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Scarlett Johansson lost out on roles to Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan
March 29th, 2017 under Howard Stern, Scarlett Johannsson. [ Comments: none ]

Scarlett Johansson is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood these days and everyone wants to cast her in their project. That is now, but back when she was a child actress that was not the case.

Yesterday, she was on The Howard Stern Show, and he asked her if it is true if she lost out on a role in Jumanji to Kirsten Dunst. The actress told him that she did, and when the movie came out she went to see the film because she was not bitter back then.

Then she also admitted to the Shock Jock that she auditioned for The Parent Trap, and as we know lost out on that role to Lindsay Lohan. Did she see that movie? Nope, as she said she was started to get bitter by that point.

She was even turned down for a movie more recently, a role that lead to another actress winning an Oscar. That feature was Les Miserable and the actress was Anne Hathaway.

All of this proves that even A-List actresses don’t always get the roles they want.


Ed Sheeran’s lyrics for Love Yourself were much different!
March 9th, 2017 under Ed Sheeran, Howard Stern. [ Comments: none ]

When we think of Ed Sheeran’s lyric we thinking of a man whose words can make any woman sleep with him. Turns out the baby maker also has a naughty side.

Yesterday on The Howard Stern Show, he reveled the true lyrics for Love Yourself, a song he wrote for Justin Bieber. We know them as, “All the time that you rain on my parade, All the clubs you get in using my name, You think broke my heart, oh girl, for goodness sake, You think I am crying on my own, Well I ain’t, My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone.” OK, he made up the last part, but that was not how it was originally written.

He told the Shock Jock, it was, “If you like the way you look that much, Oh, baby you should go ahead and f*ck yourself.” When he was writing those words, he was picturing Rihanna singing his melody. Too bad she didn’t get it and even worse that The Beebs didn’t sing them as intended. That would have told got rid of his Baby Baby image. An image he needs to change. Also I would I love to hear Sheeran be a little more raw like this on his next album. Not that I don’t love Divide, I want to hear this side of him too. Would you like to hear him curse every now and again on his songs? It would be a nice change up for the man who makes women swoon with his ballads.


Sharon Stone and Kathy Griffin spent election night dancing topless
November 16th, 2016 under Howard Stern, Kathy Griffin, Sharon Stone. [ Comments: none ]

Kathy Griffin told Howard Stern that she spent election night at Sharon Stone’s house with 20 other people. When Hillary Clinton’s chances went south, their shirts went north. As in they took off their shirts and bras, and shook their money makers for the party goers.
I don’t know what was worse for those 20 people, watching Hillary lose or seeing the two of them shaking their nude money makers?


Watch a man get his balls waxed on The Howard Stern Show!!!
November 15th, 2016 under Howard Stern. [ Comments: none ]

Brent Hartley lost a bet on The Howard Stern Show and that is not the only thing he lost. He also lost the hairs that were attached to his balls.
In true Stern tradition, we got to watch it happen live on his show. So ladies, sit back and watch the best video you are going to see all day. I am already on my 17th time because it is just that enjoyable!


Lady Gaga was in a Led Zepplin cover band
October 27th, 2016 under Howard Stern, Lady Gaga. [ Comments: none ]

We know of Lady Gaga the pop star, but did you know when she was 16 years she was in a Led Zepplin cover band? Howard Stern asked her about that when she was on his radio show the other day and she proved it by belting out Black Dog.
Say what you will about her, but the one thing you have to admit about Mama Monster, is that she can sing. Her vocals never cease to amaze me.


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