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Rush Hour is a rush!
March 31st, 2016 under Bill Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

The Rush Hour franchise is getting a weekly television makeover tonight at 10p on CBS and it is even better than the first two Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker movies.
By the books Detective Lee (Jon Foo) flies from Hong Kong to LA to arrest the crime syndicate that killed his sister back in their home country. He is assigned to work with Detective Carter (Justin Hires) who doesn’t know how to follow any rules and is technically on suspension by Captain Cole (Wendie Malik). Together their unusual pairing is unstoppable and causing huge problems around the city. Will Los Angeles survive them? You just have to tune in every week to this comedy action cop show that feels more like a big screen movie than something you would see on the small screen.


Chris D’Elia gets head from Ron Funches!
January 16th, 2016 under Bill Lawrence, Ron Funches. [ Comments: none ]

One of the many things that makes Undateable so highlarious is that the cast enjoys trying to make the other cast members lose it on live television. Yesterday during the East Coast live show, when Shelly asked Danny to strip down, Ron Funches had no idea what he was going to see next. Chris D’Elia was left standing in his tighty whities with Bunches of Funches face on top of his peepee! What happened next? You just have to watch the episode on, the NBC app or OnDemand. It is well worth it, plus Weezer was the musical guest.
Now that you know what goes on during Undateable Live, why not watch it this Friday at 8p on NBC? Tune in for the funniest show on television and to see the Backstreet Boys be the band of the week!


Have the Backstreet Boys replaced Nick Carter already?
January 15th, 2016 under Backstreet Boys /Aaron Carter, Bill Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

via Bridgit Mendler
Less than 24 hours after Nick Carter was arrested, his bandmates AJ McLean, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson were seen singing with two new singers? So have the Backstreet Boys already replaced their 4th member? Nope, they were just shooting a promo with Chris D’Elia and Brent Morin for their appearance on next Friday’s Undateable Live on NBC at 8p. Which is a really good thing because D’Elia cannot sing.
BTW before BSB take the Undateable Live stage, Weezer will be singing on it tonight! You don’t want to miss it, it is as good as pork and beans.


Weezer and Backstreet Boys are Undateable!
January 7th, 2016 under Bill Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

Since Undateable started going Live on NBC, they have had some big musical guests perform on the show like Ed Sheeran and Meghan Trainor. Today, they announced who will be playing the next three Friday nights, and even I was impressed by the names. Tomorrow night at 8p EST and PST Charlie Puth is rocking the house, next week it’s Weezer and the following one is Backstreet Boys. I want it that way!
If that doesn’t make you want to watch this highlarious live sitcom, then you don’t like good music and funny comedies. So tune in for something completely original on television because there is nothing else like it. I promise you that.


Who does David Fynn want to play his Undateable Live boyfriend?
December 4th, 2015 under Bill Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

David Fynn plays Brett, the very out bartender on the hilarious Undateable Live, yet I don’t ever remember seeing him with a boyfriend on the show. So out of all of the actors in Hollywood, who does he want to play his love interest? After some thought, he told us at a recent press day for the sitcom that airs live tonight at 8p Eastern and Pacific, “Channing Tatum could turn me anyway.” Then he explained why, “I once saw a GQ cover of Channing Tatum that stopped me in my tracks. I was like, whoa. I think that Channing Tatum is pretty hot.” Then Ron Funches, who plays Shelly, chimed in with a suggestion of his own, “What about Dave Franco?” Then he added, “He’s like that other Franco, but not as dumb in the face.” You know what, the not as dumb looking Franco brother and Brett would be so cute together. Hopefully the show can make that happen.
Maybe they can convince him to come on Undateable Live, by showing him the above video on how the cast gets ready for the show minutes before they go live on national television. Bianca Kajlich is naked, Brent Morin is downing alcohol from the bottle, Funches is playing video games, Chris D’Elia is trying to light his farts on fire in a position I’ve seen in the Kama Sutra and finally there’s Rick Glassman who didn’t have any lines and Bridgit Medler who didn’t know her lines seconds before air. I am surprised more actors aren’t begging to be on this show with a cast like this one.
If the cast is like this before the show even gets started, imagine what it is like when it does? It’s even crazier, so tune in Fridays at 8p for a live experience that is out of this world.


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