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A tale of two Journey singers!
April 8th, 2017 under Steve Perry. [ Comments: none ]

Last night, Journey was inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame and both singers were there to accept it. Although there were rumors that Steve Perry would perform with the band since they went their separate ways 1991, he did not. He did give a speech a thanking the band.

To show there was no ill will between Perry and Arnel Pineda, the new singer shared the above photo and said, “One of the sweetest hug you can ever get from one of my heroes and silent means the world to me..waited 35 years for this moment..thank you Almighty Gd!! #TheVoice #StevePerry #oneofthemostmemorable #maximumblessings
Thank you so much Mr Steve Perry for your priceless words and graciousness..
@taratogs @curachalang @yulsession @journeymusicofficial” Yul Session also shared a photo of himself with the two Journey singers and you can see how excited they are to be together at last. They are beaming ear to ear.

When it comes to band being honored by the Hall of Fame, all I have to say is it took them long enough. The band deserved the recognition for a long time because not only has their music been the voice of generation, it has also been part of a some television’s most iconic moments from Glee’s first episode to The Sopranos’ last frame. That speaks, or should I say sings, more than a lot of other singer and bands who were inducted before them. Next up Duran Duran.

But I digress. When it comes to Perry and Journey, I wish they would have performed together yesterday. To me, he will always be their voice and no one can replace him. Yes I know, Pineda sounds just like him, but I am Steve Perry girl faithfully. I don’t stop believin’ that some day we might hear them all together one more time. Just like The Police, who did not perform at the induction, but did go on tour together years afterwards. How awesome would that be? The fans would welcome them with open arms!


Steve Perry and Journey really have gone their separate ways
May 10th, 2016 under Steve Perry. [ Comments: none ]

If you have faithfully been holding out hope for Journey to reunite with their original singer Steve Perry, then don’t start believing that it will ever happen. Neal Schon gave Billboard Magazine an update on their relationship and said there has been “no communication” since he left the band. In fact, he elaborated, “I feel like I’ve reached out in every humane way I can… just to be friends, like we were. There’s no reason not to be. I’ve tried to get his real phone number instead of talking through his attorney, but he will not give it to me, not even to say hello.”
Even though they have not spoken in 3 decades, Schon said that they would welcome him back with open arms if he wanted to sing a song or two with them.
I would love to hear Perry sing with them again. He has one of the best voices ever and to me their songs will always be his.


Steve Perry sings again for the EELS!
June 1st, 2014 under Steve Perry. [ Comments: none ]

For the second time in a week, Steve Perry took the Journey with the EELS and performed during one of their shows. Yesterday, during their DC concert he explained how the band has been pushing him to sing live again. He did after he explained why their song It’s a Mother F*cker, is so important to him. The song was always special to him but after he lost the love of his life last year, it has even more meaning to him.
I have a good feeling that his late love, has also been pushing from the beyond to share his beautiful voice with the world again. And because of that, I thank her and the EELS for sharing his talent with us.
And I also have a strong feeling that Perry is thinking about touring again. So if the EELS are coming to a city near you with their tour and you want to hear him live, then I’d buy tickets to their show because you never know he might show up. He’s done it twice already. I know I am going to get tickets to see them on the 11th here in LA because I would just swoon to hear him sing in person.
Seriously, aren’t you as happy as I am that is voice is still as powerful now after that nearly 20 year hiatus?


Steve Perry breaks his silence and sings!
May 27th, 2014 under Steve Perry. [ Comments: none ]

via Paul Frank
Steve Perry hasn’t sung in public since 1995, but that all changed on Sunday. The former-Journey singer joined the band Eels on stage in St Paul, Minnesota and not only did he sing one of their tunes, but two of his own too. His voice is just as beautiful now as it was when Open Arms and Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ came out.
I hope this performance makes him consider getting back into performing. I would do anything to hear him live because his voice is just so sensual to me. I just hope he sings some of his other hits because those two are not my favorite from Journey or his solo career. Oh to hear him sing Oh, Sherry again. The vocal power he has in that song still astounds me to today.
BTW here’s a little fun fact, Steve Perry hasn’t sung live in concert since Eels started as a band back in 1995! So I am kind of expecting the band to announce their breakup any day now since time came full circle for the two.


Remember Steve Perry?
September 27th, 2011 under Remember?, Steve Perry. [ Comments: 4 ]

Oh Sherry if you Don’t Stop Believin’ you will one day see Steve Perry again! It has be a long Journey since we last saw the 62 year old singer and I think he looks f*cking great! I don’t know why his career has gone the way of the final seconds of The Sopranos, you know fades to black wonder what happens next, but I hope he decides to do a comeback soon because he has one of the greatest voices in Rock’N’Roll.
Seriously it made my day seeing him and I hope it does the same for you!!!




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