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Kathy Griffin broke up with Anderson Cooper
August 28th, 2017 under Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin. [ Comments: none ]

It seeeds like Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper would be friends forever, but that is no longer the case. You can say their friendship came to a head. The fake bloodied head of the President.

Griffin thought a photo holding POTUS’ bloodied head was a good idea but not many others did including the CNN anchor. According to The Cut, three members of his staff offered their support, but he did not. Then when he went on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen that he was still friends with the comedian, she was even more hurt that her friend had not yet contacted her. When he finally did, she told him it was over. And with that the BFFs were done.

Let’s be honest, Cooper is better off without her. I cannot wait to see who he co-hosts New Year’s Eve with him this year. Almost anyone else would be better than her desperation to be the headlines the next day. Something Don Lemon has found a way of doing instead of her for the last two years!


Anderson Cooper is a spitter!
August 25th, 2016 under Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by LIVE with Kelly (@livekelly) on

Anderson Cooper was drinking a glass of water as he co-hosted Live with Kelly today when she suddenly told him about how Belgian Scientists have invented a machine that turns urine in to a drinking water. As soon as he heard that, he spit out the water that he was drinking.
Then when she continued on with the story, she told him that she had a sample of it and if he would want to try it. The CNN anchor is a brave man and because he did. As did Kelly Ripa.
How did like it? You just have to watch.
Here’s my drinking game to watching them drink it, drink every time you cringe!


BTWF game shows: Anderson Cooper on To Tell The Truth
April 5th, 2016 under Anderson Cooper, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Anderson Cooper was hosting a news show on CNN, he was trying to trick contestants on To To Tell The Truth. How awwwwdorable was the 9 year old on that 1977 episode?


Kelly Ripa offers her womb to Anderson Cooper!
April 5th, 2016 under Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa. [ Comments: none ]

Anderson Cooper is co-hosting Live with Kelly and Michael this week and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt was on the show.
Can we just talk about the fact that Miss Vanderbilt is 92 years old? 92 years old! She is still as witty and as beautiful as ever, how can she be 92 when she looks like someone so much younger. There are people in their 50’s who don’t even look as good as her.
Anyways, she wants to be a grandmother and she wants her son to give her some grandkids. Something Ripa thinks would be a really good idea. So much so, she offered him up her womb to bear his child.
They should do it. Not do it, do it, to make the baby, but go to someone who can mix his sperm with her egg. Imagine how beautiful their kid will be?


Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa are dummies
June 11th, 2014 under Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa. [ Comments: none ]

Anderson Cooper co-hosted Live with Kelly and Michael with Kelly Ripa today and the two of them got dummies in their image. I can’t get over how much they look like their counterparts. Not only do they look like them, but they also have the same plastic personalities. Ba da Bump.


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