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Alfonso Ribeiro had to choose between Fresh Prince and Different World?
November 2nd, 2018 under Alfonso Ribeiro, Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1990, Alfonso Ribeiro guest starred on A Different World and they really liked him. So much so, they wanted to bring him back on the show.

Around that same time, he auditioned for a show with some guy who went by Fresh Prince and got that part. Now he had to choose which sitcom he wanted to be on. A blessing and a curse for any actor.

Was the decision hard for him? He told Larry King, “I made the decision to go with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cause I really believed there was something special about him and the show.”

It was a huge risk to go with a barely known rapper over an established show, but I think we can all agree he made the right choice. Imagine a different world without the Carlton dance? Let’s not because it is too sad to think about.

UPDATE: Alfonso Ribeiro revealed that he and his wife, Angela, are expecting baby #3, his fourth, next year.


Is Nick Cannon ready to find love?
August 29th, 2018 under Larry King, Nick Cannon. [ Comments: none ]

Justover 3 years ago, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey split up, and since then he has not really been attached to any other women. Even though he had a baby with another an ex-girlfriend last year.

Recently he sat down with Larry King, and the OraTV host wanted to know if he has anyone special in his life. Cannon told him, “Not at that level, no.” Then he explained, “I am not looking though. I feel like I am going to be single for the rest of my life.”

King, the man who has been married 8 times, then asked his guest if it is that bad being single. Cannon told him, “Not at all, I don’t understand why people are in a rush to tie themselves to another individual.”

So ladies, I guess he is not available. Or is he?


Lil Rel Howery reveals Get Out’s original ending
June 20th, 2018 under Larry King, The Carmichael Show. [ Comments: none ]

The ending of Get Out made Lil Rel Howery a star, but the original one might not have had the same effect.

When Rel was on Larry King Now and he revealed what we saw at the end of the movie is not what he saw originally. What he saw, he says was impressed him, “But I was also sad.” He explained, “The first time I saw it, was the original ending. I could not even sleep that night. I called Jordan [Peele], my brother, ‘This is great, but I’m so angry.'”

What made him so angry? In the original ending Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) goes to jail and Rel’s character visits him. When Rel asks him why, Chris owns to it all and says it because he is Black in America. That ending did not sit well with the actor and others. Therefore, a month before the movie came out they reshot it to one we saw.

Did they make the right choice? Considering the Oscar nominations, I think so.


Oliver Hudson’s son filmed him naked!
March 26th, 2018 under Larry King, Oliver Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Oliver Hudson was on Larry King Now and a fan wanted to know if we would ever see him naked on Instagram again. The actor explained that it was part of his OTG (Off the Grid) series to let people in into his brain. Which is the one thing we did not see in that video.

Then he revealed that his 10-year-old son Wilder was the cameraman behind the video of his behind. And both boys took the silly video very seriously. You know what, Wilder is actually a good cinematographer.

Talking about him and Instagram and father/son relationships, he also told the Ora-TV host that his father and him started talking again after that infamous Father’s Day post where he wished his biological dad “Happy abandonment day.”

Back to the video, while Oliver is starring in Splitting Up Together starting on ABC tomorrow, the only thing his real family does is split a gut laughing with him. To see that video of a very stable genius, then click here!


Larry King can curse and he is f*cking awesome at it!
February 1st, 2018 under Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Because Larry King has been on broadcast cable all of his career, he has not been allowed to use any of the seven words that George Carlin talked about. But that all changed when he had Jenifer Lewis on Larry King Now this week.

The Ora TV host gave her a birthday present for her 61st birthday that was on January 25th and he sang Happy Birthday to her. When he was done, he added a line, “…and f*ck it all.” Yeah, he finally said the F-word on camera and it did not stop there.

Then he asked the Black-ish mama why she loves to curse. She told him, “I love to curse…it does feel good and f*ck ’em!” They both agreed that it is the best word in the English language and used it with many different examples.

King then shared a story about the late great Lenny Bruce. He said the genius told him, “F*ck is antonym for intercourse. So if someone says to me, ‘F*ck you,” I say, ‘Thank you.'” Therefore, when King is mad at someone he tells them, “unF*ck you!” I am so stealing that! We might have waited a century to hear him curse and it was well worth the wait! Don’t you agree?

When it comes to Lewis, I so want to be friends with her. I could shoot the breeze with her all day long. Actually, I just want to hear talk because she is just so captivating with what she says because she says what she wants and does not give a 💩 what people think. Plus, she has a great laugh!


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