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Tony Danza looks naughty in The Good Cop
July 29th, 2018 under Josh Groban, Netflix, Taxi. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Taxi, Tony Danza has pretty much been playing the good guy. Not on The Good Cop. It looks like he is going to be a former bad cop, whose son (Josh Groban) is the complete opposite. Grobs, who is naturally goofy, it is going to be uptight on the cop show. Strangely, it works really well for him. At least in the trailer for the Netflix show that begins streaming on September 21st. Mark your calendars, or they will arrest you.

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Josh Groban was left blushing on GMA
July 2nd, 2018 under Josh Groban. [ Comments: 2 ]

Josh Groban was on Good Morning America this morning to talk about his busy fall that includes an album release, his first starring role on a show and a tour, but it was a simple question that left him red-faced.

When the anchors asked him about his go-to Karaoke songs he told them he picks artists like Journey, Pearl Jam or any musician that makes him “squeeze the, you know?” As he was saying that, his hands were motioning towards squeezing balls, so the anchors were like, “the what?” At the moment, the singer realized that something innocent was misconstrued as something that was naughty on live morning television and he blushed.

Sadly, that came at the end of the interview because it would have been fun to see him struggle with that a little longer. We know, thanks to Twitter, he has a naughty side, so it was cute to see him getting caught with his pants down, figuratively.

There was also sweet reveal during the chat. On his upcoming album, you can hear his 14-year-old dog Sweeney throughout it. So listen for the sweet pooch all over Bridges that comes out on September 21st, the same day as his Netflix show The Good Cop with Tony Danza.


Josh Groban goes from one Tony to another Tony!
June 10th, 2018 under Josh Groban, Netflix, Taxi. [ Comments: none ]

For Josh Groban this has been the year of Tonys. He started it off by filming the Netflix show The Good Cop with Tony Danza and on that series he will be playing Tony Jr. Tonight, he is hostings The Tonys. Which is why Netflix thought it would be a good time to announce when you can stream the whole first season of The Good Cop. Mark your calendars for September 21st because that is when it will debut.

If he is not dating a Toni and releasing a song named Tony this year, then he is making a big mistake. Maybe if he did, then he would actually win one of those awards that he sang about not having tonight during Broadway’s biggest night. That and he could get married if he wanted to. Don’t you agree?

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Josh Groban wanted to be a magician when he was kid
June 7th, 2018 under Josh Groban, Stephen Colbert. [ Comments: none ]

Before Josh Groban had a magical night with Celine Dion, that launched his singing career, he wanted to do something else. He told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show yesterday that he wanted to be a magician.

So much so, he auditioned for a junior membership at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Sadly for him, it went horribly wrong. His trick was the amazing disappearing quarter that decided to show itself before it was supposed to. Therefore, he did not get in.

Instead of becoming a magician, he became a musician with a voice that could make all the rabbits pop out their top hats before the time they are supposed to magically appear.

I wonder why he does not incorporate magic into his act. Instead of using a pungi, the snake charmer could use his song You Raise Me Up to get several snakes out of a barrel. Or he could cut the Grobanites in half as he sings Brave? That is a show I would pay to see.

One show I do not have to pay to see him in is The Tony Awards on Sunday night. Hopefully, he is a better host than he is a magician on Broadway’s magical night! If not, then he will be doing a Harry Houdini and disappear.


Do Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles have sexual chemistry?
June 1st, 2018 under Josh Groban. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles are going to host the Tonys together June 10th on CBS and it is going to be a night of sexual tension. Not between the Mean Girls and, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; but between the two hosts. Can you feel their attraction for each other through your computer screen? It is so hot, I can barely type on my keyboard because the keys are so hot from their desire for one another. In the words of Tony award-winning musical The Lion King, can you feel the love tonight?


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