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Billy Crystal is not a bad looking woman!
February 27th, 2015 under Billy Crystal, Josh Gad. [ Comments: 1 ]

Josh Gad shared a photo of Billy Crystal and himself on the set of their FX show The Comedians and I can’t get over how beautiful the Oscar host looks. Seriously, isn’t he sexy? Who knew?
To find out why he is dressed like that, we will have to tune in to their show starting on April 9th!


Billy Crystal remembers Robin Williams
September 19th, 2014 under Billy Crystal, Jimmy Fallon, Robin Williams. [ Comments: none ]

It has been a little over a month since we lost the great Robin Williams and his best friend, Billy Crystal, talked about him on The Tonight Show yesterday. He shared with Jimmy Fallon that they used to stay up late at nigth talking on the phone working on their comedy, and it was exhausting. Then he shared a story about the time that Michael Dukakis said that Mork was from Uranus and all hell broke loose in Robin’s magnificent mind. I mean, can you imagine saying that planet, out of all of them, to someone who as genius as Robin Williams. What was he thinking? Obviously he wasn’t.
I just love hearing Crystal talking about his true gem of a friend, that I wanted to make sure you heard it too.


Do Billy Crystal and Jack Nicholson have something to tell us?
April 5th, 2014 under Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Do they have something to tell us?, Jack Nicholson. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on The Late Show, David Letterman shared a photo of Billy Crystal and Jack Nicholson kissing at a Lakers game, so do the two Oscar staples have something to tell us? Nope. They were caught by the Kiss Cam, and decided to give the fans what they wanted! Even though there is nothing between them, for a second it was fun to think they scored a slam dunk together!


Billy Crystal will be Jay Leno’s final guest on The Tonight Show!
January 19th, 2014 under Billy Crystal, Jay Leno. [ Comments: none ]

We are less than a month away from Jay Leno saying goodbye to The Tonight Show and today at the NBC TCA Winter Press Day NBC’s Chairman, Bob Greenblatt, announced who his final guest will be. On May 25, 1992, Billy Crystal helped to launch the show as the first guest, so it is only appropriate that he will be the one to close it out. Also joining him on Thursday February 6th, is Garth Brooks and I hope he serenades Leno just like Bette Midler did to Johnny Carson during his final appearance as a host of The Tonight Show.
NBC also announced today who will be on the show that final week. On Monday February 3rd, Leno will pass the baton over to Jimmy Fallon, and Betty White will make her 19th appearance on the show. The next night, Matthew McConaughey and NBA legend Charles Barkley, who makes his 24th visit to the show, are guests and Lyle Lovett will perform, tying the most performances by any singer on the talk show. On Wednesday, Sandra Bullock and Blake Shelton (which should make his mom very proud) will talk to Jay one final time. Finally, on Thursday, Jay Leno bids farewell to his home of 22 years minus a few months.
Not a bad final week for a man who has entertained us for almost a quarter of a century.

UPDATE: Jimmy Fallon’s first guest for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on February 17th will be Will Smith and the first musical guest will be U2!!!

UPDATE 2: Seth Meyers first on Late Night with Seth Meyers will be Amy Poehler, so look out for it on February 24th.


Jimmy Fallon and Billy Crystal swap lips!
November 12th, 2013 under Billy Crystal, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon and Billy Crystal flipped lips! I don’t know whether or not to laugh my a$$ off or be completely creeped out. I am going with the latter because there are points in the bit on the NBC late night show that are completely creepy. But then there are even more moments when I found myself laughing hysterically. So you watch, decide and tell me how you feel afterwards!


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