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Lucifer rises from the hellfire and lands on Netflix!
June 15th, 2018 under Lucifer, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

Fox made the ungodly decision to cancel Lucifer and today Netflix righted that wrong. That’s right, Netflix made a pact with the devil, literally!

Actually, now that I think about it, that could explain Netflix’s success? I wonder what else they signed away to the Devil because it is worth all of their sacrifices.

Seriously though, this fan is in heaven and cannot wait to see what is in store for season 4 after that devilishly good season finale and follow-up episodes that did not explain that plot twist. Plus, they can do things they could not do on Fox! I think there is a lot of good stuff to come and I am glad that Lucifer and his friends will live on.

On that note, here is what some of the cast had to say about the pickup! Tom Ellis or the demon himself wrote, “WE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone for your continued support and love for #Lucifer I am so happy for all our fans I’m going to burst ✊😈❤️. #LuciferSeason4 on @Netflix wow that sounds nice. You fans made this happen. #LuciFansrock #Lucifersaved ✊😈.” Leslie-Ann Brandt wrote, “You fans are incredible. You did this. We are so happy to keep the family together. Lucifer on Netflix is back. Has a ring to it I say. Thank you @netflix and Thank you to each and everyone of you who fought like a demon!” Creator Joe Henderson added, “Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all the #Lucifer fans. You brought us back. YOU did this. So relax, take a breath, put some ice on those fingers that have been hashtagging up a storm… and get ready for more deviltime 😈.” And Aimee Garcia had to record a message for us fans!

This news really shocks because yesterday I gave up on the show being picked up and today it was saved. It is a miracle from, well not from the man above! Long live Lucifer!


Josh Groban goes from one Tony to another Tony!
June 10th, 2018 under Josh Groban, Netflix, Taxi. [ Comments: none ]

For Josh Groban this has been the year of Tonys. He started it off by filming the Netflix show The Good Cop with Tony Danza and on that series he will be playing Tony Jr. Tonight, he is hostings The Tonys. Which is why Netflix thought it would be a good time to announce when you can stream the whole first season of The Good Cop. Mark your calendars for September 21st because that is when it will debut.

If he is not dating a Toni and releasing a song named Tony this year, then he is making a big mistake. Maybe if he did, then he would actually win one of those awards that he sang about not having tonight during Broadway’s biggest night. That and he could get married if he wanted to. Don’t you agree?

To see four photos from the show, then click here!


Dolly Parton’s songs are getting a Netflix series, but is PMS Blues one of them?
June 4th, 2018 under Dolly Parton, Netflix. [ Comments: 1 ]

Dolly Parton’s song Coat of Many Colors became a hit Christmas movie on NBC, and now Netflix wants to do the same with eight of her songs.

The singer described the anthology as, “As a songwriter, I have always enjoyed telling stories through my music. I am thrilled to be bringing some of my favorite songs to life with Netflix.” Then she added, “We hope our show will inspire and entertain families and folks of all generations, and I want to thank the good folks at Netflix and Warner Bros. TV for their incredible support.”

We do not know what those eight tunes will be, and she has a huge catalog of singles to choose from. Since her career has spanned over 50 years (not that it shows because she looks better now than she has in the past) and the one I want most is PMS Blues. But I am a woman who can totally relate to it, especially once a month.

Which of her eight songs do you want to see go from the record player to the little screen?


The cast of The Kissing Booth will kiss anything
May 30th, 2018 under Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

Netflix wanted to see if the cast of The Kissing Booth was willing to kiss anything. To make it more challenging, they put a blindfold on them so they did not know what they were going to put their lips on.

Jacob Elordi went first and he got to kiss his costar’s cheek. Not the one he is dating in real life, but Joel Courtney. I don’t know how Courtney feels about his cheek being compared to a “tubby man’s shaved stomach.” What we do is that he likes kissing a hairless cat.

Next up, Joey King got a surprise when she tasted a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Believe it or not, Elordi did not like the taste of his next item and it was pizza. Who knew it tasted like dog food to anyone but a dog. Courtney enjoyed his cupcake, but King did not like her Sushi. Funny how some of our most beloved food because so hated when we cannot see what it is.

