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Conan O’Brien has a way with babies!
April 30th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Kristen Schaal is on Conan O’Brien’s show tonight and she decided to let the TBS host hold her baby. By the looks of their faces, the actress would not leave her 2-month-old daughter with him, even if he was the last man on Earth.

Also looking at their faces, don’t they kind of look alike? I am figure out if she was a guest on his late night talk show about the same time that she conceived her baby? Joking, sweet little Ruby’s dad is Schaal’s husband Rich Blomquist.


Zach Braff had to wear pasties on the set of Alex, Inc
April 25th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, Zach Braff. [ Comments: none ]

Zach Braff is not used to filming in a freezing cold studio and his nipples really liked it. So much so, they had to give him pasties to hide just how excited and hard they are for that type of working condition.

You think that would be an embarrassing enough story for him to tell Conan O’Brien yesterday on the TBS talk show, but that was not the only thing keeping the makeup department busy on the set of Alex, Inc. He wore a pair of wicker underwear that is made to absorb sweat. Which it does a good job with, pee not so much. If a little dribble comes out, it will show. That is exactly what happened to him. Thus, he had one person putting pasties on his nipples and another person blow drying his pants dry.

And you thought you had a bad job. Suddenly, it does not sound so bad.

What is good is Alex, Inc, so you can tune in tonight at 8:30p on ABC to see if you can see his pasties under his shirt. I know I have a lot of fun looking for them on Alex, Inc, but I am weird that way. That and I enjoy watching a comedy that makes me laugh!


Superstore’s Lauren Ash played an epic prank on her mom!
April 19th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, Pranks. [ Comments: none ]

Lauren Ash told Conan O’Brien on his TBS late night show the other night that when she was 12 years old, her mom played a prank on her that still haunts her to this day. Ash’s mom said she was going out and going to leave her daughter alone for the first time. Shortly after mom left, she took a shower. Then she heard something and started to call for her mom. Eventually, when she got out of the shower, her mom jumped out and scared her. Ash screamed, cried and peed a lot all at the same because she scared peeless.

For decades, she has wondered how she could get back at her mom and she finally found a way after 23 years. Ash’s character on Superstore is pregnant and the actress wears a realistic baby bump so that viewers will think she is the one with child and not America Ferrera. Which they have been doing a great job at hiding.

Anyways, Ash sent her mom a photo of herself wearing the prosthetic belly, told her mom that was really pregnant and her ex-boyfriend is the father. Her mom freaked out and texted her. Ash ignored her. Then she tried calling, the same thing. Eventually, she picked up the phone and spoke to her hysterical mom. Did her mom forgive her? Once she knew why her daughter did, she understood.

That is why they revenge is sweet. What is also sweet is that Ash wrote tonight’s episode of Superstore on NBC at 8p. Let’s see if she is as good at writing as she is as playing the uptight Dina. Something I am pretty sure she will succeed in doing.


Jim Carrey crashes Jeff Daniels interview on Conan because he didn’t call!
April 17th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, Jim Carrey. [ Comments: none ]

You don’t have to be smart and smarter to know that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels have a special bond after making Dumb and Dumber. Not so special because Daniels is in town and he did not call his best friend. What is Carrey going to do about that? He decided to crash his friend’s interview on Conan and let him know that he knows is in Burbank on his neighbor’s talk show.

At that point, Conan O’Brien lost control of his TBS show and it was well worth it. That was the perfect mix of humor, friendship and reminiscing for them and us. I cannot wipe the smile off my face. It is almost as big as the first time I saw Harry and Lloyd together.

I am off to watch Dumb and Dumber again and then I will binge The Looney Tower on Netflix. Who doesn’t love a good comedy?

In other words, I gave you little hints about the interview without telling you all about it.


Magic Johnson goes white face on Conan!
March 27th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, Sports figures. [ Comments: none ]

Conan O’Brien has done a lot of foolish things in his career and the TBS host thought he had a chance of beating Magic Johnson in a game of HORSE. How did he do? It was a slam dunk for the NBA legend. When it comes to the host, well let’s just they probably turned him into glue after this game. Especially since his legs are the same color as Elmer’s Glue, whiter than white.

Talking about white, Conan idolized Larry Bird when he was younger and he found a way to include him the game. He made a mask of the Celtics player and wore it for it good luck. It worked because he actually got the basketball to go through the hoop. Since it worked for him, Magic thought he would do the same. The Great White Hope worked his magic on Magic too. Now I need some magic to get that image out of my head. How weird did he look with a white face? Almost as weird as Conan with his white face. That joke didn’t work.

Oh and now I am craving Jack in the Box, does anyone know the app for Doordash?


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