefore, if you gave up on the show, it is time to come back.

At 9p but over on NBC, Law & Order: SVU is back for its 19th season. Fin (Ice-T) went to Cuba to bring back a serial rapist and something fishy happened when he was bringing his suspect back to the States. Now that suspect has hired a lawyer who will do his best to get his client off because of that. If the SVU team cannot get his victim to testify, the rapist will walk free even though his DNA was found at the scenes of the crime.

But that is not only the reason to tune in, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) answers the door and old friend is on the other side of it. He has some shocking news for her, that will set up a huge story arc for her character this season. But that is all I will say. That and there is a reason why this show made it to its 19th season and counting.


Taraji P Henson wants you to look at her diamonds
July 12th, 2017 under Empire. [ Comments: none ]

Taraji P Henson got her Cookie on again for the 4th season of Empire on Fox and that means a lot of shiny diamonds. The actress could not wait to show them off for all of us, and I am not sure that is the only thing she is showing off in this photo. Do you think she is showing off her jewels as well?


Cookie got a bat on tonight’s Empire!
March 22nd, 2017 under Empire. [ Comments: none ]

Empire is back on Fox tonight at 9p and it hits out of the park.

The episode starts out with Lucious (Terrence Howard) performing his new song to a crowd. Cookie (Taraji P Henson) gets back at him by bringing his mom Leah (Leslie Uggams), that everyone thought was dead, out to introduce her to everyone. Lucious decides to get revenge on his ex-wife by sabotaging her boyfriend’s (Taye Diggs) political career. Finally, they have one final blow out and it involves a bat. Cookie will come out swinging, but who has the final word when Lucious and her get to first base?

Then there is Jamal (Jussie Smollett) and he is in rehab. While he is in there, he meets Tory Ash (Rumer Willis). She is a singer/songwriter that has her own issues. Even though they are not supposed to work on their music while they are there, they find a way to do it. They do this by escaping the facility and Lyon’s are worried that Jamal is back on drugs? Is he?

Did I mention that Cookie has a bat? That is why you are going to tune in and I promise you will not be disappointed!


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