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The new Independence Day: Resurgence trailer is like ID4 on uppers
April 22nd, 2016 under Jeff Goldblum. [ Comments: none ]

When the first trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence came out, I thought it looked like utter crap. Now that they have reworked their magic on it, it looks like the original one but a lot bigger and more explosive. So much so, I actually want to see it now when it comes out on June 4th.
Plus, the best thing about it, is that Will Smith is not in it. That is good thing because everything he is has been in for the last few years has been crap. I don’t want him to destroy another movie.


Independence Day: Resurgence took all the fun out of the original
December 14th, 2015 under Jeff Goldblum. [ Comments: none ]

The first trailer is out for the long awaited sequel to Independence Day and I am disappointed with Independence Day: Resurgence. It’s like they took all the fun out of the original and made this a very dark movie of aliens vs the humans. If that’s the case, then I say bring Will Smith back. And I was happy that he wasn’t in the movie that we have been waiting 20 years to see.
What do you think of the trailer for the movie that comes out on June 26th?


In case you were wondering why Jeff Goldblum finally got married?
January 10th, 2015 under David Letterman, Jeff Goldblum. [ Comments: none ]

I think from Jeff Goldblum’s appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman with his wife, Emilie Livingston, we know why he finally decided to tie the knot at 62 years old! Don’t you agree?
But now I have to wonder if she quoted from his movie the The Fly when she did that for him the first time. You know, “Be afraid, be very afraid!” I am sure he was afraid, but also very excited!


Did Jeff Goldblum grab Conan O’Brien’s little Coco?
October 19th, 2012 under Conan O'Brien, Jeff Goldblum. [ Comments: none ]

Jeff Goldblum was a guest on Conan and he told Conan O’Brien he is starting to lose his hair. But wait he appears to have a thick head of beautiful hair. That’s because he isn’t balding up there, but down there…on his calves. So he decided to show off his sexy leg for the world to see how bald it is becoming. The TBS late night host couldn’t help but notice the difference in color of their two legs and asked for a side by side comparison. Once The Fly’s leg was on top of his, Goldblum did something that made the red head afraid, very afraid. He appeared to grab his crotch and I can’t help but to think that both of them liked it from their reactions. What do you think happened in that split second?


Jeff Goldblum went to a house of prostitution when he was just 13
February 14th, 2012 under Jeff Goldblum, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Jeff Goldblum was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and he told the host a story about the time he went to a house of prostitution when he just was 13 years old. That’s right when he was barely a teen and had just hit puberty he wanted to know what it was like to be with a woman so he went to a brothel. But that wasn’t the only rebellious thing he did that day, he also took money from his dad’s wallet to pay for the woman that was going to take his virginity. So did he go through it or was he afraid, very afraid? You have to watch the jazz singing actor tell the whole story to find out.


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