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Chris Meloni can do everything including splits!
December 6th, 2017 under Chris Meloni, Steve Harvey. [ Comments: 1 ]

Chris Meloni is on Steve Harvey’s show today and the daytime talk show host wanted to know if there is anything that the SVU star cannot do because it seems like he can do everything like sing, act, look good naked and so on. Therefore, Harvey gave him four challenges to do to see if maybe there is something that is beyond his grasp.

The first one was easy, juggle, and he had no problem with that. The next one was to saber a champagne bottle and he did that without any effort. The third challenge was kind of shocking, he actually knows how to do the Dougie. Finally it was time for the hardest one of the all, can he do a split and in jeans no less. The answer to that is yes he can.

Proving there absolutely nothing he cannot do and that’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, we like it, uh-huh, uh-huh.

BTW you can see him in his new show Happy today at 10p on Syfy. It is going to make you happy.


Caption Chris Meloni!
October 20th, 2017 under Caption the Celeb, Chris Meloni. [ Comments: none ]

This photo of Chris Meloni has “caption me” written all over it, so go ahead and do it.


Chris Meloni has seen better days!
August 31st, 2017 under Better Days, Chris Meloni. [ Comments: none ]

Chris Meloni is filming a show for Syfy called Happy, but he does not look happy in this photo. The actor appeared with bruises all over his face and a swollen eye, so you have to hope it for the series. Which according to the description it should be because he plays “an intoxicated, corrupt ex-cop turned hit man – who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex and betrayal. After a hit gone wrong, his inebriated life is forever changed by a tiny, relentlessly positive, imaginary blue winged horse named “Happy” (Patton Oswalt).”

Will you be happy to check it out when it premieres on November 29th? The premise has me want to ride that horse!


Chris Meloni wearing just a pillow!
April 11th, 2017 under Chris Meloni. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by Chris Meloni (@chris_meloni) on

Chris Meloni is on vacation at a beautiful warm spot, so he doesn’t need any stinking clothes when he is lounging around petting his dog. Here he in the couch wearing just a pillow over his crotch. I don’t know who is more excited, the puppy getting scratched all or us seeing the actor almost all over? I am gonna give it to man’s best friend because what animal doesn’t love that?

When it comes to the Surviving Jack star, he looks just as sexy at 56 nearly naked as he did when he was showing it all off on Oz!


What happened to Chris Meloni’s hair?
September 3rd, 2015 under Chris Meloni. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen Chris Meloni with a lot of hairstyles throughout his career and now we are seeing him with none at all. He didn’t say why he went for the Mr Clean, but we need to know who committed this heinous crime. So I guess we will have to send in the best to solve this mystery. In NYC, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Haircut Victims Unit.


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