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Did Norm MacDonald just come out?
October 24th, 2016 under Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Norm MacDonald was on Larry King Now and the comedian revealed something about himself we didn’t know about him before this interview. He said, “I’m a deeply closeted Gay guy.” Then he added, “I’m not coming out though.” The Ora TV host kept pressing him about it and he was insistent that he was not coming out.
Thus, we are left wondering if he really is Gay or he was making a joke? Therefore, I am asking you to tell me what you think because I don’t know what the answer is.


Someone once gave Dolly Parton their baby named Jolene
August 30th, 2016 under Dolly Parton, Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Dolly Parton was on Larry King Now and the OraTV wanted to know what her “funniest fan encounter?” She told him, it happened to her around the time that her song Jolene came out and she had just moved in to her new house in Brentwood, Ca. She said, “I came home one day, from work…and there was a basket at the gate. And I thought, ‘who’s left, somebody left us some food.'” Then she continued, “I looked in it and there was a baby in it. And there was a note that said, ‘My name is Jolene and I want you to have me.'”
She didn’t know what to do, so she brought the baby into the house and called the police and child services. They took the baby and to this day, she doesn’t know what happened to her. I wonder what happened to that girl that would be in her early 40’s now and if she knows if she was left in front of Dolly Parton’s house. Could you imagine if this girl didn’t know and has been wondering her whole life, why she is such a big fan of Miss Dolly and her song Jolene? How crazy would that be?
When it comes to her story, that is definitely in the Top 10 of the strangest fan encounters. But then again, I think Dolly Parton would be a great person to raise my child if Gd forbid I was going to give it up.


Watch Larry King get control of an uncontrollable interview
August 9th, 2016 under Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Larry King has been interviewing people since before you and I were born, so he has this thing down by now. Eric Andre thought he could one up the legendary host and he was mistaken. So mistaken he had his a$$ handed to him and he totally deserved it.
As part of Larry King Now, he asks the guests questions as part of the If You Only Knew Segment. Andre was being a d!ck and answered almost all of them with Larry King. Eventually, when the Ora TV host got his subject to reveal something about himself, he was able to get regain control of the interview. A few more times, Andre tried to sabotage the chat, but King kept showing him who was boss.
Even when the comedian, I use the term lightly, tried to shock his interviewer. Andre revealed that he wanted to commit suicide on the stage because it has never been done before. Not letting him off of that train of thought, King kept pressing him on it until they got the end of the scenario with dead seriousnes.
If I was King, I would’ve lost my sh!t with the a$$hole, but he was professional and never did. It is quite incredible to watch. So incredible, I think it should be shown to journalism students around the world. It is a great lesson on how to handle an unruly guest.
When it comes to Andre, he is a schmuck. It is one thing to do your shtick on your own show, but don’t do it on others. That is why he is career is not bigger and it could be because he has some talent. Although, I am rethinking that now. Grow up and think how other people will perceive you. There is a time and place for your act and know when that is.


A Conan O’Brien, Larry King and Andy Richter Ménage à Trois
July 7th, 2016 under Conan O'Brien, Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Larry King was on Conan O’Brien’s talk show yesterday and the TBS host wanted to know more about his guest’s new line of bedding line Sleep Like a King. Since the man under the sheets didn’t know anything about them, the three men decided to experience them first hand. Thus, production rolled out a King sized bed and the three of them got into it together. The thread count was so luxurious that King and Andy Richter declared that they love each other.
Too bad they didn’t bring out the bed when the p0rn expert was on! Need I say more?


Gillian Anderson says working with David Duchovny ‘was complicated’
January 18th, 2016 under Larry King, X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

Gillian Anderson was on Larry King Now to talk about Fox’s reboot of The X-Files that debuts on Sunday night, and the host wanted to know what it was like working with David Duchovny. Scully didn’t hold back as she told him, “It was complicated, I think for both of us” Then she explained, “We spent every waking hour with each other, and, 9 months a year for 7 years.” Adding, “At times we both felt the pressure of that relationship, such an intense relationship. We went up and down in our relationship.”
Thankfully, that was then and this is now. Now there are rumors the two of them have different type of relationship, one fans of the show have secretly been wanting since the pilot.


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