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Someone needs to harpoon Baby Shark
September 27th, 2018 under James Corden, Josh Groban. [ Comments: none ]

Even though I have kids in my life, none of them have made me suffer through Baby Shark. I was lucky. That is until James Corden introduced his version of it yesterday on his Late Late Show.

Not only did the CBS host sing his take on it, so did Sophie Turner and Josh Groban. Now that I know the children’s tune, I am going to watch all 16 of the shark horror movies on Tubi TV for free. Because after hearing that song all I want to do is watch sharks die horrific deaths.


The Good Cop is so good you will binge it all in one sitting!
September 20th, 2018 under Josh Groban, Netflix, Taxi. [ Comments: none ]

Netflix teamed up with Monk creator Andy Breckman for The Good Cop and we get an enjoyable police procedural starring Tony Danza and Josh Groban. The dramedy that is streaming now is Groban’s first series role and the singer does not disappoint. He is able to go the distance with Danza, who is an expert at stealing scenes for 40 years now, in the ring and on this show.

Tony Caruso (Danza) is a former cop who just got out of jail after 7 years for being the most corrupt officer in New York City. His son TJ /Anthony (Groban) is the complete opposite of his dad. The detective is so straight; you would never believe they are related. The one thing they have in common, besides blood of course is they are both good at solving crimes in their own way.

In the first episode, a “friend” of Tony’s is found murdered and he is the lead suspect. That is until the gun used to kill him actually belongs to TJ. Neither Caruso did it, so they have to do what they can prove their innocence. TJ works with his partner Cara Vasquez (Monica Barbaro) to catch the killer and Tony does what he does. Will it be enough to get away with murder, a murder they did not commit?

In the second episodes, a supermodel falls for Tony. He lost his phone and she will do anything to help him find it. But why? The next one takes things to the gutter as in a bowling alley. One of the workers is found dead of apparent suicide, but Vasquez thinks he was murdered. No one believes her until they do. Now they have to solve the crime and win their bowling championship.

What do you do after you bowl? It is time for a wedding. Tony promised his girlfriend a vacation, but he is too cheap to give her the one she wants. When the cops come to him to rat out a friend from prison, he gets the out he needs at the Four Seasons. They offer him a protection for his testimony and he accepts so he can take his girlfriend with him. However, they have to get married in order to make it happen. Once they think they are safe, they find out the guy who he is ratting out knows where Tony is hiding out. Who will get to Tony first the criminal or his wife?

A woman is found murdered in a trash bag by the river and the man who is suspected of killing her is a beloved TV dad (Bob Saget) and now television talk show host. No one but TJ thinks he did it. Then when the guy befriends Tony, it is going to be harder for TJ to prove he might have done it. If he did.

Next up they go on a skiing trip that is also a police convention. Tony is a hit with the other cops, TJ is not. That is OK because he meets a woman. Of course, she will be accused of murdering another cop and only TJ thinks she is innocent. Is she?

Talking about is she, Vasquez meets a guy and they instantly fall in love. So much so, things get really serious between them, real fast. Everything is perfect until his roommate is found dead. Will his roommate’s death be the death of them?

Back in NYC, Tony goes to his favorite restaurant and someone robs the joint and shoots the busboy. The owner has had enough of the business and sells it to Tony. He cannot buy it by himself, so he asks TJ to help him buy it. Tony has all the glory, while TJ does all the work. Besides running the restaurant, TJ also has to figure out who shot the busboy and why. Which job will be harder for TJ?

A nice building in Manhattan is plagued with murder, so TJ and Vasquez’s boss (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) sends them in as a married couple to catch the killer. Will they kill each other before the killer gets them? All of this leads to shocking reveal that seems to set things up for season 2. Which I am sure there will be one.

The Good Cop is a mix of Kojak with a little Psych and Monk mixed in. Recently, I started watching Kojak and what I liked about it, is you get to know the bad guy’s motives. Something they do not do on today’s procedurals, so I really liked that aspect. Then you add in a buddy cop story with some humor and you get a cop show that is a throwback to the old police series with a modern twist.

Danza trades in his comedy chops for something a little more serious. Something that seems so natural for him that you will forget this is the Tony we know from Taxi and Who’s the Boss. Groban on the hand puts all of his goofiness on hold to be the straight man of the show. Nevertheless, do not worry, he still has a funny moment in each episode. Just do not expect him to sing that honor goes to Danza this time around.

Between their chemistry, the writing, the story and the cases, you will find yourself binging all 10 episodes in one sitting. Just like a good book you cannot put down, this is a show you cannot press stop on. Therefore, you will want to get comfortable to watch all 10 episodes in a row.


Tony Danza looks naughty in The Good Cop
July 29th, 2018 under Josh Groban, Netflix, Taxi. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Taxi, Tony Danza has pretty much been playing the good guy. Not on The Good Cop. It looks like he is going to be a former bad cop, whose son (Josh Groban) is the complete opposite. Grobs, who is naturally goofy, it is going to be uptight on the cop show. Strangely, it works really well for him. At least in the trailer for the Netflix show that begins streaming on September 21st. Mark your calendars, or they will arrest you.

Talking about arresting, want to see what else is coming up on Netflix this year, then click here!


Josh Groban was left blushing on GMA
July 2nd, 2018 under Josh Groban. [ Comments: 2 ]

Josh Groban was on Good Morning America this morning to talk about his busy fall that includes an album release, his first starring role on a show and a tour, but it was a simple question that left him red-faced.

When the anchors asked him about his go-to Karaoke songs he told them he picks artists like Journey, Pearl Jam or any musician that makes him “squeeze the, you know?” As he was saying that, his hands were motioning towards squeezing balls, so the anchors were like, “the what?” At the moment, the singer realized that something innocent was misconstrued as something that was naughty on live morning television and he blushed.

Sadly, that came at the end of the interview because it would have been fun to see him struggle with that a little longer. We know, thanks to Twitter, he has a naughty side, so it was cute to see him getting caught with his pants down, figuratively.

There was also sweet reveal during the chat. On his upcoming album, you can hear his 14-year-old dog Sweeney throughout it. So listen for the sweet pooch all over Bridges that comes out on September 21st, the same day as his Netflix show The Good Cop with Tony Danza.


Josh Groban goes from one Tony to another Tony!
June 10th, 2018 under Josh Groban, Netflix, Taxi. [ Comments: none ]

For Josh Groban this has been the year of Tonys. He started it off by filming the Netflix show The Good Cop with Tony Danza and on that series he will be playing Tony Jr. Tonight, he is hostings The Tonys. Which is why Netflix thought it would be a good time to announce when you can stream the whole first season of The Good Cop. Mark your calendars for September 21st because that is when it will debut.

If he is not dating a Toni and releasing a song named Tony this year, then he is making a big mistake. Maybe if he did, then he would actually win one of those awards that he sang about not having tonight during Broadway’s biggest night. That and he could get married if he wanted to. Don’t you agree?

To see four photos from the show, then click here!


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