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John Mayer surrounded by some of his biggest fans!
July 3rd, 2018 under John Mayer. [ Comments: none ]

John Mayer has fans all over the World, but only a few keep him cool like the ones he was photographed with this weekend. Not only that, none of them change his voice like those 2 rounded guys.

Tell me I am not the only one who loves singing into a fan? It was the original autotune before there was the need to autotune singers. Something Mayer never needed with this smooth seductive voice.


John Mayer shares a bathroom Selfie from the hospital
December 6th, 2017 under John Mayer. [ Comments: none ]

John Mayer was hospitalized yesterday to have an emergency appendectomy and today he showing us he “still got it.” He did so by posting a photo of himself in his hospital gown and, to me, he never looked better. There is something about him here that looks so sexy. Maybe because he looks vulnerable.

BTW not only did he post that photo, he gave this update on Twitter, “Thank you everyone for the well wishes. Had surgery yesterday and woke up to see some amazingly kind and loving tweets. I’m so sorry that we couldn’t finish out the last few dates of the tour. This band and these shows mean the world to me. Love you all dearly. ⚡️♥️⚡️” Hopefully, they will be able to make them up shortly.


John Mayer hospitalized for an emergency appendectomy
December 5th, 2017 under John Mayer. [ Comments: none ]

John Mayer is on tour with 3 members of the Grateful Dead, and this morning he is grateful not to be dead. Instead of playing with Dead & Company tonight in New Orleans, he will be spending it in a hospital bed. The band posted this message explaining why they suddenly cancelled their show, “Early this morning, Tuesday, December 5th, John Mayer was admitted into the hospital for emergency appendectomy forcing the Dead & Company December 5th concert in New Orleans to be postponed.”

The band has two more dates this week, Thursday and Friday, and as of now no word if they will go one as scheduled. Thankfully, people recover quickly from appendectomies and he might be able to make those dates. But I think he should rest up instead.


John Mayer put a single’s ad on Twitter!
July 14th, 2017 under John Mayer. [ Comments: none ]

John Mayer has been linked to Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and many more, but now he is single. He took to Twitter to maybe find a girl and I am not sure the man sings Say What You Want to Say, should have said all of that to find his Mrs Right.

Ladies what do you think? Do you want to date him after he said, “Hi girls I’m John, single, I wear a patch for back pain and have a daily phone alarm set to remind me to take antacid. Real bad boy type.” But then again, you have to consider that Katy Perry said he was her best lover! So what is a little antacid after sex?


Say what you want to say, but John Mayer predicted his future
March 7th, 2017 under John Mayer. [ Comments: none ]

You know how people predict what their futures will be in their High School Yearbook, and almost none of them get it right?

Well, John Mayer’s classmates probably thought the same thing when he said, “working as a Musician.” As we know, they wrong and he was right. So while they are waiting for the world to change, he is the one in a million who became just was he said he was going to be. We are glad that he got it right because he has recorded some songs that truly are a wonderland.


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