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Is Gordon Ramsay really a 50-year-old Chef?
October 16th, 2017 under Are they really their age?, Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: 1 ]

Gordon Ramsay shared a photo wearing just sneakers and a pair of shorts, and he does not have the body of man who is going to be 51 in a few weeks. Let alone a man who is one of the top chefs in the world. Those abs are so tight, you can use them as a chopping board. How can a man, who eats food for living, have a body like that? Dedication, but still he looks good enough to eat!


Oh the Inhumansity, plus Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars and Z Nation is back!
September 29th, 2017 under Gordon Ramsay, Marvel Comics, Syfy. [ Comments: none ]

I am sure you have heard that Marvel’s Inhumans on ABC is awful, and you heard right. When you think of shows based on comic books, you think of them to have a some what of a fun feel and even maybe a little simple. If you know what I mean? Marvel’s Inhuman’s is so pretentious that it makes you want to fall asleep. That and you want the King to open his mouth and kill everyone with his powerful voice. It would be a mercy killing for anyone who decides to watch this boring show that makes superheroes, super zeroes.

On Attilan, there are 2 groups of people, ones with powers and ones without. King Black Bolt (Anson Mount) voice is so powerful, it kill people. Therefore, he does not speak. His brother, Maximus (Iwan Rheon), has no powers and he wants to be King. He decides that is time for the powerless people to be in power. Therefore, he organizes a coup.

Just as Maximus is about to imprison his brother, his sister-in-law Medusa (Serinda Swan) and Medusa’s sister Crystal (Isabelle Cornish), Crystal’s dog Lockjaw transports them all to different parts of Hawaii and now they have to find each other in this strange land. Once they are reunited, they will need to go back to Attilan and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

You know those pompous shows about the Bible that they think they are better than the average viewer? Well that is Inhumans. It is so pompous that you will be bored by the first half hour. I will say something positive about it, Lockjaw needs his own spinoff. Now that is a show I would watch and suggest that you watch too unlike this one.

Then over on Fox at 8p, Hell’s Kitchen is back as are several of the past contestants. That is because this season, it is All Stars one. The contestants vying to work for Gordon Ramsay’s latest restaurant are Giovanni Filippone and Benjamin Walanka from season 5, Vincent Hurd from season 6, Benjamin Knack from season 7, Elise Harris and Jennifer Normant from season 9, Robyn Almodovar, Dana Cohen and Barbie Marshall from season 10, Nicholas Peters Bond, Milly Medley, Michelle Tribble and Joshua Trovato from season 14, and Jared Bobkin, Ashley Nickell and Amanda Palomino from season 15.

Does having been a contestant on the show beforehand, make it easier or harder for them? Just because they know what is coming, does not mean they are prepared for it? Plus, they are not as young as they used to be and that is going to make things very difficult for at least one contestant. Also have the contestants learned from the past experience that being the team a$$hole is a bad thing? If they did, then what fun would that be.

In fact, it is gets so good, that I am pissed that Fox only sent out the first two episodes to review because the third looks like it is going to be so bad that it will be great!

Over on Syfy at 9p, it is time for Z Nation. The episode starts off with Warren (Kellita Smith) waking up from a coma, 2 years after the season finale. The only person from her past that is there is Murphy (Keith Allan) and he has been cured. His blood has also cured everyone in the dream place that they are living in called Zona. There are no Zombies and it seems like the perfect place to live forever, but how long can anything remain perfect when you are living during a Zombie apocalypse?

What about Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), 10K (Nat Zang) and Red (Natalie Jongjaroenlarp)? Murphy thinks they are dead, but they are still fighting Zombies that are evolving into something harder to kill. Then there is Lucy (Cora M. Abdallah), everyone is looking for her, but will they be able to find her? How old is she now? You will just have to watch to see! That and a happy Murphy! Who would have thought that was possible?

I will be honest, I gave up the show last season because I did not like where it was going. When Syfy sent out the first four episodes for season 4, I said I would give it try. The show is back and as good as it was the first two seasons. Thus, I am glad I did. Z Nation is back from the dead, just like a…Zombie!


Hell’s Kitchen gets an all-star edition
August 9th, 2017 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

I guess Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t hellish enough for 16 former contestants because they are coming back for another round of Gordon Ramsay’s hellfire starting on September 29th. Fox is giving the cooking competition show an all-star edition, and it will be interesting to see if things will be sweeter the second time around. Although, I am pretty sure things will turn sour pretty fast because that is why the show is up to its 17th season. 2 more than American Idol.


James Corden makes Gordon Ramsay eat a huge slice of humble peye
August 2nd, 2017 under Gordon Ramsay, James Corden. [ Comments: none ]

Seven years ago, James Corden was on Gordon Ramsay’s show The F Word in The UK, and the Chef got The Late Late Show host to eat a fish’s eye. The CBS host did it because Ramsay said he would give his family a free meal and drinks at one of his restaurants.

Fast forward to last night, Ramsay did not keep his word, not even the F one, and Corden finally got his revenge. Not only did he and his parents call the Hell’s Kitchen boss out on it, he also made him eat a fish’s eye right then and there.

Even though Ramsay has eaten a lot of disgusting gross things on Kitchen Nightmares, his latest delicacy was too much for him to handle. He did a spit take that was so epic, comedians around the World were envious and so was I! Sorry have to say this, it reminded me of when I down some juices from another one eyed monster. Again sorry!


James Corden gets revenge on Gordon Ramsay for all those the Chef yelled at
June 6th, 2017 under Gordon Ramsay, James Corden. [ Comments: 2 ]

Gordon Ramsay has a knack for yelling at people on all of his shows on Fox, that are way too many to mention and no one ever gets him back for it. Anyways, yesterday he was on The The Late Late Show to promote his newest one The F Word, but James Corden did not do a traditional interview with him. Instead, the CBS late night host had the Chef drive him and Reggie Watts to the Los Angeles Airport and they did their chat from there.

Since the two men are heading to London to do a week of shows from there, they waned to know from the Hell’s Kitchen boss where to eat while they are on the side of the pond. Corden drove the driver crazy by suggesting they go to Jamie Oliver’s or Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant in The UK. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Later on the two guys wanted to see if Ramsay could guess things that start with the letter F. They decided to have him try to guess Friends by doing that clap, you know the one. Well, Ramsay does not know the show, and they kept doing that clap over and over and over again until he did. To make matters worse for the MasterChef, they were stuck in traffic because there is no way to get to LAX without being stuck in a jam.

Eventually they got to their destination, and Corden and Watts applauded their chauffeur. You guessed with that clap. Let’s just say they won’t be friends ever again, but they will be friends with all of the contestants he has yelled at over the years.

I have to admit I actually feel bad really for Ramsay. If I were him, I would have gotten out of the car and taken a Lyft home.


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