One thing we can see is this cast is so cute together, so that means their movie that is streaming on Netflix now is a must see. After you do, then kiss and tell me what you think about it.


Jessica Walter tearfully reveals Jeffrey Tambor verbally harassed her
May 23rd, 2018 under Jason Bateman, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

The New York Times sat down with Alia Shawkat, Jeffrey Tambor, Tony Hale, Jessica Walter, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and David Cross to talk about Arrested Development and they got an answer they were never expecting.

Sopan Deb asked Tambor about the report that he yelled at directors and assistant director on the set of Transparent. Several cast members deflected the question, but he did not say anything. Then she reworded it, and asked if someone had that reputation would you hire them. Tambor told her, “I would hire that person if that person said, you know, ‘I’ve reckoned with this.'” Then he added, “And on ‘Transparent,’ you know, I had a temper and I yelled at people and I hurt people’s feelings. And that’s unconscionable, and I’m working on it and I’m going to put that behind me, and I love acting.”

Bateman chimed in and defended his costar, but Walter had enough. You can hear her getting choked up as she interrupted her TV son and said, “Let me just say one thing that I just realized in this conversation. I have to let go of being angry at him. He never crossed the line on our show, with any, you know, sexual whatever. Verbally, yes, he harassed me, but he did apologize. I have to let it go. [Turns to Tambor.] And I have to give you a chance to, you know, for us to be friends again.” Tambor said to her, “Absolutely.”

She was not done and added, “But it’s hard because honestly — Jason says this happens all the time. In like almost 60 years of working, I’ve never had anybody yell at me like that on a set. And it’s hard to deal with, but I’m over it now. I just let it go right here, for The New York Times.” As she finished the last sentence, she was laughing through the tears. The cast responded with laughter, but Bateman took it a step farther when he blurted out, “She did not give it up for anyone else.”

I will get back to Bateman, but let’s start with Tambor. It is never OK to yell at someone like that. The producers should have talked to him about it. If he continued to do it, then they should have fired him. The #MeToo movement has shown us, it is no longer acceptable. Tambor has been acting for over 40 years and how has everyone ignored that behavior? No offense to him, but, to me, he was never a truly a star until Arrested Development. Why did all those other productions put up with his temper until the #MeToo movement? I don’t get it.

My father once did a play with a TV actor, who had just been fired from a show. He was an a$$hole during the play and everyone hated working with him. After that, he got another show. There were rumors the actresses refused to work with him, caused a revolt and he was fired. Shortly afterward, he left showbiz, I am assuming because he was blackballed. That is how it should be. I know how Walter feels because I was once yelled at my job that I had to be taken away from the person yelling at me for my safety. No one should have to deal with that at their job. There is a difference between losing your temper once or twice and losing it all the time. The latter needs to be handled.

Something I am sure Netflix is discussing if there is another season of the sitcom. Why didn’t they handle it when they were filming? I follow some of the actors from the show on Twitter and they started filming before #MeToo was happening. I think they were almost done filming when everything came out about Tambor. Which makes sense why they kept him. It is not like they could do the Kevin Spacey fix like they did in All the Money in the World. I will look away for this season, but I won’t if they keep him.

When it comes to Jason Bateman, he has been acting for over 30 years, and I want to know when it was normal for him to be yelled at on the set? Was it Silver Spoons, The Hogan Family or one of his movies? Did he like it? Would he like them to yell at his sister Justine Bateman like that? Then why would he defend that abusive behavior on a set now? He is the biggest star on the show and his words matter. He needs to defend his costars and not allow it to continue. This does not only pertain to acting, it pertains to all jobs. If you hear something, say something. We cannot let the abusive behavior happen anymore.

Finally, Jessica, I am so sorry you went through this. You are a talented actress who has been doing longer than almost that whole cast has been alive. You deserve respect and people sticking up for you. Not this BS. Know the fans are here for you. If you need us, just ask.


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